Have you ever been to heaven? If not I'd highly recommend it. It's a great place. The layout is similar to Rome, only heaven is situated among clouds on the top of a high plateau. But other than that they're exactly the same. In fact, if you haven't yet, then you should definitely go and visit one of the two places before you die.

Anyways, life had been rather uneventful in heaven that day: The usual gods wreaked vengeance on each other. A couple thousand demons were smited for disrespect, blasphemy, and corrupting the mortals. And the Chief God was still busy dealing with some countless number of fiends from the underworld.
Same old, same old.

So when Terra returned there, she was greeted warmly by her fellow goddesses. As soon as she stepped foot on the holy land, she was surrounded by a group of gossips who longed to hear the latest news about the world of mortals. She rushed past them and made her way to the grand cathedral. The Chief God was scheduled to return to the battlefield soon and Terra wanted a conference with the god before he left.

Now it was well known among the immortals that the Chief God was not the most restrained of husbands. There was a time when each new day brought forth a new rumor about who he fancied. These rumors, which were usually correct, accused of him of courting over seventy goddesses, several mortals, and even a demoness at one time. The Chief God has since become more chaste and has limited his affairs to one goddess. Some of the immortals snickered at her as she ran to meet him, others felt sorry for Terra, but the overall sentiment was that the young goddess would have her heart broken by the Chief God.

Terra wore a hopeful smile when she raced through the Cathedral doors, but her heart sank when she looked up at the altar. The Chief God was already speaking with someone. Terra dived behind one of the pews and stealthily glanced at the pair on the altar. Neither of them seemed to notice Terra's entrance. The earth goddess immediately recognized the Chief God by his green skin and feathery headdress, but his cloaked companion was unknown to her. Terra strained her ears to hear their whispered words.

"... Why not? ... These immortals share an unhealthy fear of you... They will obey..."

"Please do not make this decision harder for me Raven... It is my duty to ensure that none interfere in the mortal world... I cannot allow you to ignite a war between the two planets... I already had to send one of my most trusted vassals to undo what you have started."

"If you try to stop me then I will attack you too... I know how weak you have become... You will fear me as much as you fear my father-"

"I have heard enough about your father!"

Terra shivered when she heard the Chief God raise his voice. She had never seen the Chief God lose his temper before. His thundering voice shook the room and there was throbbing vein on his forehead. Terra shrunk behind her hiding spot, but 'Raven', the cloaked girl, stood with resolve as the Chief's yelling continued.

"I tried my best to defeat him. Do not despise me because I could not free you. It is terrible of you to start a war to fulfill your personal vendetta. I will not allow it."

"If that is where you stand then I have nothing more to say. Garfield, you may call yourself the Beastking and the Chief God, but you no longer deserve those titles. Our next meeting shall be on the battlefield."

Terra peeped her eyes over the pew to see Raven storming out of the cathedral. She ducked down again when the demoness glanced her way.

"Wait," cried out the Beastking. "Think it over before you do anything rash. Remember this, I do not wish to fight you. I loved you once. Do not forget our past as you make plans to get your revenge."

"Your feelings were never returned. I am a demon. A god's passion becomes love, a demon's becomes only hate."
Raven was about to say something more but decided against it. Instead she turned and left that Grand Cathedral; never to enter it again.

The Chief God looked at the now empty Cathedral and announced. "You may show yourself now Terra."

Terra sheepishly came out of her hiding spot and trudged over to the Beastking. Weary glances were exchanged when the two immortals met on the altar. An awkward silence filled the air until Terra finally spoke up.

"So... She is the one who intends to start a war with us."

The Beastking gave the sigh of an old man who is filled with regrets. He had partaken in many wars in the past and they have taken their toll on him. Garfield was exhausted. Another war would certainly lead to his downfall.

"Yes," He said slowly. "We must not allow her to bring about another war."

"But she wants to interfere with the mortals! It is our responsibility stop her!"

"You are wrong Terra. She wants to anger us into fighting her. We shall not be fooled by her childish games. We'll ignore whatever it is she plans to do. If she gets no response, then she will stop on her own accord."