I know this chapter is short but I'll make it up to you guys by making the next chapter longer :)

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Blaine took a deep breath before he let out a loud sigh.

"That's it!" Nick put down his drink with more force than necessary, making David and Wes jump a bit.

Blaine turned his head to Nick and gave him his best puppy dog stare. "What?" he asked innocently.

After Blaine, Wes and David had their coffee, they'd gotten into a discussion about some new songs for the Warblers to sing. As the hours went by they were now at dinner in the Dalton dining room. Where they also had met Nick; who were all but happy with the lead soloist of the Warblers for the moment.

"That is the eighth time you sighed in under 10 minutes!" Nick exclaimed. "What's wrong with you?"

"Oh, leave him be Nick, can't you see a lovesick guy when you see one?" David laughed. Blaine wrinkled his nose.

"I am not lovesick!"

"No? So you are not thinking about your precious Kurt?" David asked with innocent eyes.

"NO!" Blaine protested.

David and Wes exchanged a look and smirked at Blaine. Nick raised an eyebrow and looked around the room. "Yes, speaking of Kurt, where is he?"

Blaine sighed again before closing his eyes.

"That's what I would like to know! I mean he didn't look well before ….so maybe he's sick?" Blaine's said. His warm eyes flew open and his friends could see concern in them.

"Don't worry Blaine, I'm sure he'll turn up and if not you could always visit him before curfew." Nick said soothingly. David and Wes nodded.

"I guess..." Blaine still looked worried.

But before the others could say anything else Jeff walked past the pair of them without even sparing his friends a glance. He looked strangely upset.

"Hey Jeff!" Nick shouted with a smile. Jeff stopped but didn't turn around.

"Come sit down with us! We're all finished, but we could keep you company."

But as the blond Warbler turned to them with a look of anger, Nick's grin faltered.

Jeff walked up to them and slammed his tray on the table, making all the guys look up, alarmed. Jeff's eyes were on Blaine, who in turn look confused.

"Look Blaine, we're friends and all, but right now I'm not happy with you." Jeff said in a calm voice.

"W-what? Did I do something to upset you?" Blaine asked, feeling even more confused.

"Yes! No! Argh! I hate that you don't even know how sad you make him, it's infuriating!"

David, Wes and Nick looked quietly back and forth between Jeff and Blaine.

"Who?" Jeff gave Blaine a frustrated look.

"Kurt!" and Blaine's mouth opened in shock. Jeff sighed and the anger he felt before seemed to ebb away as he sat down next to Nick.

"Look, I know you and Kurt are as oblivious as they come, but it kills me to see him so sad!" Jeff said.

"I just came from him and he looked so sad and pale – and I get the feeling that his stress about you is making him sick."

Blaine looked baffled. "He's stressed about me? Why?"

But before Jeff opened his mouth to answer him, Nick grabbed Blaine's hand, making him look at Nick instead of Jeff.

"Are you really that oblivious? Because we all…" Nick pointed his hand around the table "… see how much Kurt likes you and you him"

Everybody at the table waited for Blaine's reaction.

"I… I'm not sure…" Of what Blaine were not sure of, they never found out. The next second Blaine was out of his chair, walking quickly across the dining room.

David, Wes, Nick and Jeff all smiled as they watched Blaine disappear.

"You think he got it? Are they going to confess their undying love for each other now?!" Jeff asked, exalted and his friends laughed.

"Who knows? At least it seems like they are finally going to talk about it." David said and all the Warblers wished them good luck.

But lady luck seemed to be asleep today, because when Blaine turned up at Kurt's room and knocked, nobody answered.