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Jasper's POV.

My Alice was in the middle of telling Renesmee and Jacob about her Human Life, They knew every Cullen's story but Alice's, so she took it upon herself to tell them. I was holding her for support, when Rosalie butted in.

"My Life was worse than that, Renesmee, Much worse. But we all know that I'm better than Alice, since I was Esme and Carlisle's First Daughter…" she said, regally. Something inside Alice suddenly snapped. I grabbed her tightly in my arms to calm her down but it didn't help. I felt her anger and her grief and her sadness.

"Alice, Sweetheart…" I tried to calm her, but she let the anger overwhelm her.

"You had one thing that I would have killed for as a Human, Rosalie Hale! At least, you had parents who loved you! God, Rosalie, my parents didn't care; they had a freak, a demon, a witch for a daughter! They gave up on me when I was just 10 years old; they sent me away, got me locked up in a mental asylum, and never came to see me. They declared me dead to my family and my friends and had a fake funeral, and acted like I never existed! Do you know what it feels like, to know that not even your own parents didn't want you and that they didn't care about you! You don't know how many times I broke down in that cell and begged god to make me Normal, so I could go home. I wanted to be Normal so badly, I needed it. I tried so hard to be like all the other girls. I tried to block out my visions and act like there was nothing wrong with me. But I knew as soon as they put me in there, that I had lost. I knew that from that day on, I would never be normal or have a normal life. All I could see was Darkness!"

"Alice..." I tried again but she just carried on.

"I was dead to them before my heart even stopped beating. I lost my freedom, my life, my Humanity the second they turned their back on me and locked the door! You don't know how long I spent screaming for them to let me out, screaming for my Mom, but no-one came, because no-one cared! I wanted them to be proud of me, to cherish, to protect me, to understand me… to love me. But that never happened. Yes, I dress Bella up, and I treat her like my Barbie because I never got to have a normal life, a normal childhood, like the others did! They got to have friends and play dress-up, everything I wish I could have done! I obsess over fashion because I want to feel normal; I want people to believe I'm normal! They just tossed me away, like I was a piece of trash! I'm sorry about what happened to you, Rose, I really am, you didn't deserve it, But you had the one thing that I've always wanted. Two parents who loved you. So just think about how lucky you were, Rosalie, before you start moaning again and think about someone else for a change, but since you're so self-centred, Vain and Thinking you're so superior, that won't be happening any time soon!" Alice ranted; the whole family had rushed in, listening to Alice's speech. She looked at them, Esme sobbing into Carlisle's shoulder. She sprinted out of the house. We all stood there in shock, Esme still sobbing on Carlisle's shoulder, Edward and Bella comforting Renesmee and Emmett and Rosalie standing there in shock. I lunged at Rosalie, before Emmett and Edward grabbed me and held me back. I growled and Cussed but they didn't let me go.

"Jasper, Stop! This isn't going to help Alice!" Edward said. He was right, it wasnt.

"What are we going to do?" I moaned, sinking to my knees. Edward and Esme sat down next to me.

"Oh, Jasper" Esme said, pulling me into her arms. Alice was gone, but i could still feel her pain... it was unbarable... I hated knowing my wife was in pain.

"Jasper... Alice needs you, go to her" Esme Murmured

She was right. Alice Needed me. I knew at that moment, that I would do anything to take Alice's pain away