Sort of random idea, came to me while discussing Skyward Sword's awesomeness with some friends at school. Basically my story of Hylia and her first chosen hero. Some references to the Skyward Sword manga. If you haven't read it, it won't make much of a difference, I haven't even read it, just skimmed some translations online but there were no pictures.

Link sat in his dark, damp prison cell. He couldn't help but worry of the impending danger; this however was the reason why he was here in the first place. As of late, he had been having visions of what he thought to be the future. After several of the strange visions, he finally decided to tell someone which had logically been his commanding officer in the Royal Guard. Link first told the captain who told everyone all the way up to the head general. All through the ranks the rumor spread; he became the laughing stock of the army and was called insane or mental by almost all.

For several days, he suffered constant bullying until one day after a late night training session; he was jumped by a group of his peers. They had followed Link and cornered him in a dark alleyway, due to his lack of energy at that hour of the night, he was easily pushed and shoved around. That was it though; Link couldn't stand the tormenting anymore and threw a punch at his nearest attacker. A large fight soon broke out with everyone trying to get their hands on "Link the Lunatic". Eventually someone notified security and told the officer that Link was the one who started the fight and had tried to attack them. Unfortunately for Link the officer seemed to have heard the rumors and of course favored Link's tormentors. He wasn't about to go without resistance though, Link walked over to the officer and gave a hard slap on the cheek. "Whose side do you believe? The side of the innocent man who was mugged for no reason and has been beat up? Or the larger group, who is mostly unharmed?" he shouted in the officer's face, feeling the only recently familiar prick of tears behind his eyes.

"I believe the side of the sane." he muttered binding Link's wrists and throwing him on the back of a horse and tying him down. Once they had reached the prison, Link was lead down into the depths of the building to his cell. Looking around, he noticed that he was the only other prisoner on the floor, although it could have just been caused by his fading sight. The officer slammed opens the door and threw him to the floor kicking Link hard in the chest, surely breaking a few ribs. "Sleep well psycho." he called and left Link alone in the gloomy room, only a small sliver of light coming from a tiny window near the ceiling. Link felt a long held back tear glided down his dirty cheek before slipping into unconsciousness.

Several hours later he awoke to a soft touch on his cheek. Peeling back his eyelids, he found a young woman of about his age sitting next to him and stroking his cheek. "W-who are you?" he stuttered and pulled back from her touch only to his in pain at the broken ribs he had sustained.

"A close friend whom you have never met." she said, her voice like the tinkling of bells. "I promise though, I will help you. It's okay to trust me." The woman held out her petite hand as an offering of trust.

Hesitantly, Link took it and she gave it a small squeeze. Link felt a slight blush creep onto the tips of his pointed ears when he noticed how beautiful she was. Between her golden hair, bright blue eyes and flowing white dress, he almost thought she was one of the goddesses coming to take him to the Sacred Realm. "What are you doing here though?" he asked, wondering why such a woman should be in a dingy prison like this.

The strange woman let out a tinkling laugh, "I came to help you silly! I saw you were in pretty bad shape and stopped by. Now let me take a look." She walked closer to him and put her hands on his chest.

Link gasped in pain at the light touch and saw her eyes light up with a weird glow. At first his ribs ached but the pain soon subsided and filled him with a warm tingly feeling. She then moved to his broken ankle and repeated the process. "I'm sorry," she said with a sad look in her eyes, "There's nothing I can to about the flesh wounds. They will have to heal naturally."

"Um, that's okay. Thank you though, whatever you just did, it made the breaks stop hurting." He gave her a questioning look as she reached into a small leather pouch at her waist and brought out some cloth bandages.

"Well I can't just leave you like this." She said pointedly and began patching him up. After she was done, she handed Link a change of clothes. "I must be on my way now." The woman sighed. "I will be back to check on you later though, and answer any questions."

"But who are you really?" Link interjected. "No ordinary Hylian can use magic like that."

"Then maybe I'm no ordinary Hylian." She said with a wink and disappeared in a small flash of light.

I'm sorry It's so short but I kind just wanted to get the idea out there and see if people liked it or not and possibly continue. And DON'T WORRY, I'm not giving up Wolf Like Instincts! I just had another story idea. Unfortunately due to school and marching band though updates for both won't be quite as frequent. :(

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