Bella's Point of View

Here I am in Jacksonville, Flordia, laying in my old familar bed that has been used way to often for anything but sleep lately. I rarely leave my bedroom, unless its dark. Jacksonville is a little too sunny to go unnoticed. I can't really bare to be in the rest of this place I once called a home. Too much blood shed to stand. I also can't go back to my real home, not yet anyways, I haven't been there in a little less than 6 months. I'm too coward to find out what is waiting for me there.

Charlie stopped calling about 4 months ago, I can only guess that she got to him too. I often find myself wondering how exactly she did get too. Was everyone I ever loved murdered? Was there any hearts left beating, or not beating for that matter? The thoughts scared me, and yet here I lay, too scared to find out the real truth.

The sun was setting and I feel absolutely starved, I shouldn't deprive myself for so long. I know my control and strength is one to be reconned with but pushing myself so far might result in more bloodshed.

I leapt out my second story window, and hit the ground effortlessly, gracefully. Though my new body was one I never wished for this way, it was one I loved having. Being gracefully isn't something I'm accustomed to. But it was something I had learned to love.

I didn't hesitate to take off running. With my mother and step father dead, and the daughter missing, the town had yet do to anything with my mother's once called home. I didn't want to raise any suspicions as to life inside. Err, I mean unlife. Even after 5 months of this new life, its still so hard to consider myself dead.

I drank 4 deer, greedily. I really need to start eating more. I hurried back to the bedroom, I didn't like to stray too far. The things that lived in the darkness terrified me. Ever more, than on a cloudy day, they could walk amougest us, and no one ever raised an eyebrow.

7 Months Ago ;

"Bella! If we don't go over this guest list, we will never come up with a seating plan and without a seating plan, no one will no where to sit!" Alice huffed, threw her hands and papers up into the air as dramatically as possible and threw herself into a chair like a 2 year old.

"Please, Alice, you already know where everyone is going to sit. Don't torture me" I pleaded, damn near begged. I'd had enough of wedding plans. I just wanted to be married already, I sliently sulked!

"This is your first, and only human wedding. Do you not want to experience every aspect of it?" she put her best innocent face on. Ohh Alice.

"I could live without the crazy sister-in-law wedding planner!" I wasn't backing down.

"Fine! I'll put together the seating arrangment!" She growled "But, you are helping with the flower arrangments, and there will be zero compaining!"

One thing I've learned over these crazy few years if that betting again Alice is never a smart move.

"Deal" I smiled at her.

My thoughts all of a sudden came crashing down on me. I hated reliving my past, a past that wasn't so far in the past. Everything felt so fresh. So new. So unhealed. I hated them. All of them. I felt so betrayed. So unprotected. So unloved.

I looked down at my left hand, this hand felt so heavy sometimes. Like I couldn't get the ring off. Even though it'd be 6 long months since that ring had been anywhere near my finger.