"Oh, Carlisle", I sobbed uncontrollably.

"Bella, shh, please Bella" he said, almost to comforting.

"I'm sorry. I didn't expect anyone to know I was here, I wasn't sure you'd be here , to be honest" I trailed off, suddenly unsure of my own voice.

"Alice" he said, simply.

Neither of us said anything for another few minutes. I was taking in all the vampire contact I could before I needed to start asking some real questions.

"Bella, would you like to come back to the house with me? Esme has been worried sick and well, you've changed and we'd like to hear what happened" he said softly. I knew he was worried about what my reaction would be considering how I left things 6 months ago.

"I can't see him, Carlisle. And I may kill her" my words were laced with hatred.

"As I said Bella, there is so much for us to speak about. Ed=" he began.

"NO!" I roared, I couldn't control myself "don't say his fucking name."

I ran downstairs, I needed air. Another strange thing for this vampire. I seem to need or want a lot of things that most vampires never even consider anymore, unless trying to put a show on for humans. Carlisle gave me a few minutes; he met me on the front step with an apologetic smile lingering on his face.

"I'm sorry, Carlisle." I began

"No, no. Bella, that same reaction is one I've seen many times in our home. Please Bella, consider joining us this evening. The true family misses you." And with a quick kiss to the forehead, he vanished.

I wasn't going anywhere near that house, not tonight, and possibly never. Carlisle caught me at a vulnerable time, if I'd been in my right mind set, instead of worrying over my father's death, than I'd have never let him come as close as he did to me.

They're all vampires, for fuck sakes! They could hear a mouse eating from a mile away, but no one knew what was going on behind my back? No one in that house had the love for me let alone decency to tell me! I was angry. I was downright pissed the fuck off. Alice, a mind reader. Jasper, sensing's everyone's feelings. Did no one care for me?