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Chapter 1

"Ok guys, the energy readings are located directly in that base," Tails, a yellow two-tailed fox, said, piloting the X-Tornado.

Knuckles, a red echidna, for one reason or another decided to tag along and were currently sitting in the passenger seat. Standing on top of one of the wings was the famous blue hedgehog, Sonic.

Tails' computer started showing unusual amounts of high energy levels earlier that day, which resulted in the three of them going to that base. The base, an old, abandoned warehouse building, was formally one of Eggman's. There weren't any robots in sight, but they were still cautious. As Tails lighted the plane down, Knuckles and Sonic jumped onto the ground.

"I'll stay here in case anything happens. And if nothing does, then there's no use of all three of us going in," Tails told them.

"Ok, buddy," Sonic replied, smirking.
Shadow, a black hedgehog with red streaks, kept to the walls in the hallway. Behind him was Rouge, a white bat. They had entered from a window on the second floor of the building, and were now arriving toward their destination.


Shadow, along with his somewhat friend and fellow G.U.N. agent, Rouge, were sitting within the office of their G.U.N. leader, the Commander.

"The reason why I called you two here…" he said, motioning for them to look at a monitor screen, "…was this."

The screen showed a map of a forest area, with the center shaded red. In the bottom-right corner was a bar quickly going up, showing the energy of that area.

"This area seems to have a high amount of energy, possibly chaos energy. The mission I want from you two is to investigate this area, and find out the cause behind the energy. If it is a chaos emerald, I want you to bring it back to headquarters. Got that?" the Commander asked him.

Shadow started to object, but then closed his mouth.

"Yes, sir," they both told him. "Good, now get to it."

(End flashback)

And so, Shadow and Rouge found themselves in the abandoned building. For some reason, the Commander didn't want him to use Chaos Control.

I could have done this by myself. I'm the Ultimate Life Form, why do I need to have Rouge here? Shadow thought.

Then they found themselves at a door. Shadow was about to break it using a chaos spear, but Rouge stopped him and typed in a password. The door opened, and Shadow stood there, trying not to be mildly impressed.

Maybe she will be of some use.

Shadow ran after Rouge into the inner part of the building.
On the ground floor of the building, Sonic and Knuckles were heading towards the door when they heard a familiar voice.


Oh no… Sonic thought as he and Knuckles turned around to find Amy Rose, a pink female hedgehog, running towards them.

"Amy, what are you doing here?" Sonic asked her.

"I was coming to find you, silly! I can be a big help." She informed them, summoning her Piko Piko Hammer.

"Look, we don't have time for this, so can ju-" Knuckles stopped midsentence as Amy gripped her hammer and glared at him.

Neither of them wanted to get hit on the head, so they let her come with them. When they got to the door, Knuckles raised his fist to bust open the door, but Amy beat him to it with her hammer. Knuckles glared at her, and she glared right back. Sonic shook his head at his friends and ran ahead with Knuckles and Amy right behind him.
In a house in a city nearby on a coach sat a silver telekinetic hedgehog named Silver. It was a small house, but big enough for him and his friend, Blaze, a purple cat who controls fire. Blaze sat down next to him and turned on the News. They were surprised when the news reporter told of an "unusually high energy level" in a building north of there.

"If it's a chaos emerald, then Sonic and the others will be there," Silver said.

"But it would also mean that Eggman could be there as well. They might need our help," Blaze reminded him.

"Oh, ok. Let's go then," Silver said.

He went upstairs, and then came back with a chaos emerald. With one hand he held Blazes hand so she could teleport as well, and with the other he gripped the emerald. He closed his eyes and said two words.

"Chaos Control!"

Now they're all heading towards the same place. There will be more chapters after this. Hopefully they will be just as good, or better.