Title: Oblivion [ Might change it and make the rest a sequel.]

Rated: T for now Just talk of suicide.

Words: 798

Disclaimer: It should be obvious I don't own Durararar! Or any of its characters. But if all of us did then it wouldn't have started out what it was for us to love it in the first place so I can accept that.

Oblivion takes me now. Washing away the sight from my eyes. It was all for you. In the end nothing was real to you. Just wanted to play me like the fool I am. All I see is darkness in this space I consume. I hear a voice now it's in the distance. I want to know what it's telling me but, it seems I cannot move. I lay here just waiting for something to change. The voice gets louder as that time goes by. I still can't make out the words. I feel my strength returning to me. I open my eyes to see the darkness that surrounds me. I try to left myself up to get closer to the voice. But I can't, not anymore it's too late for me. This is what he wanted so, now I gave him his wish. We could never have been. He was just using me in the end like he always did but, I didn't care this time. I was the fool he always wanted me to be. And I fell for him that parasite that flea. Now he's got his wish. He can plot his schemes to his heart's content now never will I get in his way again. Because I was the fool who thought things could change but; Enemies were never meant to be lovers or anything of that sort. My body feels colder now as I lay in this oblivion...is this all there is once we're gone?...Is this my fate since I ended my own life? I hear the voice once again. It's quiet now sounds like someone is sobbing. Who would be sobbing...Is this voice here as well? Can we cry here? I want to shout out to the voice but, I cannot speak my throat is dry and feels as if it's been crushed. How long has it been now? Minutes? Hours? Days? Weeks? Months? I don't know anymore. But this is it. I wanted to be alone and gone so, this is what I was given...a small piece of me wants to cry out to someone anyone to come. But, I know that can never be not here or now...does anyone even care?...Maybe my brother or maybe Tom...Shinra would Shinra would care or Celty... no I don't think they would I was just a monster...that's right no one would miss a monster. The voice is back am I going crazy? In this void trying to cope with this endless darkness? Creating someone else that's here just out of reach. Now I wish that I hadn't wished to be alone just one person anyone would be okay now. I don't want to be alone anymore. I hear a voice this time it's different It's like it's in my head. "Are you lonely? Are you scared of being alone? Do you want this to end?" I lay there soaking the words in. And then mentality asks. What happens if I say I want this to end? The voice answers." It depends on the person and the situation they're in. You are not completely gone yet so, you could go back." Back? Back to my life? The world I know? "Yes if that's what you want." I can't go back not after all that pain...I don't want to live without him in my life and he wanted this so I let him have it. "How do you now that?"...What do you mean he told me so. "Don't you hear the voice?" The voice...in the distance? "Yes. What do you think it is?" I thought it was someone else here stuck as well." You cannot speak tho." No my throat feels like it's been crushed. "That's how it should feel no one should be able to speak here. That voice is not here in this space." So, where is it then? Is it in my head as well I just can't make it out? "No it is with your physical body." What? "Someone wants you to come back." Who? No one would miss me...I was a burden a waste of space. "I don't know who by name but, that doesn't seem to be true. If you hear a voice someone is calling out to you. So, do you want this endless darkness to end and go back?" Yes I do...what will happen what do I need to do? "Nothing." That's the last thing I remember. And then I fell into unconsciousness. My body feels lighter I want to open my eyes but, they don't respond.

Okay so here is the first part of the story so far I have a lot more I just need to redo it on the laptop since I did it on my cellphones note pad. Hope you enjoy.