So I was reading a bunch of Fan fiction, and I got mad cauz there was too much OOC.

The stories were amazing, don't get me wrong. I hadn't seen an episode in a long time and I wanted to read something really relevant.

So I wrote this...

I really hope you like this.

By The way, this is supposed to be a oneshot...

Ethan had a lot on his mind. Just yesterday he saved the school from mysterious vampire Frankensteins that had been created by no other but Benny and Rory. Then, a few days before, all water turned into blood and made vampires go crazy. The cause of that incident was still mysterious but he'd saved most of his friends by making the blood disappear. That was one of the most stressful things that had happened this week, and Ethan Morgan wasn't the kind of kid that bad incidents ignored. Anyways, thinking about all of those recent even was probably the reason why he'd bumped into Sarah between 4th and 5th period and made her fall over and drop all of her books.

"Oh, God, Sarah... I'm so sorry!" the embarrassed boy told his crush.

Sarah looked up at her friend and smiled a beautiful smile. "It's fine Ethan."

"Sarah! I-I-I-I... Here, I'll help you." He said, picking up the books. He looked around flustered. He finally saw her hands on the floor.

"I'll help you get up" he said, lending out his hand.

Sarah looked at her friend's hand, then looked up at him.

"I can get up all by myself you know..."

Ethan chuckled nervously as he watched Sarah get up.

"Here are your books" he said, handing them to her.

"Thanks Ethan." Sarah said, smiling.

They started to walk to their next classes which were coincidentally right next to each other.

"So, you coming tonight?" Ethan asked, trying to start a conversation.

"Well of course I am dork," she said, almost affectionately.

"Oh, well, that's hum cool I-"

"Hellooo my fellow friends!" Benny loudly interrupted his best friend.

"Hi Benny." Ethan said, a little dissapointed.

"So, who wants to see the spell I've been practicing?" Benny said excitingly, pulling out his spell book.

"I think I'll pass." Sarah said

"Yeah, me too." Ethan copied.

"Fine, but you guys are real party poope-"

"Benny!" Rory Exclaimed, coming out of nowhere.

"Shut up Rory, that's my thing!" Benny grumbled.

Rory just rubbed it off. "So What are we talking about? I thought I heard something about Gaborix 1."

Benny huffed, "Even if we were talking about Gaborix, it would be the second, not the first. Gaborix 2 has better graphics and more exiting things. Gaborix one is just old.

"I beg to differ," Rory said, "Gaborix 1 is more original and less repetitive. It is also easier to hack. I have all of the codes on my computer. Anyways, you know what they say, the first is always better than the second.

"That's for movies idiot! We are talking video games! It's different, they improve everything in the second version." Benny corrected

Ethan sighed. His friend were not helping. He glanced at Sarah, afraid of her reaction to all of this. Surprisingly, she was looking at Ethan and giggling, rolling her eyes playfully.

"Here's my stop!" Sarah Exclaimed, still not interrupting the two arguing boys. "Bye Ethan"

Ethan blushed and tried to speak, but no words came out of his mouth. So he nervously just waved his hand.

He turned back to his two friends and started to walk to Math.

Finally, Benny interrupted his argument to talk to Ethan,

"Hey E, where's Sarah?"

Ethan looked at his best friend with an exasperated face.

"Oh, I'm sorry dude."

Ethan put his lips together and nodded.

"You're gonna have to ask her out sooner or later..." Benny taunted.

"And I'm shooting for later" Ethan retorted.

"Oh come on! You've been crushing on her for ages!"

"Technically, a year isn't 'ages'."

"Dude, you're just looking for excuses."

"Am Not!"

"Are Too!"

"Are Too!" Rory cut in.

Boys boys turned to face Rory.

"Shut up!" they cried in unison.

And on that note, both boys quickly headed to Math.

While putting his books on the table, Ethan heard Benny Whispering something to him while grinning.

"Or maybe you're just too chicken..."

Ethan raised his eyes at his friend, but then looked away knowing that those words would stick to his heads unless he did anything about it... and he was right.

Those words were stuck to his brain all through Biology, Calculus, and English.

When the final bell rung, he left class quickly went to his locker. There, Benny met up with him.

"So dude, I was thinking, you me tonight, video games at your place?" Benny asked his best friend.

"Sorry, not tonight." Ethan answered putting his books in his backpack.

"Oh, I get it, you wanna spend time with your lady..."

"No!" Ethan Exclaimed, a little too loudly blushing.

"I mean, no. Remember what happened last time you came over?"

"The Zombie attacks?"

"No, before that."

"Oh, when I cut all of your electricity out?"


"So I can't come to your house ever?"

"No, not ever... just for a little while, wait until my mom trusts you again."

"She doesn't trust me?"

"She doesn't think it's safe to have you near Jane."

"Not safe?" Benny asked his friend. "I'm the perfect image of safe."

"Yeah... Sure." Ethan said sarcastically.

"Fine, Video Chat?"

"Sure, why not."

"Okay, see ya tomorrow E."

"See ya." Ethan said, turning around to go home.

When he arrived to his house, he directly went up to his room for his video chat.

At exactly 4:02 the video chat box rang.

Ethan clicked on the buzzing button and opened the chat.

"Hey! Ethan! MY MAN!" Benny Exclaimed.

"Hey Benny." Ethan said calmly, smiling.

"So what's your plan for tonight?"

"My plan?"

"Yes E, Your plan to ask your babysitter out."

"She's not my babysitter, she's Jane's!" Ethan yelled at the screen. "And I told you, I'm not asking her out."


There it was again. The word. That cold noun that made you feel embarrassed and dissapointed in yourself.

"I'm not a chicken."

"Yeah right. You can't even form three sentences in front of her."

Ethan stayed silent, not denying what his best friend was imposing.

"Here, I'll help you... You wanna practice?"

Ethan shaked his head violently, "No! Not after... last time."

He heard Benny laugh at the memory.

"Okay, but you're gonna have to do it one day..."

"I know... I just don't want to pick today."

"What's wrong with today?"

Benny smiled.

Ethan paused. He really didn't have a valid answer for that question.

Luckily, the doorbell rang. Sarah.

"Gotta go, it's Sarah."

"Good luck chicken." Benny smiled widely.

"Shut up." Ethan said, shutting off his computer.

He flattened his shirt and went down the stairs.

"So, bedtime for Jane as usual, you can watch a movie after she is asleep, we will come back around midnight." Mrs Morgan dressed in a dog suit explained to the young babysitter.

"Great!" Sarah said smiling. She looked back at the stairs and saw Ethan, she waved at him.

"Good night sweetheart." Mr Morgan said as he kissed his daughter on the forehead.

"Bye Dad!" Jane responded.

"Okay, Let's go." Mrs Morgan said, opening the door to her husband.

"Bye!" Sarah said as the door shut.

"Come on Sarah! Lets go play with my dolls!" Jane said, grabbing Sarah's hands and pulling her to her room.

2 hours later. Jane was asleep. Ethan and Sarah were both watching a TV series that Ethan didn't even remember the name of.

He looked at the girl next to him. Her tan face was illuminated by the light of the TV. Her lose hair shined even if the room was pretty dark. Her brown eyes seemed mesmerized by the screen.

He looked back at the TV and started to think about what Benny had said. "What's wrong with today?" he muttered to himself.

"Hey... hum, Sarah?"


"I need to tell you something."

Sarah turned away from the TV and looked right at Ethan. He felt his heart pumping. How would she accept him, she was so beautiful and way out of his league.

He turned his head away.

"Never mind."

"Come on Ethan! I know you have something to tell me."


He turned his head back to the girl who was looking up expectantly at him.

Why was this so hard? He'd fought plenty of Monsters and problems for a lifetime, why was he afraid to say three pesky words?

"I... hum, well, you see... I kinda, hum, I..."

"Please Ethan, just say it!" Sarah impatiently said.

The word 'Chicken' echoed inside his head. His heart pumped louder and louder.

'No,' he said to himself, 'I will not be a chicken.'

"Sarah, I like you... as in more than a friend."

Now that wasn't so hard, was it.

This was totally not what I expected it to be...


I really hope you like it!

If I get more than 10 reviews, I will make this into a two shot :D