Yu-Gi-Oh! Five Dragons

AU. A different World. Where Zero Reverse was a far more violent, and Global Disaster, with far greater repercussions. Where life is rather harsher for some. And better for a very few others. Where the Signers will be forced to stand against the Jibakushin in a far more...direct manner. What will this mean for everyone concerned?

Zero Reverse. The eleventh day of the month of February. In the two-thousandth, and fourteenth year AD. On the night of that day, the World, as it once was, ended. Earthquakes. Tsunamis. Global Tectonic Realignment. Typhoons. Cyclones. Six days, and the Old World was undone. In it's place. A New World. Born of the ashes of the Old. Built by those survivors of that time.

The year is now 2231. And the people have recovered, in a manner of speaking. If the city was not one that was rebuilt, then it was one built from the ground up. Homes are secure once more. Food is plentiful, as it once was. Entertainment is abundant. None more so than the still-Global Phenomenon that is known as Duel Monsters.

The Game, itself, has undergone a revolution. Not only are there new forms - most notably in the form of the Psychic Type and Synchro Category. But the very manner in which the Duel is performed has evolved. Through the use of specially customised Motorcycles - known popularly as the D-Wheel - there now exists the Riding Duel.

Beneath the glamour. Beneath the wealth. Beneath the illusion of normalcy, however. There lay hidden dangers. Rumours of monsters lurking within the shadows, coming out at night, attacking the citizens. Tales of those with special powers that harness the Duel Monsters. Unexplained disappearances in the Deep of the Night. Sometimes Deaths. Which leaves more than a handful of the populace fearing the demons that await them if they're targeted.

This fear has been used by some to secure total control over the people. One such place is the rebuilt City of Neo-Domino. Once, in the distant past, it had been a thriving City, its people united. For seventeen years, it has comprised of numerous, scattered islands. Some connected to one another. Others kept severed.

Controlled by the Public Maintenance Bureau, which, itself, is led by Rex Godwin. Through the use of his personal security forces, and strict social structure, he maintains peace, and order in Neo-Domino, protecting the citizens from their nightmares. Through the use of Riding Duels, Ground Duels, and Tournaments, he provides entertainment and joy. Supplying Hopes, and Dreams for the people.

In this task, he is aided by the King of the Riding Duel. Jack Atlus. Who. In the past two years that he's become a public face, has taken the Duelling Field by storm. To date. 307 consecutive victories. 0 defeats. Adored by millions. A symbol of success.

For the less fortunate, however. Life is far crueller. The outer ring of islands mark where the wealth remains elusive. None more so than the most distant of them. Known as the Satellite. The place where the undesirables are banished to, where Rot and Decay are allowed to run rampant. Here, life in the main City is but a distant dream. Here, simply making it through the day is the main priority. The only access to and from, a group of underwater pipelines that sends garbage from elsewhere for recycling purposes. And the occasional boat that returns the remade goods back - in exchange for the bare essentials.

What none. Save a small handful of particular individuals, are aware of, is that there lies a hidden threat to this recovering world. A danger that has already begun to manipulate events from behind the scenes. For which, there resides a special few, chosen to fight this emerging menace. This Harbinger of Death. And Destruction.

"EV-ERYBODY, LISTE-N!" A thunderous roar emanating from the multitude of speakers, whether they be from the stadiums own PA system, those surrounding the city. Or simply the speakers built into the TVs and computers watched by those unable to actually be there, that night, for one reason or another.

"THIS I-S! GREAT MATCH!" A rising chorus of cheers from the many spectators, who had filled the stadium to capacity, continued for a moment, before ebbing away.


With the declaration of the Title Challenger, Enjo Mukuro, emerged from one of the twin, opposing tunnels which led into the main Riding Duel Arena. The closest parallel that would exist for his particular design of D-Wheel would be the American Chopper. The handlebar grips set at shoulder-level, front wheel having half the area of the rear wheel. Seat and pedals set to allow a relaxed, laid-back style of riding. Monitor set below the handgrips, in the centre. With the fixed duel-disc system directly below, set in a 2-2-1 formation. His choice of attire was heavy use of black leather, set with large spikes running from the shoulders to the waist, with another pair of spikes at the knees. Finished off with leather gloves, and a helmet with the form of a skull, most closely resembling that of a bird, set on it. The stereotypical biker look. Completing the half-lap, he came to a stop at the inner start line.

"AND NOW!" From his position in the Announcer's Stand he could be seen. Dressed in a cherry-pink suit, with white-striped shirt, and orange bow-tie. The most prominent feature, however, was his insanely long, gravity-defying, jet-black pompadour, underneath which lay a long, though very thin moustache. Along with a sharply pointed Goat Beard. Known to many as the MC. "TO DEFEND HIS TITLE! THE KING OF RIDING DUELS! JA-CK! ATLU-S!"

Upon the declaration of the name. From the opposing entryway. Large plumes of thick, grey smoke billowed, obscuring the view. From this, an engine roar was heard, as the Defendant burst through, taking to the air. His D-Wheel. A Mono-Wheel design. Almost completely white in its colourations. Extended segments for the front and rear. The front forming a tapered point, with the air intakes set to its sides. The rear containing to large exhaust ports and the mounting points for the handlebars that stretched to allow their use by the rider. The left one augmented by the duel-disc fixed to it. Directly in front showed twin monitors. One set atop the other.

As for its rider. He was dressed in a form-fitting riding suit. Almost completely white, like his D-Wheel. Save for a small group of thin, blue stripes that ran along it in a few select places. A white helmet with blue visor obscured most of his head, but it could be told that he was blond by the pair of thin bangs that ran down the sides of his head, just ahead of his ears. Piercing, violet eyes, brimming with confidence, and determination. Long, white gloves that ran up to his elbows, with a studded silver metal piece set over the backs of the hands. Completing his journey through the air, his D-Wheel - to which he referred to as the 'Wheel Of Fortune' - struck the ground. Before continuing along the straight that resided between the two sides of the track, within the respective halfway points, shrugging off the impact with accomplished ease. The rider. Jack Atlus. Who, following his turn onto the track, removed his right hand from the handlebar before raising it into the air with a clenched fist, its back facing the audience.

"Sorry to keep you waiting!" He began with a deep, solid voice. "I am the King!" rapturous roars flooded inwards from the countless fans in attendance. While a few rows of Cheerleaders chanted his name.

"Go Jack! Go Jack! Go! Go! Fight!" From the full dozen of them. Outfits designed to augment them in the slightest of manners.

Now at the outer starting line. His opponent. Enjo Mukuro raised a pointed finger towards him.

"King! The one who'll defeat you will be yours truly!" He stated, making clear his intent to win.

Jack's only response to that was a slight "Humph. Just try." With a slight smirk on his face. No remaining time further counter-response as the MC spoke up.

"Alright Duellists! Activate Field Magic! Speed World!" The instruction issued. They pressed a specific button on their respective D-Wheels. To which the paired response was a synthetic voice declaring:

"Speed World set on. Autopilot, standing by." The monitors displaying the Field Magic Card, Speed World. Removing all information irrelevant to the duel. This sequence was concluded through the production of a transparent, purple hue, emanating from the D-Wheels, until the entire stadium was enveloped within it.

"Alright! The Field Magic, Speed World has now been activated!" While the MC was busy explaining the scenario, some in attendance had their data pads out, making use of them for detailed explanations. "As of right now! The only magic cards that can be activated are Speed Spells! Exclusive to Speed World! Unlike normal magic's. Speed Spells require a set number of Speed Counters to activate! Accumulated with each passing turn! However! To a Riding Duellist! Speed IS Magic! Therefore! Their Speed becomes their Power!"

With his explanation over. A holographic countdown displayed itself. Two lights, one red and one green, on the left. To the right. Ten counters, in two rows of five, lighting up in half-second intervals.

"Riding Duel!" The MC announced during the countdown. Once all the counters were lit, the upper red light faded, as the lower green one lit.

"ACCELERATION!" Signalling the start of the Riding Duel. The two competitors, blasting off the start lines. Jack Atlus, taking the lead.

"The Challenger will make the first move!" MC announced.


Turn 1

Mukuro: 4000 LP / 0 SPC - Mukuro's Turn

Jack: 4000 LP / 0 SPC

"Draw!" Mukuro pulled a fresh card from the deck attached to his left forearm, adding it to his opening hand of five cards. "I discard Skull Conductor from my hand to activate its effect!" An image of the Monster Card. That of an undead being, with decayed flesh, reddish hair, somewhat hidden by a large, white hat, resembling that used by Naval Officers. And dressed in a traditional conductors suit holding the wand in its left hand appeared, before fading into Mukuro's Cemetery.

"By discarding this card from my hand to the Cemetery! I'm able to summon up to two Undead-Type Monsters who's Attack Power is equal to or less than 2000 points! I Special Summon Skull Vase and Burning Skull Head!" At this, the summoned monsters appeared, aside each other. To his left. Burning Skull Head (1000/800/3*). Exactly as the name implied, it was a human skull, that was burning. A dull, violet glow from the centres of the eye sockets. As for Skull Vase (800/600/3*). It comprised of a human skeleton, though only the arms and upper body. The skull cracked. Resting within a blue case, decorated with simple gold stylings.

"Burning Skull Head's effect activates!" Enjo Mukuro cackled out. "When its Special Summoned! 1000 points of damage is dealt to you!" True to his word. His Burning Skull Head opened its mouth. Letting loose a torrent of flame towards Jack. The nature of the Solid-State Holographic System acting to trigger a slight impulse from the resultant blow. Though he was swift to recover, if not his Life Points.

Jack LP = (4000 - 1000) = 3000

"A useful compensation for not being able to declare an attack on the first turn!" Stated Enjo, taking pleasure in the fact that he'd already damaged Jack's Life Points.

"Normally, by taking damage of 1000 points, Jack would lose a Speed Counter!" MC provided another explanation of another aspect of Speed World. "However! With no Speed Counters to begin with, he is unable to lose any!"

"And there's more!" Enjo continued. "For now, I release both my monsters! Skull Flame! Advance Summon!" Both his monsters became spherical, multi-coloured orbs at this command. Rising to meet each other, then merging into a single, far larger one. Which then stretched out into an oval, before splitting down the middle. Emerging from this. Enjo's latest monster. Clad in a blue robe that went to the ankles, with a smaller steel-grey one on top that replaced the frontal part with a grey-green banner piece. A red cape was included. All of which were frayed at the edges. Bone decorations were included for around the waist, in the manner of a belt. as well as for the head, forming a bone helmet, horizontal boned horns protruding from the sides. The last part of the bones were the large shoulder pads, which supported the cape. The face, being like that of a black mask, with red eyes visible, and gold mouthpiece, with smaller gold strips along the sides, rising up to the eye-level, themselves ringed in gold. To complete it. Strong flames pouring from the top of its back. This was Skull Flame (2600/2000/8*).

"When Skull Vase is released for an Advance Summon. I can draw one card from the Deck!" Enjo declared, drawing one extra card from his deck, adding it to his hand. "And now I activate Skull Flame's effect! Now I can summon as many Burning Skull Heads from my hand as I am able to!" To this, he took two cards from his hand, setting them in his Monster Card Zone. From this, two new Burning Skull Heads were summoned onto Enjo's field. "And as before! My Burning Skull Heads effects activate! Therefore you now receive 2000 points of damage!" Two fresh pillars of fire blasted their way towards Jack, striking him from opposing angles. Another waver of the Wheel Of Fortune followed, before recovery. As Jack's LP Meter displayed another substantial drop.

Jack LP = (3000 - (1000*2)) = 1000

"My Skull Flame has one other effect!" Enjo continued. "I can add one Burning Skull Head from my Cemetery to my hand in exchange for skipping my Draw Phase!" He saw fit to cackle again. Near-hysterically. "That means, Jack! I'll win in my next turn! Turn End!" He declared the end of his turn. And the start of Jack's.

"This is bad for The King!" MC made clear the obvious. "If he fails to win on this turn. Mukuro Enjo will take it in his next!"

'Alright.' Jack thought quietly to himself. 'I've let him have his fun for long enough. Time to end this farce.' "My Turn! Draw" Jack exclaimed.

Turn 2

Mukuro: 4000 LP / 1 SPC

Jack: 1000 LP / 1 SPC - Jack's Turn

"With all the monsters in play controlled by yourself! I can Special Summon Vice Dragon in Attack Mode!" Setting the monster within his Monster Card Zone, the image came to life. A short, squat, purple dragon. With a short, fanged snout. Tri-clawed hands which lacked opposable thumbs. An odd, sea-green colouring for its wing membranes, which almost appeared to be a little too large for the wings themselves. Three small horns protruded from the back of its skull, with two small spikes along each forearm. Another pair rested on the knees. With two final small spikes set at the base of its tail. "Of course! The Original Attack and Defence of Vice Dragon are halved as a result!" (ATK = (2000/2) = 1000) (DEF = (2400/2) = 1200)

"And now I Normal Summon, Tuner Monster! Dark Repairer in Attack Mode!" Jack's next monster appeared to the right of Vice Dragon. This monster carried an insectoid shape, with a humanoid head, plus very short arms and legs. But possessed six additional limbs. Far longer and no thicker than the other ones, with only two digits on those limbs. One held a hammer, another a carving knife, a third carried a long, straight blade. A black body and teal skin. With purple hair styled to both a pointed top and a wing motif. (1000/1300/3*)

"You're reward for entertaining The King!" Jack began, preparing his Signature Move. "You will be crushed by my Ace Monster! I'm Tuning my Level Five Vice Dragon with my Level Three Tuner Monster, Dark Repairer!" To his declaration of his intent, his Dark Repairer disintegrated into three green rings to which his Vice Dragon entered, five stars emerging from its fading body.

"The Ruler's heartbeats will now file through here! Take witness to its creation shaking power! Synchro Summon! My very soul! Red Daemons Dragon!" During his personal Synchro Chant. The five stars had formed a single beam of green light, blasting out in both directions. From the forward point, a wall of crimson flame was created.

From within this flamed, an immense, five-clawed hand emerged. Black. With bone-white claws. Thicker forearms coloured a deep, crimson red, with a spike running back, past the elbow, almost resembling a forearm guard. The black returning for the upper arms. The right hand clenched into a tight fist, followed shortly by the left hand. Almost immediately, a silhouette of a tri-horned head could be seen. Rising on its lengthy, supple neck. Both the neck and head were of the same black as the upper arms, save for some red outlining around the eyes, mouth and top of the snout. Deep, crimson-red fanged teeth, with a blue tongue inside the mouth. Amber-gold eyes glowing. Red chevron marks running down the front of the neck. Large, crimson membrane wings, with twin spikes on each centre point, unfurled, pushing away the flames, bringing the full Majesty, and Terror into view. The chevron pattern continued down the front of the otherwise black torso, where a wide hip was located, revealing yet more spikes. Two to a side. A long, strong tail, again black, ending with a bladed edge. Black legs, with what could pass off as red armour plates running down the fronts of them. Finishing with quad-clawed feet. Three to the front. One at the back. Their shape indicating that the dragon could stand on the heels of them. The Signature Monster of The King's - Jack Atlus' - Deck.. Red Daemons Dragon. (3000/2000/8*)

"That Monster…" Enjo could only stutter out, aware that he was in a dangerous bind.

"Through Dark Repairers Effect! I draw one card, since this monster was sent to the Cemetery from my field!" Jack stated, drawing one additional card from his deck. Eyeing it, he realised he had everything he needed to win. "Activate Speed Spell! Overboost!" Sliding the face-up card into his Magic/Trap Card Zone. "This raises my Speed Counters by four for this turn! In exchange for making them become one at the End Phase!" On his Duel Monitor. Enjo's Monitor. And that of the main screen within the Stadium. His Speed Counters were shown to have climbed substantially.

Jack SPC = (1+4) = 5

"Now I activate, Speed Spell! Summon Speeder!" Jack declared, playing his next card. "When I have four or more Speed Counters! This allows me to Special Summon one Level Four or below monster to the Field! Come! Dark Bug!" What appeared to be an eight-limbed Tetris Block emerged. A dark, though highly reflective purple for the body. With the arachnid limbs black in colour. (100/100/1*)

"Furthermore! Since I control a Face-Up Synchro Monster! I may Special Summon Create Resonator from my hand! Appear now! Create Resonator!" His latest monster appeared. Wearing a blue, slightly frayed robe, with an orange shoulder cape and lighter blue fore-guard with a sun-yellow symbol on it. The head was obscured by a silver, winged helmet, though the red eyes and sharp teeth could still be seen. Behind it, hovered a winged fan. Silver for the main body, with a solid blue for the fan blades, and a lighter blue for the wings. (800/600/3*)

"And now I Tune my Level One Dark Bug with my Level Three Create Resonator!" the familiar synchro summon sequence played out. Three rings with a single, solitary star within it, though the summon chant itself, was far shorter, more subdued. "Synchro Summon! Weapon of Power! Arms Aid!" His next Synchro Monster made its appearance. A large, metal gauntlet appeared. The fingers, a light red colour, drifting slightly into pink. The hand was black. With the rear portion, the forearm a steel-silver in colour. The effect was completed by way of a sharply raking, but very long, pointed black helmet set to the back of the hand, with a gold visor piece that then ran up the sides. (1800/1200/4*)

"Arms Aid's effect now activates!" Jack began the final preparations for his assured victory. The look clear in his blazing violet eyes. "Once per turn, I can either equip this card onto another monster I control! Or un-equip it and special summon it in Attack Position! I equip Arms Aid to my Red Daemons Dragon!" At this command. Arms Aid's visor rose, until it was almost perpendicular to the hand. At which point, the forearm guard split open into six separate pieces. Three on top, three below. Red Daemons Dragon then extended his right arm, sliding it into the space until his own hand was within what would now be the glove. Following this, the forearm segment re-retracted itself, clasping shut over the arm of Red Daemons. Red Daemons then turned to face Enjo Mukuro, clenching his augmented fist. Snarling in a threatening manner. As if to say, "You're fucked."

"When Arms Aid is equipped onto a monster! That monster gains 1000 Attack Points!" Jack dictated the equip effect.

Red Daemons Dragon: Attack = (3000+1000) = 4000

"Battle! Red Daemons Dragon! Attack Skull Flame! Extreme Power Force!" a blazing sphere of pulsating, deep red and orange fire emerged from the augmented right arm of Red Daemons Dragon. Pulling back his right arm. Before charging towards Enjo's Skull Flame. Driving forwards his arm, and slamming his open, burning hand onto the monster. The attack hit Skull Flame directly, who, briefly, bounced back with the force of the blow, before being consumed by the flames of the attack. A groan of pain could be heard from Skull Flame, right before it was blown apart.

"Damn that dragon." Enjo grunted out, as he was forced to regain control of his D-Wheel, following the attack.

Enjo Mukuro LP = ((4000-(4000-2600)) = 2600

Enjo Mukuro SPC = (1-1) = 0

"And now Arms Aid's additional effect activates!" Jack called out to Enjo, knowing the outcome already. "When the equipped monster destroys an opposing monster in battle! The destroyed monsters Attack Power is dealt to yourself as damage!" Knowing that Enjo would hate that revelation.

As predicted. Enjo Mukuro jolted back in his seat in shock. Crying out a near panicked "WHAT?" Had it not been for his dark sunglasses, the fear in his eyes would be in plain sight.

Not that Jack Atlus needed to see that to know it. Observing a spirit of the Arms Aid emerged and expand from the actual monster, and it slammed down hard on Enjo Mukuro. Signalling his final defeat.

Enjo Mukuro LP = (2600-2600) = 0

Enjo Mukuro Defeated

"And it's over! And a new chapter has just been added to the undefeated record of The King!" MC cried out to all in attendance, and viewing.

Jack's response was to simply raise his right arm into the air, the index finger pointed upwards, turning his head towards the roaring crowd. "There can only be One King! And that is me!" His instruction to all. Inwardly, he thought to himself, 'That hardly passes as a challenge. Are there no worthwhile opponents?' Thoughts, kept hidden, while he continued his Victory Lap, to the rising chorus of cheers and tributes from his many fans in attendance. Every now and again, however, his eyes drifted to focus on his right arm, flickers of fear flashing over his eyes, imperceptible to all but the sharpest of observers. Observers such as Rex Godwin. Who at this time, was standing in the central tower, having overseen the entire event.

Neo-Domino: Satellite - Underground Rail Station

A pale, Half-Moon shimmered from between the parting clouds. Shining its baleful light over the island. Piercing the haze and fumes, that permeated from the many, dirty factories, that even at this hour, were in operation. The sullen beam pushed through a massive rift from what used to be a road, or possibly a walkway. The state of decay made such identification, at best, extremely difficult. Through the rift, a disused underground railway, long since ceased its function. From what would be the waiting area, hanging from heavy hooks, set in the pillars and ceiling. A series of heavy grey-green drapes, designed to hide what lay within it from view.

Easily half of what would be described as its interior was occupied by a garage, of sorts. Containing a crimson D-Wheel, with white patterning set in various points. Such as the forward body, the fronts of the rear-mounted handlebars, and the top of the large, rear crescent, which held a backrest on it. A Duel-Disc system mounted just forward of the drivers seat, appearing to be built out of an elderly duel-disc. A monitor fitted in front of that. Around it, though mainly set to the walls, lay a variety of tools and equipment to service it. A variety of components for it. And a few miscellaneous items as well.

The remainder of the area was used mainly as a living area, with a huge, heavy mattress placed by the other corner wall, a number of large blankets laying on it in a scattered manner. A long, but well-worn sofa just in front of it, a cracked, though still usable, coffee table in front of that. To the very front, there was a workstation of sorts. Holding a long bench-table that served the secondary function of holding down the drapes. On top of this. Various sketches and designs could be seen, as well as a computer that was, at this time, displaying to the sole occupant of this makeshift home, a live broadcast of the Duel that had recently reached its inevitable conclusion. These two points were separated by the kitchen area. Little more than a pantry and fridge by the wall, with a free-standing cooker on the opposing side.

"King!" MC's voice carried over the speakers. "At first. It looked as if Mukuro Enjo had sealed the duel for himself. But you had the counter-strategy ready from the very beginning? Didn't you?"

Jack Atlus simply grabbed the mike from MC, striding forwards, closer to the camera, while MC carried a sullen, dejected look which could be seen.

"Had I been serious! This duel would have ended before my turn!" He moved forwards slightly, again, and turned his attention to the crowd. "The King's Duel MUST be entertaining!" He declared to all.

Any further commentary was cut off, by way of the Monitor off button. Depressed, by a white and blue, five-clawed hand. Small, soft purple orbs set on each of the knuckles. The bluish tone continued to the elbows - which held a single, rear-facing blade each - where shimmering white replaced it. Fresh purple orbs set on the shoulders and Pecs. The thin, slender torso resumed the blue, as did the back. The white returning for the upper legs, save for some blue styling on the alternate plates on them, and blue again for the lower legs and feet. Where four white claws resided, three at the front, one at the heel. The knees had soft, milky-blue guard-plates on them, which could reach the upper half of the upper legs. The long, flexible tail used blue for the upper side, whereas the underside was white. The end of the tail carried four blades, shaped almost like axes, set in an 'X' formation. Large wings, which were mostly white - save for a small portion on the upper edges, near the body - were tucked in, the membranes folded into place. Two inward-facing spikes featured on the inner half of each wing. A pattern repeated by the other pair of smaller spikes on each side of the shoulders, right next to the neck. White, for the most part, barring a few strips of blue along the sides. A row of three, rear-facing blades along its slender, supple length. To this, was attached the head. Long, most of it white. The blue reserved for a semi-oval, with oval in front, and running the forward part of the side horns, which could pass off as wing-like in the design, the semi-oval occupying the inner rear of each one. A long, thin spike running behind them, from the outer edge. The top of the head saw the final spike, that too, ran backwards. A blue design set on top, that would look a little like a cargo bay door, had it been on a manmade object. Beneath the front of that portion of blue, rested the amber-gold eyes, ringed in blue, that in turn, ran along the sides in thin strips. The mouth, beginning just underneath the eyes, and ending just a sort ways ahead, beneath which rested a few small blades. Right above the mouth, a long piece protruded, which, thanks to its bladed end, was almost a harpoon in appearance.

This dragon - for there's no other way to describe that being - rose up onto his feet, revealing the ability to stand on the heels. Lowering his head to face the monitor, and missing the five metre ceiling by just one. Opening his mouth.

"You're not enjoying these Duels anymore. Are you? Jack Atlus? Old. Friend."

Authors Note: My first, truly serious attempt at writing a solid, epic fanfiction. I'll admit I was rather late to really begin loving the series, with 5Ds being my personal favourite. Thank you Japanese with English Subtitles!

Constructive Criticism is not only welcomed. I encourage it! For I know that I will need it if I am to ever to do justice to not only this story, but the series itself, and its fan base.

Let's hope that things are already moving in the correct direction.

Enjoy this please. I have every intention of continuing.