Dear FanFiction,

I understand that being the Minister of Magic at the time did give me a lot of, um, negative criticism, but sometimes things get completely out of hand! If you really think that Dolores and I were a thing, then you must have some serious brain damage. I felt the need to clear this up because, yes, I know im irresistable.

Did I mention I am married?


Cornelius Fudge

Oh dear, I'm terribly sorry for not updating in so long! I have more busy than I would like to think about, and this is the only convenient time to! To be completely honest, I probably won't have time to update tomorrow, and maybe that's good due to the fact that I have completely run dry of ideas! I'm extremely sorry, and hope you didn't hate this chapter too much. Hey, it's something!:)

Let me just say that, to those of you who are probably ticked off at the fact that I haven't updated my HG story in a while, I have lost all my note to the story and it is about virtually impossible to continue writing without them. I will continue searching, please wish me luck!

I will try to update as soon as possible, but I can't promise when that will be.