Mermaid Melody, the hidden series part 1

A Mermaid Melody Fanfic Re-write by: Over-The-Black-Nexus

Old version 'The Wedding' by: MermaidPrincessLilian

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Chapter 1: An unexpected visit from home

Well, it's the end of pure. The end of a season of torture with Mikeru and Mikaru. Nikora made a suggestion that Kaito should move into the Pearl Piari with the Princesses. We all know the fight with Mikeru is over, but with new dangers always on the horizon, Kaito couldn't afford to be too far away from them. Naturally, he agreed as it would mean getting to live with Luchia. He eventually sold off his apartment and moved in perfectly fine.

Life had been peaceful over the next few months. No sea demons had appeared to attack them, no more girls trying to steal Kaito, they backed off more than usual. Life seemed pretty good now.

Only, life was like this, until that one night I suppose.

On that one night, a mysterious ring…

*Ding Dong

"I'll get it!" A voice shouted running down the stair case. It was Luchia. She had changed a little in a few months, she'd grown here hair out a little longer so it was down to just above mid-back now yet she still kept her two ribbons in her hair. She was wearing different magenta pyjamas now as well. She ditched her long sleeved top for a vest top instead and kept the bottoms. She was also wearing fluffy pink bunny slippers with chibi bunny faces on them and ears popping out the top.

She rushed down the stair case to open the door to see someone she hadn't seen before. Well the person seemed familiar to her but Luchia couldn't quite put her finger on it.

"Yo, Luchia, long time no see," the strange said.

Luchia looked the person up and down, the figure frowning.

"Luchia, you don't recognise me? Take another good look at me."

Luchia took another look. The figure was a female with sea blue/ green coloured eyes, soft hair the same colour that came down as a soft wavy bob with jaggered straight fringing (look at Mint from Rio Rainbow Gate, then you'll see what I mean). She wore a pretty fluffy light pastel orange coat with a white fur collar and dark purple leggings, more close to black. On her feet were white boots, almost like Luchia's red pair but there were fewer laces on them, making them wider and they also had a black X on the back as well. Just so we all know, she's Meru's sister.

Luchia could only think of one person. She had to be.

"There's no way it's you… Yukairi?" Luchia asked.

A wide smile hit Yukairi's face. Just to be clear. Yukairi belongs to me, she's a mermaid from Luchia's kingdom who hasn't been seen since she helped Luchia get ready for her 'coming of age' Ceremony.

"Princess Luchia-sama, you remember me!" she cried whilst leaping into a huge hug with Luchia, which she gratefully returned.

"I've haven't seen you in ages Yukairi, I hope everyone at home's been okay, yes?"

"Yep they've been fine, in fact-" Yukairi began to say until she was cut short by a loud voice.

"YUKAIRI!" a loud voice shouted from the top of the staircase. It was Luchia's 'sister' Nikora. She had a similar set of pyjamas on as Luchia but her bottoms were like a pair of short shorts. Also, all of her clothes, even the slippers being the same, were a slightly lighter shade of purple than her hair, now tied in a spiked bun as usual.

"Ni-Nikora-sama!" the surprised Yukairi now standing straight before her.

Nikora sighed and smiled at the two. "Honestly Yukairi, took you a while to get here," Nikora began coming downstairs to talk to the two.

"Huh, you mean you knew she was coming all along Nikora?" Luchia asked, slightly annoyed at Nikora.

"Yup, I'll explain more in the kitchen, matters to do with your Kingdom nonetheless."

"Nikora!" Luchia shouted, trying to grab her attention to ask her another question. Sadly, Nikora seemed to be ignoring her. She was about to shout again, until she heard a loud yawn from the top of the staircase.

"*yawn*, what's all the shouting about Luchia, trying to get to sleep seems impos-"

Kaito stopped his sentence when he say Yukairi in the house. Someone he had never seen before.

"Luchia, who's this?"

"Oh yeah, Kaito, this is Yukairi, she's safe to tell secrets too, she's a mermaid from my kingdom and Yukairi, this is Kaito?"

"Kaito-kun? Well then, Kaito, who are you exactly?" Yukairi asked. She felt like she had seen him before somewhere.

"Well, I'm Domouto Kaito, last Panthalassa Prince of the Seas and Luchia's boyfriend. What about yourself?"

"Like Luchia said, I'm a mermaid from her kingdom. I work as one of the many servants in the palace but I was one of the more closer to Luchia. We're pretty close friends back ho-"

Yukairi was cut short once more. People in this place need to stop being cut short, they're all tired though so cutting short happens a lot.

"Yukairi, Luchia! Get your butts in this kitchen now. We have really important matters to discus." Nikora shouted as loud as she could.

"Coming!" the both replied running into the Kitchen.

"Kaito," Nikora also said. She'd hear Kaito's voice in the hallway and thought his timing was almost too perfect. "Since you're here, we can discus even more important matters as well, SO GET YOU'RE ASS IN HERE!"

Kaito just stood there, his ears getting over the ringing sound her shouting voice left. "I'm coming," he replied sounding really tired.

Once Nikora had gotten everyone sat down in the kitchen, she gave everyone a drink of tea before beginning to discus the important stuff.

"Well, I was going to start with asking about the conditions of Luchia's kingdom back home but now Kaito's here… hey Yukairi, how well are preparations going?

"Preparations, you told me to hold them off until they both agreed to the, thing." Yukairi simply replied.

"Wait, what thing me and Kaito need to agree to?" the curious Luchia asked.

"Well, since you're a princess and Kaito is a prince of the sea, you're both old in the mermaid world for marriage. And as part of your requirement as a Mermaid Princess Luchia, you're just going to have to marry Kaito," Nikora said smiling as much as she could.


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