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Chapter 6: The weird dream, Luchia's kidnapping

That night hadn't been the greatest night ever for Kaito. Sound asleep in his bed but he was having the weirdest dream of his life, weirder than the ones when he had his memory stolen.

He was standing outside Gaito's castle, now in his Panthalassa Prince from. Gaito's Castle still stood as dark and as garish as it had ever been. The gates opened up, beckoning Kaito forward. He wandered into the darkness of the Hallways only being stopped because he couldn't see anymore.

A few seconds later, the lights switched on, revealing the messed up room.

Gaito was sitting in his old chair, wearing nothing on his top half, bare chested and holding what appeared to be a glass of red wine. That wasn't so messed up, but 2 Luchia's chained to either side of the back wall was. Both of them in mermaid form too. Both looked exactly the same, no differences between then. Well, when I said Gaito wasn't that messed up, his hair had changed slightly now being pure black with silver highlights running through it and his eyes shone blood red with glowing silver around the edges.

"Luchia!" Kaito shouted, confused as to which one he should look at. Were they both fake?

"So, took you long enough to get here..." Gaito said slowly smiling.

"Gaito..." Kaito began to say until he let out a gasp. His eyes trailed down Gaito's body, sure he looked a little different in the face and hair but his lower half was what caught his attention.

Gaito's lower half adorned a silver tail with a black rim bearing the Panthalassa symbol. His tail looked almost exactly like Kaito, except for a few tiny detals. The fins on the ends were even sharper than Kaito's and didn't appear to move with the waves, the Panthalassa symbol on the rim of his waist was also more shinier and more realistic looking. Going off that, if you took Kaito's tail and replaced all the red with Silver, you have Gaito.

Gaito noticed his staring. "What's up?"

"You, how... you need a mermaid princess with a pearl to have a tail as a clan member," Kaito remembered.

"Work it out then, it's permanent!" Gaito said plainly.


"Yes, permanent, and I can see that's not all you want to ask me. Let me answer everything you want to know..." Gaito trailed off closing his eyes.

Kaito stood there in shock not sure what was going on.

Gaito re-opened his eyes, which were now glowing a significantly brighter red than before.

"You want to know why I have a permanent tail. Aqua-Regina put me through a special trial in order to gain one. I can still use my Panthalassa form, it's just like transforming really. As to what the trial was, it links to the two fake Luchia's on the back wall and the reason I'm making you have this dream. The trial involves someone, a random person, being possessed to take the person most dearest and important from you. A clone of them in created and the person is set free from the possession. The point of the trial is to work out which one the real person is. Work it out and you become a merman properly and follow the rules that everyone else does. The difference is very hard though, a very small inside detail, a question that only the real Luchia can answer. Choose the wrong one and death awaits the person who's been copied. Having been forced into the trial like you will be, it took me 3 weeks trying to work out which Sara was the real one. I'll save the reason of why Aqua-Regina sent me through the trial for another time. It's not important for now. Even so, my time is up, I must leave," Gaito finally finished saying, his body beginning to fade.

"Wait, Gaito!" Kaito shouted as everything around him began to fade away.

Kaito woke up panicking in a fresh sweat, Luchia staring at him funny.

"Kaito, did something happen to you?" Luchia asked with the most worried look on her face.

"Hmmm, no it's fine, just a dream, nothing major," Kaito told her softly not wanting to tell her what was going to happen to Luchia. He was scared as hell because any day from now, Luchia would be taken away and copied. If that wasn't bad enough, if he picks the wrong Luchia, it's game over. "Even so, time for breakfast anyway isn't it?" he bean to say whilst pulling in Luchia for his morning kiss.

During the kiss, Nagisa opened the door.

"Luchia, Kaito, breakfast is ready and..." Nagisa began to say until he realised the couple where in the middle of a very deep and passionate kiss. "I'll leave them a note. He quickly swam off to get a pen and paper and slipped the note under the door.

Once Luchia and Kaito were finished, they got up only for Kaito to notice the slip on the floor.

"Huh, what's that?" Luchia asked

"A note from Nagisa..." Kaito replied getting ready to read it out loud.

"Dear, Luchia and Kaito, since I kinda walked in on your morning kiss, I didn't want to disrupt it so I left you this note. Hanon wanted me to tell you that breakfast is ready and we'll be waiting in the main dining hall for you two. Also breakfast is boiled clams, seaweed toast, lobster claws and marafume juice (it's something I just made up, it's like orange juice that you can drink underwater, made by a special process with coral), hope to see you there soon, Nagisa and everyone else."

Kaito turned around to see Luchia's face turning blue, "Luchia?"

"I... hate boiled clams..." she replied.

"You don't have to eat them though do you?"

"I hope not, in my younger years here, Nikora used to force me to eat them because they were a high source of fibre and iron the way our maids make them. I've hated them for as long as I can remember, they taste horrible!" she shouted in her explaining.

"I'm pretty sure we can work around it, but come on, let's go eat."

And with that, both left down the long winding corridors to the Palaces breakfast room. A long table ahead of them filled with Coral items from plates and candles to cutlery and chairs. The Coral was tame though, not sharp, well, the cutlery was, and that was the whole point. Seaweed Toast was laid out on their places at the table and the Boiled Clams were in baskets spread across the whole table. Pitchers of Marafume juice were layed out along with Coral glasses and lobster claws placed on side plates next to each plate. Right now, only Luchia's friends, Taki, Nikora, Yukairi and Hippo were there but every other mermaid in the castle had already eaten and had gone off to do their work.

"WOW, breakfast looks better than I though it would be!" Kaito exclaimed digging into the lobster and seaweed toast, remember the rule that Luchia told him, a piece of seaweed toast everyday to keep the breathing system alive. Sadly, he bit into a boiled clam next and saw what Luchia meant. Turning toward her with a sour face, he said "now I can see why you don't like them..."

"Thank you for seeing my point, they're disgusting."

The rest of breakfast went pretty well, the group all had a general chat about how they were finding in being down here. Nagisa and Masahiro loved it more than they thought they would. It was a whole new experience for them and they were now part of something very special. Kaito left out the matter of the dream and would just hold out like nothing was happening.

Everyone was about to go off to carry on the day looking at stuff needed to be done for the up and coming wedding until a knock on the palace doors caught everyone off guard.

Luchia being princess went to open it see who it was. She opened to door, eyes closed smiling, "how can I help you?"

She opened her eyes to a strange sight.

Gaito was here, in his merman form like he was in Kaito's dream but a black and dark purple aura was emminating from his body.

Luchia let out a gaps, not sure what to be surprised at. The fact that Gaito looked evil or the fact that he had a tail?

"I'm here for you, Luchia!" He screamed as the dark aura grew, enveloping Luchia's body and parts of the castle entrance.

Kaito's nightmare was coming true. He just didn't think it would be his own brother who would get possessed. He could do nothing but watch as Luchia was dragged away from the palace.


Kaito tried to force his body to move, yet it wouldn't respond to him. He collapsed on the floor, a stream of tears and sobs following. He didn't think that Luchia would be taken so soon and that he would have more time to warn her. He didn't even think that Gaito would be the one who got possessed. His brain told him that everything would be fine, but his heart said something was truly wrong.

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