I feel empty. Like. Like theres something missing. Something important.

The winter has come but there is no snow.

What has happened? What has happened to the snow.

The snow that used to fall on the ground and make a pure white cold wonderland.

It used to be a magical world. A world of wonder and hope.A world... With my tiger.

A world where we could go exploring. What happened to that world?

The world with stupendeous man. Tracer bullet. And spaceman spiff.

What happened... To Hobbes?

I wake up in the middle of the night. A 12 year old boy. Wondering where his imagination went.

I look out side. The warm weather turned to cold.

The tiger I used to hold.

Gone in a flash.

Nothing I can see anymore is magical.

I feel empty. I wish i had never grown up.

Whats that? Outside my window. It looks white. It looks like.



a/n in texas we don't have much snow but in calvin and hobbes there was much snow. Now i know it wasn't great but i'm new at this writing stuff. and this is a fanfic I had for a long time.