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So here we are;


Sesshomaru growled as he stormed into the lift. Just thinking about the list of things he'd have to do today…

That stupid woman.

That stupid receptionist.

She was meant to be his assistant.

She was meant to help him.

Yet she couldn't even the most basic of tasks right.

Hell, she couldn't even get his coffee on time!

He might be a demon but he wouldn't take incompetence.

He had fired her the night before when she failed to complete a letter for him.

As the lift rose on his floor, he rubbed the brink of his nose. Now he had to find a new assistant. That would take most of his day. He really didn't want that kind of stress.

As the doors of the lift opened and he stepped out, he stopped and lowered his hand.

A new smell hung in the air. Human, sweet and female and… slightly familiar.

He frowned. At nine in the morning, no one should be on this floor.

He walked slowly from the lift and through the glass doors to the waiting room and reception before his office. His eyes fell on the desk before him, looking at the round wooden surface, a computer and phone on it with a high white chair at the back.

But the desk was meant to be empty. Instead… there was a woman sat behind, tapping at the computer and looking at a paper by her side. He growled and she looked up suddenly. "Good morning, Lord Sesshomaru."

"Who the hell are you?"

The woman stood and walked around the desk to face him. His eyes scanned her quickly. She had black hair tight in a bun behind her head, her skin lightly tanned and smooth while her eyelashes were long and curled to frame her eyes. She wore a long sleeved white blouse and a black pencil skirt that hung just above her knees, her legs in dark tights and her feet in shiny needle thin heels. "My name's Rin Grazia. Naraku sent me."

He blinked, walking over to her. The closer he got, the smaller she became. She hardly came to his shoulder. "Naraku… sent you?"

"He heard about you firing your last assistant."


"And Naraku decided that… as you have an important contract with Higurashi Industries coming up, you can't really afford to be wasting time training a new member of staff. I have worked with Naraku for over ten years and I know what to do. I won't let you down sir." Her eyes moved up to his eyes, the gold bitter to her. "It's only temporary. A few months, until the contract is complete… then I will return to Naraku."

Sesshomaru growled a little then stormed past her and into his office behind the thick wall. He quickly ran to the desk and picked up the phone, dialling a pre-set number. It rang for a while then a female voice answered.

"Naraku Ongono's office, how can I be of help?"

He frowned. That wasn't the normal voice when he rang his business partner. "This is Sesshomaru. Put me through."

"At once sir."

The phone rang a little then was picked up. "Hello?"


"Ah! Sesshomaru!" He chuckled over the line. "How are you today? Do you like my little Rin?"

"That is what I want to speak to you about. How dare you interfere with my staff."

He sighed. "Sesshomaru, I did you a favour. Rin is an amazing assistant, I'll struggle without her."

"This is nothing… to do with you."

"Sesshomaru, if this contract with the Higurashi's falls through because you're over worked and busy teaching some woman fresh out of college… both of us will suffer. You are… and don't take this the wrong way… an egoistic, dominating prick with your staff. This contract is too important for someone who won't cope with it. Rin can cope easily with your demanding nature. Anyone else… well, you demand so much of them… they can't keep up."

"How do you know that?"

"What do you think I do while waiting for you in your office? Sit twiddling my thumbs? No, I talk to your staff." He huffed. "And over the last three months… you have had five assistants. Hence why I sent Rin. She won't disappoint you." Silence fell for a moment. "And she is self-dependant. She won't need your instructions to do something. She'll see something… and get it done. Just tell her when you want something specific."

Sesshomaru frowned even if the voice couldn't see it. He looked down at his desk and the large folder labelled 'Higurashi'. Naraku was right. He'd need help getting this done. "Why are you doing this Naraku?"

"Oh Sesshomaru, Sesshomaru… you and I are partners. You screw up, it will make me look bad. And this contract is worth millions."

"What do you want in return?"

"Just that you treat Rin well and don't spoil her."

"Spoil her?"

"Come on, you've seen her, Sesshomaru." He let out a long blissful breath. "She is sweet."

He huffed. "Short is the word I'd use."

"Oh come on."

"Look, I'm not after someone to look at, I want an assistant who can type fast, do as I tell her and get her work done."

"Well that's Rin. Look, give her a week. If you don't like her, send her back. But after the Hig contract is finished, I want her back."

The demon sighed loudly, closing his eyes. "Fine. But don't go messing in my affairs again." He placed the phone back on the receiver then lifted it again, pressing the internal call.

"Yes sir?"

"Come in here, at once."

Just as he lowered the phone, the door opened and the short woman walked in. "Sir?"

"I've just got off the phone with Naraku. I've agreed to give you a week trial. If you do well, I'll keep you until the Higurashi contract is finished."

"Thank you sir, I won't let you down."

His eyes narrowed on her then looked over her outfit. "Is this what you wear for Naraku?"

"Yes sir."

The glare stopped at her feet. "Are you comfortable in those shoes?"

"Honestly sir? No."

"Then tomorrow you may wear what you feel comfortable in. And I will expect you in dress trousers, not a skirt." The side of his mouth curled a little. "You'll be running a lot so you'll need to be comfortable."

"Yes sir." She didn't seem worried about his cold smile or the concept of her work.

"There should be a PDA in the top draw of the desk. Keep it on you at all times, day or night."

"I already found it."

His eyes went up to her face. "You know I'm a youkai, correct?"

"Yes sir."

"And that my senses are greater than a mere human's?"

"Yes sir."

"Then I do not want you assaulting them in the future."


"Perfume. All those before you have insisted on wearing the disgusting stuff. I find it offensive to change a natural scent. Understood?"

"Yes sir. But in all honestly, I don't wear perfume that much."

"Well, you will not wear it at all while working with me."

"Yes sir."

His eyes went up over her again then he frowned. "Jewellery. I will allow your watch but that necklace will have to go."

For the first time since entering the room, she actually moved, her hand holding a large round gold necklace. "Sir, I must ask that you allow me to keep it. This necklace is a locket, passed down from mother to daughter in my family for over a hundred years. As much as perfume is an offence to you… taking this necklace off is an offence to me."

He stared at her for a moment then lifted his head and lowered it again. A nod. "You may keep it. But keep it hidden under your clothes."

"I will sir."

"Alright. So… rules." He took a deep breath as she returned her hands to her side. "Don't disturb me unless I call for you. Answer the phone when it rings and forward the important calls to me at once, otherwise take a message…"

She sighed a little. "Lord Sesshomaru… I have been working as Narkau's assistant for ten years. I know what you will expect of me and how I should act. All I need to know is which shop you get your coffee from and what kind of coffee you like."

The demon stared at her. There was no fear in her. He blinked slowly. "Starbucks down the street, cappuccino with two white sugars."

"That's all I need to know. Now, if you will excuse me, I'll get to work." She turned quickly and walked out of the office.

The demon blinked then turned to his computer, signing on and dealing with the first of a hundred emails. Ten minutes later, he sent an internal message to the PDA asking for a coffee. Three minutes later, the short woman snuck in silently with a tall white mug in her hands, placed it on his desk and slid back out again without a sound.

If he hadn't noticed the smell, he never would have noticed her at all.

Taking a sip of the drink he blinked and looked at it. It was still hot.

Not warm.

It was piping, steaming, near boiling hot.

Not one of his previous assistances had managed to get his coffee to him while it was still hot and in less than five minutes. He raised an eye brow. Maybe Naraku was right. Maybe this Rin would make a good assistant.

He huffed and put the drink down. It was only her first day. He'd make judgement after a week.

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