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The sheets and fabric kicked out of reach, the two lovers warmed themselves in the sunlight as it cascaded through the crack in the curtain. Despite the tradition, Rin lay on her side with Sesshomaru behind her, his arms wrapped tight around her waist. She stretched herself out slowly and felt the demon run his hand down her spine, sending shivers across her naked body.

As she settled back down, he reached over her and held her hand, locking fingers around hers and rubbing his nose over the crook of her neck. "Good morning." He purred in a gentle but true contentment.

Rin, who'd been drifting back to sleep, shifted and looked over her shoulder, blinking to her partner before whispering good morning in a broken, exhausted voice.

The demon gently kissed her shoulder and returned the welcome again, tickling her with his nose until she rolled onto her back and he rolled to be on top of her, their bodies pressing together like two sheets of perfectly sculpted marble. Tingling sensations ran over the bodies of both the female and the male; the former reacting with a gentle gasp and the closing of her brown eyes… silently asking for him to stop.

"As if. I know you like it." He shifted his body across the sensitive area of his partner, making her moan and twitch.

Gradually, he eased one hand up, sliding his fingertips over the skin of her hip and waist, teasing her almost to the point of ecstasy without even trying. When his senses told him she couldn't take it anymore, she gave that groan of bliss he had come to crave day and night.

It broke the chain of short gasps and pants that had been sweetening the air; the demon easing his hand over that valuable jewel that was his alone. It twitched and tried to escape from his grip but it couldn't and quickly submitted, allowing his hand to touch it.

As soft as a feather, as wet as fruit and in one touch, his fingers were coated in a sweet nectar, as if wishing to remain close to her. Feeling this, he smiled and looked over her body, pushing his finger into the centre of her treasure to enter a cave of secrets and pure pleasure.

She groaned, trying to control her voice but failing with such grace, her hands twisting in the sheets to keep hold of her sanity and soul as it was teased and caressed inside her.

Back and forth, back and forth… the silky sweet strokes of his hand running over and twitching inside the entrance, honeyed aromas filling the air and making both mouths water with the desire and want to taste and consume the source. Screaming, Rin buckled her back against the touch, pushing herself close and allowing the fluids of her body to explode. The demon smiled, retracting his fingers and lifting it to his mouth, slowly licking it from the palm to the nail, moaning with delight and watching his mate lick her lips, expecting and silently asking.

With a grin, he held out his hand, the blessed fingers extended. Rin hurried into a sitting position and grabbed the extended hand by the wrist, holding it steady as she stroked her tongue up and down them, consuming what had just moments ago come from her own body.

Rin's eyes flickered to the male and her hand reached out to touch the inside of his leg. The demon grinned and nodded, a hand on the woman's hair to guide it to where they both wanted to be, making her lean down and take his sensitive point in her mouth.

The administrations between mates, as her tongue and fingers caressing the point of such excitement, the source of such pleasure and warmth…

The demon gasped loudly and pushed the woman's head closer, ensuring she got a mouthful of his pure essence. Licking her lips, Rin looked up, asking in her silent way if her partner approved.

The grin was cold, dark and pleased as Lord Sesshomaru pushed her up to eye level then backwards to the pillows, his hand flowing over the mark on her skin to the two round mounds of flesh on her chest, the peaks erect and wishing for attention.

Moaning, the lips touched the skin and the tongue traced the excitement. The taste of flesh, of sweat and enjoyment… how it made him groan and how his primitive hunger escalated beyond his control.

With more force than he wanted, he bit down on what was in his mouth and felt the human buckle and twist to be free but his grip was too strong and the actions only made it worse for her, pain and pleasure.

Holding her still with one arm, the demon moved his lips and tongue to her neck, a sensitive point made even more by his exercises, kissing it softly before tracing the faint indent of her collar bone, running the silky moisture of his mouth down and back to the breasts.

Meanwhile his other hand slid over her waist and to her hip, pulling it up and around him, locking one leg around his naked form. Then his hand snaked to his member, twitching in anticipation for what was coming, slowly easing it to return home, back in to his awaiting mate. Sucking at her chest and moving inside her jewel, Rin had no choice but to enter a world of pure delighted bliss at her mate's attentions, her body melting and boiling with each second that it continued.

How could anyone hold sanity in such a state?

Fingers moved, bodies moved, tongues moved, lips moved; the pleasure just kept coming.

As if the world couldn't get any better… the explosion inside the female shook her very core, contagious, passing from the human to the demon as he exploded with delight, bringing such joy to him. Kneeling backwards, he looked at the pure, beauty, elegance and joy that lay before him and smiled, leaning over to her mark and kissing it. "You are wonderful, my mate."

Rin, panting, smiled at him then reached over, running her thumb over the moon on his forehead. "You too."

Waiting until she had her breath back, Sesshomaru sat off her, sitting up and putting a finger on her heart, beginning one of the signs of his kind, one hardly ever used.

He ran his finger down her skin then back up the same line before moving it to the side then up again. Hesitantly he pulled his hand away and looked into Rin's eyes. She was blank then smiled, water leaking from her eyes.

"I know that one."

"Do you?"


"Then what does it mean?"

"You just said you love me."