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From Shinobi to Shinigami

Chapter 1: Death & Birth

Elemental Nations: Valley of the End

Dust and fire covered the battle field as a blonde shinobi wearing the headband of the Hidden Leaf Village Konoha and was dressed like an ANBU black ops agent except he was missing his mask and was covered in dirt and blood. A tear rolled down Naruto's eye as he looked at the bodies of his fellow shinobi that layed defeated on the ground. Sasuke had gone too far this time. These people were his friends at one time. Now they died in a war against Sasuke and his new army of Orochimaru's followers.

Naruto: "I will avenge all of you and honor your lives by killing this teme! EVEN IF IT KILLS ME!

Naruto began sprinting through the rubble, craters, and scars the long war had left on the Valley of the End. He jumped off of a crumbled boulder and began to run up a giant statue of the First Hokage Senju Harishama. With one giant leap the blonde vice-captain of Konoha's ANBU black ops (Yamamoto is Captain) leaped onto the head of the statue and landed in front of the man responsible for this war of Konoha vs Oto (Village Hidden by the Sound) Sasuke Uchiha!

They had both changed since the Sand villages attack during the chunin exams. Naruto became a chunin and a hero, while Sasuke became Orochimaru's pupil. Years later after the Akasuki was elimanted Sasuke began making his own army and killed Orochimaru while taking his place as leader of Oto. During this time Naruto kept getting stronger and going up in rank until he was the second in command of ANBU. Now they were at war with each other and at their final battle. The end approached as both ninja were exhausted from fighting for days.

Naruto: "You know we are both about out of chakra so let's settle this now."

Sasuke: "Your right! GOOD BYE NARUTO! Amaterasu"

As Sasuke's Mangekyo Sharingan began to spin, black fire consumed Naruto until all that was left was a piece of his black trench coat.

Naruto: "Don't count me out yet teme!"

Naruto appeared behind Sasuke in Sage mode and punched him hard in the face, sending him flying backwards until he stopped himself by planting his blade in the ground. Then Naruto began to form hand seals.

Naruto: "Water Style: Giant Wave Crush"

After completing the handsign he slammed his hands on the ground and a huge wave of water rose out of the ground and hit Sasuke did on. Then with his hands sill on the ground Naruto began to infuse the water with his wind nature chakra.

Naruto: "Ice Style: Frozen Wave"

The water instantly froze with Sasuke still inside of it. Naruto began walking towards him and pulled out a scroll from his ninja and began writing on it. He put it on the ground next to his frozen enemy and started to make more handseal.

Naruto: "This should end your tyranny forever. Good bye my old friend."

Sasuke: "Wasn't it you who said don't count me out yet!"

The ice exploded a giant purple skelepton surrounded Sasuske. His eye bled as his Susann'o faded away. Lightning began to form in his hand, while Naruto held out his own and a Rasengan began to take shape. Then he put his other hand on it and it turned into a Rasenshuriken, Sasuke's Chidori began to become dark and black. They rushed toward each other as their attack met and enormous black lightning/wind sphere swallowed them both.

Between Earth and Soul Society

Naruto felt like he was floating. When he looked around he only saw black and nothing until a hand reached out to him. Not seeing any other option the jinchuriki grasped the hand. As he took it the owner of the hand began to appear. It was a young looking man, probably late twenties and had pale blonde hair and emerald green eyes but the rest of his face was covered by a fan. He wore a white coat with some sort of black samurai like outfit under with a sword in a belt hole.

Naruto: "Who are you?"

The man started to chuckle behind the fan.

?: "You know you are supposed to give your own name before asking for someone else's."

Naruto: "Sorry. I'm Naruto Uzumaki."

His usual fox grin spread all over his face. The mysterious man closed his fan with a loud clap and smiled back at the other blonde.

?: "Uzumaki, huh? Well hi. My name is Kisuke Urahura. My brother is Minato Namikaze, so I guess that makes me your uncle by the way dead."

Then his words hit Naruto like a runaway train and he passed out as the man laughed like this was an everyday occurrence.

Soul Society- 12 Division HQ

Naruto woke up in a room surrounded by test tubes and paperwork. Then when he began to look around more he realized that the man who called himself his uncle was talking to a dark skinned woman in a similar outfit and coat, while a small blond girl in the same outfit (minus the coat and with a lieutenant's badge on her arm began yelling at the other two.

?: "I don't care if you think he special why does my new captain bring some weird ninja wannabe and puts him in my office. I've tried to tolerate this whole
Science Bureau crap, but now this is just plane ridiculous!

Kisuke: "Hiyori please calm down. I know your frustrated but as you said I "your new captatin" am in charge, so trust me. Isn't that right Yourichi."

Both women kicked the pale blonde captain in his head sending him flying past Naruto and through the front door. As the blond girl Hiyori started stomping on his face, the one called Yourichi walked towards Naruto.

Yoruichi: "Good you're awake."

Naruto barely paid attention to the woman as he was distracted by the beating the so called captain was getting from his own subordinate.

Yourichi: "Ignore that. It happens all the time nowadays. Anyway how do you feel? I know must souls don't usually feel anything at first, but as you heard you are different. Special even."

Naruto: "Well actually my body ache's all over and-"

Naruto was cut off as huge book barely missed his head. Hiryori then threw Kisuke at Naruto who barely dogged. Naruto then jumped out of the building leaped over Hiyori and started to pump chakra into his feet making him faster as he began to run from the enraged girl.

Hiyori: "Where the hell do you think your going freeloader boy!"

The vice-captain began chasing Naruto out of the building. The pair dashed away leaving behind an unconscious Kisuke and a surprised Yourichi.

Yourichi: "This might be fun to watch and see why Kisuke thinks his nephew is so special."

Streets of Soul Society

Naruto thought he finally got away from the crazy girl as Hiyori used Shupo and with a swift jab hit him in the face only for him to pop revealing it to be a clone.

Hiyori: "What the hell is this a joke? I'll make you pay for messing with me like this!"

Somewhere in the shadows of an ally near by the real Naruto let out a breath he didn't even know he was holding.

Naruto: "Good thing I used a Shadow Clone Justu, she seems way stronger than I first thought. I need to come up with a strategy quick.

Yourichi: "Don't think it is over yet. Your little technique only made her angrier."

Naruto jumped as he realized he barely noticed the woman appear behind. Whoever this Yourichi was she had expert skills to sneak up on a guy who as a kid could avoid a village full of shinobi and paint their monument statue while in a orange jumpsuit.

Naruto: "I don't even know why she's after me. All I remember is fighting Sasuke at the Valley of the- Wait Sasuke!? Where is he? And what about all of my comrades?"

Yourichi: "Remember!? No wonder why Kisuke is interested in him."

Before Yourichi could say anything to Naruto a nearby wall exploded and an pissed off Hiyori steppd out without a word she rushed towards Naruto and jumped in the air aiming a kick at him only to be blocked by Naruto's right arm. He jumped back and reached for a smoke bomb, but couldn't feel his ninja tools. Seeing her chance Hiyori, rushed again and hit him with a flurry of punches to his stomach and ended with a powerful uppercut to the jaw.

While in midair Naruto grabbed Hiyori's hand and hurled her in the air above him, then made two shadow clones. One jumped in the air next to Hiyori while the other and the original dashed forward. The first clone kicked her in the back sending her towards the real Naruto who caught her on the ground while the last clone sped through hand seals.

Clone2: "Water Style: Water Prison Jutsu"

The clone clapped his hand together then stuck one out and water shot out surrounding it and Hiyori in a small ball.

Naruto: "Consider that a time out."

Naruto showed off his famous fox grin which only further enraged the trapped lieutenant.

Hiyori: "That's it you little- (she then said some other things that I feel a little uncomfortable putting in this fanfic)

Then in one burst Hiyori's reiatsu dramatically increased she destroyed both the water prison and the clone in a clean cut one handed slice. As she gripped her zanpakuto with both hands her power kept rising while Naruto started praying that he'd wake up from this nightmare world.

Hiyori: "Chop Cleanly Kubikiri Orochi (Beheading Serpent)"

As her reiatsu skyrocketed her sword began to glow and change shape, Naruto braced himself. Then out of nowhere Yourichi appeared and grabbed Hiyori's sword, ending the sudden surge of power. Then she gave the girl a look that made her look like a mouse staring into the eyes of a very hungry cat. Naruto watched in awe and confusion not knowing which one of the strange females he should be afraid of more.

Yourichi: "Now that was interesting, wasn't it?"

She smiled erasing all traces of immense killing intent that greatly reminded Naruto of a pissed of Tsunade.

Yourichi: "The fact that Naruto could actually adept so quickly to this world's air and press Hiyori so much is unbelievable."

Yourichi and Naruto's eyes darted to a shadow that approached the group with enough power to send a shiver down Naruto's back. The shadow revealed himself to be none other than Kisuke except now he face showed a fierce seriousness that completely erased the weird, idoitc, carefree image of him that Naruto originally had.

Kisuke: "Hiyori we both know you haven't mastered your shikai yet, so I would lke to ask you to refrain from trying that again."

He was dripping with so much killing intent and raw power everyone began to have their own different thoughts about the man in front of them that was showing exactly why he was made a captain.

Hiyori: "No way this is the same idiot from 20 minutes ago. And how did he know I couldn't control my shikai yet. I haven't told anyone that. (A/N: This is soon after Kisuke became a captain so she has no idea what he is really like.)

Yourichi: "Tsk, show off."

Naruto: "Look's like my so called new uncle has more up his sleve then I originally thought. He may be the strongest one here. Is there really that big of a difference between a vice-captain and a captain?"

Kisuke: "So since you're my new guest how about we enjoy a nice pot of tea. Come on let's go."

The captain smilled as he completely switched back to his idiot scientist persona. The two girls then acted like nothing happedned and followed after the powerful man leaving behind a very confused Naruto.

Naruto: "Hey guys wait up!"

12 Division HQ

Kisuke: "Let's have a party my nephew grew up to be a great shinobi of his time!"

Naruto had just finished telling his life story and battles against Haku, Orochimaru, Kiba, Neji, Gaara, Deidara, Kakuza, Pain, Madara, and last Sasuke. His uncle was crying and yelling random things while Yourichi could only sit there quietly respect Naruto even more. Hiyori on the other got up and stormed off to bed only to hide her tears, sadness and pity for the blonde shinobi (though she did call him some very creative names on the way out).

Naruto: "So could you tell me where am I and where are my friends and comrades."

Kisuke: "That's easy, I already told you, you're dead. I took your soul and brought you were all uncorrupted souls go. Soul Society.

Naruto: "Uncorrupted?"

Kisuke then went on to explain the concepts of souls and hollows, then the duties of shinigami and their zanpakutos. Sometimes Yourichi had to interrupt parts to dumb down the conversation for everyone's favorite blond jinchuriki to understand. She even resorted to drawing a child like drawing of bunnies and hollows.

Naruto: "Wow you guys are really cool!"

Kisuke: "Aren't we! But shinobi's that is so epic!"

Yourichi watched as both uncle and nephew had a sparkle in their eyes as they began complementing each other and talking about how awesome the other life or death job was. Yourichi once heard of a group pirates and their rubber like captain with a straw hat acted the same way as he went on journey to find some mysterious treasure. She always dismissed it as legend as nobody could really be that weird and innocent in the face of danger.

Yourichi: "Anyway, Naruto how would you like to become one of us shinigami."

Naruto: "Really! I'd love that! I mean I guess I got nothing else to do since I'm dead and all. But why do you want me?"

Kisuke's eyes immeaditly stopped sparkling and became serious again in second. He took out his fan and began fanning himself in his usual mischievous way.

Kisuke: "Well you see you're special for many reasons. One is the very rare and unusual way that you remember your life. That has never happened before except for one other soul."

Naruto: "Really who was that!?"

Kisuke: "All in due time, but now time to begin your shinigami training."

In an instant he knocked Naruto out and Yourichi used Shunpo and put him in their secret base.

Kisuke: "Go into your inner world Naruto. Tame the Fox and gain your Shinigami powers. Hurry nephew."

That was the last thing Naruto remembered before he woke up in very familiar sewer. Everything looked the same except the door that held back the Nine Tailed Fox was wide open. The beast leaped out towards Naruto. A claw swung straight at Naruto who used shadow clones to block the attack but failed and was still sent flying. He hit a wall that had a red black and white katana hilt stuck in it.

Kyubbi: "Now that you've killed us both you think you can use me even more as a shinigami. Sorry kit but you don't even know my real name."

As the Kyubbi began to laugh one of his tails shot forward at Naruto. Without even thinking about it the jinchuriki grabbed the hilt and pulled the blade out of the wall. It revealed a beautiful katana with black blade and red edge but without having any more time to marvel at the blade Naruto stabbed it into the fox's fast approaching tail into the ground. Then shocking both the jinchuriki and the tailed beast the katana absorbed the tail into it and glowed for a full ten seconds with power as it craved more.

Kyubbi: "What!?"

Naruto: "Oh hell yeah! Looks like I'm not as desperate as you thought fur ball."

Outside of Naruto's Mindscape

Naruto's body began flipping out as the Kyubbi's red chakra and a hollow's mask began to form four tails. Kisuke began amplifying the power of the talisman he placed around Naruto to hold him down.

Yourichi: "So this is what you really meant by special!"

Kisuke: "Yeah he's half hollow, half shinobi, half shinigami."

Yourichi: "How did this happen?"

Kisuke face became grim as he told the story of Naruto's becoming half hollow.

Inside Naruto's Mindscape

Naruto: "Wind Style: Giant Air Shotgun"

Naruto sucked in a large amount of air and then spat out a giant air bullet towards the Kyubbi. Suddenly it broke into a bunch of separate air bullets that slammed the Kyubbi into a wall. Naruto quickly grabbed the red katana and held in a reverse grip like he would a kunai and he ran towards the giant fox. He jumped in the air and backhand slashed another tail and it too was absorbed by the sword. He threw the sword up as he made more handseals.

Naruto: "Water Style: Toad Rushing Waterfall"

A strong stream of water rushed out of Naruto's mouth and hit the Kyubbi head on. While falling towards the fox he caught the katana and used a Mass Shadow Clone Jutsu to hold two more tails as he cut them too.

Kyubbi: "How could a boy who doesn't even try to understand me wish to control and use my great power."

Naruto: "Then help me understand you. See I used to think whenever I saw Killer Bee and Hachibi"

Naruto quickly jumped out of the way of a claw only to get smacked down by a tail. He struggled to left it and jumped back and made three shadow clone.

Naruto: "I always wished we could joke around and hang out like them."

Caught off guard by Naruto's words he didn't realize lost until it was too late. A Wind Style: Rasenshuriken was heading towards him but before it hit another clone shot a Water Style: Water Dragon at the destructive wind shuriken and wrapped around it. They expanded creating a enormous icy sphere capable annihilating everything in its path that struck the Kyubbi hard.

Naruto: "Ice Style: Giant Ice Maelstorm!"

The last clone grabbed Naruto and flung him at the fox. The Kyubbi's eyes were wide open as his jinchuriki flew towards him and began to speak.

Kyubbi: "My name is Kurama. And this is my Will of Fire!"

A heavy stream of fire shot out of the fox's mouth a flew towards Naruto who gripped the katana in both hands and cut through the flames in one downwards slash while using the last of his energy.

Naruto: "My name is Naruto Uzamaki. Kurama let's be friends."

Outside of Naruto's Mindscape

The hollow with the fox cloak stopped a red cero pointed at wounded Kisuke's face. In an instant the cero stopped and the fox cloak retracted and the mask cracked. Then the hollow once known as Naruto went up in golden flames and out stepped Naruto in an official shinigami uniform.

That day Naruto Uzumaki the great hero of Konoha shinobi died, but that day Naruto Uzumaki with the red zanpakuto Kurama/ future shinigami was born.

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