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Daryl made a noise in the back of his throat, disgust, and rolled his head away from the screen. From a distance he vaguely recognized a chuckle, a tyrannical string of 'hehehe's.

He wanted to swear at the man, but his attempt came out more as "Fush ogh." His mouth felt dry, his tongue thick.

He had no idea how Segai thought this plan would work.

"Now, now." Segai was still chuckling. From the corner of his vision Daryl could see the long needle that would soon be jabbed into his arm. These people were so determined. "It won't last long. Truthfully," Here he heaves an exaggerated sigh, and Daryl narrows his eyes. "I'm growing tired of this myself. But… well, GHQ is quite insistent. Impossible to say no really. So," He rolled his chair closer to where Daryl was strapped down to the mint green hospital bed. There weren't even sheets.

He was just an animal to them.

"Why don't you do something interesting?"

"Naw gonna worsk."

"Yes, yes you say that every time!" Segai waved away the distorted comment, needle glinting in the harsh hospital light. "You know they won't stop."

He tried a shrug, assuming it would be easier than speaking. He could barely move his muscles. But Segai seemed to understand the gesture meant to intend "I could care less". He leaned in slightly, mismatched eyes winking in cruel mirth. "Why not help an old comrade crack a code and earn a promotion? Or does it mean nothing to you that we used to work together?"

Daryl was pleased he could still manage to roll his eyes.

"Well then!" He whipped out his phone, clicking through and seeming to have completely forgotten the drugged up kid laid before him. "I hear its sunny in Atlanta, but rainy in Brussels. I'd say I'd vacation in Spain though, nice Mediterranean climate. Being a doctor though rarely allows for vacations. Not when you have crazy patients to deal with. I'd take the cat-eared girl with me, seems like she'd fit in a nice hot climate."

Daryl narrowed his eyes, and Segai smirked.

"We'll see who's more determined."

And the needle was shoved into his arms, liquid forced into his bloodstream.

"And he blames me for misplacing the pineapple!" Tsugumi could not help the exasperation in her voice, oblivious to Ayase's restrained smirk of amusement. "The pineapple! I didn't even know there was a secret trapdoor fridge thing to begin with!"

Her little chuckles raised a red rush to Tsugumi's face.

"He's as crazy as his patients!"

"At least you have an interesting job." She counted, and that crumbled Tsugumi's enraged expression. She cast a shy glance to Ayase. They sat in her apartment, the wheelchair bound girl picking lightly at the microwave dinner Tsugumi had slaved over. Well… 'slaved over' was a bit of an exaggeration.

"How's your work?"

She sighed and shrugged, pinning up a smile that was not altogether fake, but neither was it altogether real.

"It's not exactly what I… wanted."

What she wanted was Funeral Parlor, but they both remained silent. Ayase had gotten a job as a secretary. She was an amazing writer, and a great journalist, but being confined to a wheelchair often brought her short in interviews. They would glance at her bound legs, and politely refuse.

"What about the others? Have you talked much with them?"

She gave a little shake of her head. "Everyone's been so busy with their work… or trying to find it."

"We should have a reunion…" Tsugumi murmured, and then lightened up. "Yes! We should definitely get together soon."

Ayase seemed less thrilled by the idea. "I just hope I can make it to then. My job kills."

"It can't be that bad!" Tsugumi attempted a lighter comment, smirking and adding. "Come on, nothing interesting? No guys?"

It was too much, but she realized too late. Ayase looked away, hurt in her eyes. Tsugumi bit her lip, admonishing herself over and over with harsh words.

She needed to be strong.

"Ayase… I'm sorry."

She shook her head and tried to shrug it away, but the pain remained.

"I miss Gai."

Tsugumi took a breath, stabbing at the mush on her plate. She had forgotten what it was supposed to be.

"Me too."

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