"NYX VLADIMIRA! What the hell were you thinking?!"

A Man with brown hair and eyes glared at his daughter.

"She was needed help-"

The young girl was caught off by her Father's hand contacting with her face; he glared angry at the young girl.

"Go to your room!"

Vladimira's hard, heavy steps echoed through the hall as she made her way to her room, glaring hatefully at the ground. Nyx Vladimira Garbhan was a fourteen year-old girl. She had brown hair that went down her back to meet her shoulder blades,deep emerald eyes, tan skin and tiny scars covering her body.

Now normally her father wouldn't hit her, that was until her mother died, which she questioned as they were already divorced when her mother passed. She slammed her door and looked at the mirror across from her.
She looked like her mother, minus the blonde hair. The tiny nose, high cheeks;

Nyx could hear a faint, 'Your my tinker bell Nyx!' Nyx looked at the mirror with hate.

"You look like your mother they say. You have her eyes they say. They know nothing! I'm hideous; I'll never be as beautiful or smart as mother."

Nyx punched the wall. She was fed up with her father's bullshit, her step-mother's hostility, her step-sister's slutty-ness. She was tired of her brother going in and out of jail, she was tired of bitter aunt, and her whore cousin along with her little pysco brother her aunt calls a son. She was sick of it.

"Your different dear, they don't have the strength to be different; they envy you."

She heard her mother.

"Fuck this shit!"

Nyx grabbed her clothes and other valuables, stuck them in a bag and shoved it under her bed.

'Just have to grab the ring and necklace that my step-mother took from me.'

"Hey brat!"

Her step-sister opened the door; she was 2 months pregnant with her second child, from another Father.

"We're going to dinner ; you're staying here!"

With that she slammed the door and left.

Waiting till she heard the garage door close, Nyx smirked and stood up, strolling to her 'parents' bedroom. Going into the jewelry box grabbing her mother's family heirlooms, Nyx notice some money lying about. After checking her bank account with money her grandparents and other relatives filled with money she deiced that she could use some from the people who forgot to cloth her. She grabbed some cash and stuck it in her laced boot. Nyx grabbed her bag and strolled right out the front door after getting some food and kicking the idiotic dog.

Nyx called her friend to meet her at local grocery store. Looking down at her black painted nails, she thought of everything that happened to her till now.


Said girl looked up at the girl a year younger than her with her father.

Jeanna Lily Sigge was a tiny girl, having a delayed puberty for medical reasons; she had red-brown hair and beautiful hazel eyes. She was a pale color because of the reasons stated before. Her father shared the same hair color, however her Dad had black eyes.

"Hey Jeanna, Mr. Sigge."

Nyx Smiled at the two as she walked towards them.

"Nyx, why did you call us out here?"

Jeanna looked worried.

"Um I need a place so stay can I stay with you?"

Nyx asked, feelig kind of nervous.

"Of course. Come on; you can explain on the way."

Mr. Sigge said as they moved into the van.
After Nyx explained her last fight with her father, Jeanna and Mr. Sigge we're quite upset.

"This isn't going un-reported! How can you let this happen?"

Jeanna was furious.
Nyx couldn't find an answer to the question; Mr. Sigge saw this and gave Jeanna a pointed look from the mirror.

"Sorry, Nyx."

Jeanna apologized at her friends silence and her father's look.
Nyx, never one for silence, asked the very question that would have her close friend talking for ages.

"Soooo How is season 2? Is Alois Cool?"

Jeanna began her rant on how much cooler Ciel was and how Alois was just a copy.

"I'm sure Trancy has his reasons."

Nyx said. She turned to look out the window next to her, her eyes widening as a scream ripped through her and she shielded Jeanna.


The truck collided with the van's side.
The wall jutted through Nyx with ease as it nicked Jeanna. Mr. Sigge's door pierced his side, killing him on impact. Jeanna tears ran down her cheeks, and she wanted her and Nyx to escape.


was nothing but a whisper before the car began to cave in on them. It rolled off the road and into the riven.
As Jeanna's body was shutting down from exhaustion and the adrenaline rush, she noticed that she was outside.

The smog that covered their San Diego city was gone.

Jeanna couldn't feel Nyx's body protecting her anymore. Before she passed out she heard a faint,

"Oh my."

Elsewhere, on the other side of London, Nyx landed in front of a carriage. A blonde woman and her child stepped out of the carriage to see her bleeding profusely.