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Prom Week- Chapter 5.

~Lightning's POV~ And ~Chick~

Friday. The day of the prom. It's here. And my hair is still green. As I looked in the mirror, I tried to decide what to do. I really don't want to wear a hat. But there's no way I can just walk around with green hair. Maybe if I was Chick I could pull it off, but, well, I'm not Chick. Thank god.

Francesco agreed to letting me use his top hat, because he says he's not sure if he's going to prom or not, because of his broken arm. I feel sorry for Emily. She was looking forward to it. She knows she can come with us even if Francesco isn't there, but she said that she didn't really want to go without Francesco. It just didn't seem right.

I ran a hand through my leprechaun hair, and then walked down to the living room. The guys had gathered over here to get ready for tonight. But that wasn't till later, so we still had awhile. Francesco was sitting in the floor playing a video game, and Chick sat on the couch, eating a banana. I gave him a weird look. "Dude, why are you eating that?"

"Cause I can. What? It's not a crime!" Chick replied through a mouthful.

I shook my head and looked down at Francesco. The game controls sat on his lap and he was using his unbroken arm to play. He looked up at me. "Do you know-a how hard it is to-a drive an F1 car with-a one hand?"

"Mmmmf cmfmmb Mmmmf." Chick said from his lounging position.

"What?!" I asked, looking at him like he was crazy... Which he is.

Chick swallowed. "I've never seen an F1 car that only had one hand."

Francesco and I exchanged a glance. Why were we friends with him?!

Francesco set aside the game and began to think. "If car did-a have hands.. Would they be the axles or-a the tires?"

"Would they have blood or oil?" I asked, beginning to think about this.

"Yeah, and dude, where would their eyes be?" Chick asked. "In their headlights?"

"Eew. That's gross, man." I said through a shudder. "They'd be in their windshield. Otherwise, what would be up there? Their brains?"

"Their awesome hair." Chick replied, running a hand through his own. He smiled up at me. "If we were cars, I'd totally beat you in a race."

"Ha, you wish." I replied. "I could beat you, any time, any track."

Francesco looked up. "In a Walmart on-a shopping carts?" He asked.

I laughed. "Dude, we should totally do that one day."

~Francesco~ (No more first person. Sorry.)

Francesco walked downstairs after managing to get into his suit over his arm cast. Oh, curse this thing. Francesco looked in the mirror. His hair was slicked back and though his suit jacket was in an awkward position due to his cast, he didn't look half bad. He sat down on the sofa, when just then, he heard someone walking down the stairs. He looked up to see Lightning, tuxedo and top hat. The green hair was mostly covered, but not all the way. Francesco snickered. "I wonder what Sally will-a say."

Lightning sighed. "Hopefully she won't dump me."

"Well, you were only trying to-a make her happy." Francesco replied.

Lightning nodded. "I guess we'll just see what happens."

A few moments later, the creaking of the stairs was heard, and Chick appeared in the doorway. He doubled over laughing. "This is hilarious!"

Lightning looked at him suspiciously. "What is?"

"That usually all the bad stuff happens to me, and this time I'm fine and you two have green hair and broken arms!"

Lightning stood up and held up his fist. "I could arrange and injury for you."

Chick immediately sobered. "You know what? Let's go pick up the girls."


Sally was determined to stand still while the dye soaked in. It was the morning before prom, and Maria was dying Sally's hair blond. Maria snickered. "Wouldn't it be terrible if you ended up looking like Angelica?"

Sally shuddered. "I hope that doesn't happen."

"Well, it won't." Emily assured her. "Maria dyed my hair earlier, and it came out perfect." Emily said, bouncing her black, curled ringlets.

Maria looked down at her watch. "Okay, it's been an hour. You can take off the towel."

Sally untwisted the towel from her hair. "Well?" She asked with a smile. "How's it look?"

Maria's jaw dropped. She pulled Sally over to the nearest mirror. Sally gasped. "What.. DID YOU DO TO MY HAIR?!"

Her hair was now blond, but had small green streaks in it. Sally quickly picked up the bottle. "Results are temporarily permanent for up to three weeks."


"I don't know..." Maria started, "It is a bit pretty."

Sally gave her a sideways glance. "Yeah, maybe if your dress is green. But mine is red."

Maria looked down at her own green dress. Then up at Sally's red dress. Then up at Sally's green hair. "Well, it'll be alright, Sal."

Sally nodded. "I guess there's nothing for it."


That evening, all the girls were ready and waiting inside the house. The moments ticked away silently as they waited for their dates to arrive. Finally, a knock was heard at the door, and Maria stood up and answered it. Chick, Lightning, and Francesco stood there, the corsage boxes in their hands. Lightning was wearing a top hat, and it covered the green hair. His mouth dropped when Sally approached him, red-faced with embarrassment. Her hair... Was green! She smiled a nervous smile. "Apparently... Hair dye... It doesn't-doesn't work on me."

Lightning took the hat off of his head. "I know the feeling." He said, and she looked up.

"WHOA!" She exclaimed, then tilted her head to the side, looking at him. "Hmm... It's a nice color, but it's not really saying 'Lightning' to me... Maybe if you were Chick you could pull off that color."

Lightning chuckled and then realized he was still holding the box with the corsage. He took her hand, lifted the flowery bracelet out, and then tied it around her wrist. A rose, green leaves, and white Queen Anne's Lace flowers decorated it. He smiled Sally and stepped back. "Green hair or not, you look beautiful." He said, taking her hand.

Meanwhile, Chick was trying to get Maria's corsage on her. He had happened to get one that pinned onto the dress, and Maria was wearing a strapless dress. After a few awkward moments, he was able to put it on. She smiled and kissed his cheek.

For Emily, Francesco had chosen a corsage of silvery and blue flowers with a white, lace ribbon. He wore in the buttonhole of his tuxedo, a matching flower.

After a few pictures had been taken, they piled into the limousine.

(A/N: I've never been to prom. I've only stepped foot inside a public school 4-5 times. -_- one of those was for a flu shot clinic. ANYWAY, So, I'm going to do the best I can with the prom scene. It's mainly based off of what I've heard of my parent's prom when they were in high-school, and what I've been told by Morgan and Pancake, and what I daydream prom would be like.)


The group stepped inside the crowded gym. Music was playing over the speakers, and a DJ sat in a booth in the back of the room. Francesco turned and smiled at Emily. "Dance with-a me, Emi?"

She blushed and smiled. "Of course."

They walked over to the dance floor, and Francesco took one of Emily's hands, and pulled her close. Emily's other hand rested on his shoulder. Francesco, sweating nervously a little, took a breath. "This-a is a bit... Awkward." He said, looking at his arm in a cast.

Emily smiled and kissed his cheek. "I don't-a mind."

"Alright." Francesco said, and they began to dance.

A few feet away, Chick and Maria were dancing... Or, well, attempting to. "Ow!" Maria exclaimed. "Watch it!"

"Sorry." Chick apologized for the fifth time. He kept accidentally stepping on her feet. Maria just rolled her eyes.

Lightning and Sally seemed to be the only ones not having a problem dancing. His hand rested on her waist and his other hand held one of hers. Her other hand was on his shoulder. She giggled. "Notice all the weird looks we're getting?" She asked.

"Yeah. It's the hair. I'm sure." He replied, a smile on his face. "You have really pretty eyes." He said, just then. "I never noticed before. I guess the green hair brought it out."

Sally blushed. "Thanks. You know, I've never seen eyes bluer than yours. It's my favorite color."


A while later, Maria was standing by the refreshments table, a glass of punch in her hand. Angelica was standing nearby, scoffing at something, and gossiping with one of her friends. Angelica had worn an excessive amount of makeup. Her face was red, and her lips were even redder. "Can you believe Sally's hair?" Angelica whispered to her friend. "I mean, what kind of wacko is she to dye her hair green?"

Maria felt her anger simmering. Just then, Chick walked up behind her and bumped her accidentally, causing Maria to stumble forwards, her glass of red punch spilling onto Angelica's blue dress. Maria gasped. "I'm so sorry- you know what? I'm not." She then smiled. "Now it matches your face!" Maria said happily.

Angelica glared at Maria, and then walked away. Maria turned and smiled at Chick. "Thank you."


That night, the prom was nearly over. Emily and Francesco stood against the wall on one side of the gym. Emily's hand was resting on his. She smiled over at him. "Thank-a you for being my prom-a date." Emily said. "I had-a the most wonderful time."

Francesco grinned at her. "I'm glad." He hesitated a moment, then looked her in the eyes. "Emi... Will-a you be my girlfriend?"

Emily smiled and leaned closer. "Sì." She replied, looking into his chocolate colored eyes. Francesco inched forward a little, and then Emily moved closer. Then their lips pressed to one another's.


By the end of the night, Sally had accepted Lightning's offer to be his girlfriend, and the same went for Maria and Chick. They all traveled back to the Carrera's house, where Maria and Sally were dropped off. Chick walked Maria up to the door. After bidding her goodbye, he walked back to the limo. As he stepped inside though, a familiar RIIIIIIIIIIIPPPPP! Noise was heard. Chick glared at Francesco and Lightning who were snickering. "Do not Say A Word."


So, it had been a week to remember. Green hair, ripped tuxes, broken arms, food fights, detentions, first kisses, and girlfriends. Oh yes. It had been one crazy prom week.


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