Have no fear SSJ3 Kyuubi Gohan is here with a new Naruto fiction. Now firstly, Naruto will have three bloodlines ice, boil and lava. He will be banished from The Leaf Village, but before the Sasuke retrieval arc, meaning as soon as Tsunade returns. The main pairing is Naruto/Mei with a slightly older harem.

Right now the harem has:

I will listen to suggestions but I need reasons... and more than 'she is hot'. Naruto will become a mist ninja, (which is quite obvious from the title). Also his age is the same as in my first story.
Naruto 15
Sasuke 12
Tenten 13
Temari 15
Just to list a few ages.

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'Heavily demonic voice'

'Fox talking'

"Fox thinking"




Chapter 1 – Banishment

Naruto was having a terrible day so far. First, he had arrived back to The Leaf Village only to find out he was banished. Secondly, he found out that since Tsunade was not sworn in yet, she couldn't help him out in any way. Thirdly, he found out that he had to leave the village by midnight; tonight.

'I just can't believe this!' shouted Naruto in frustration. Naruto, around the age of fifteen, was walking down the street in a rage, glaring at the path in front of him. He had blonde spiky hair, deep blue eyes and three whisker-like marks on each of his cheeks. He wore an orange jumpsuit and was about one metre and a half in height with a small build.

"I do nothing but give my all for this village and what does it do? Throw it in my face and kick me out. Guess it's a good thing I'm leaving, I might finally be able to get some respect." Thought Naruto, as he arrived at his lopsided and rundown apartment complex, which only he inhabited.

Naruto let himself in, closing the door behind him, before slumping down onto his frayed brown couch. Naruto sat there thinking about what he was going to do, before he heard a knock at his door.

'*Ugh* Who is it?' Groaned Naruto.

'It's Kakashi.' replied a voice.

'*sigh* Come in, the door is open.' Said Naruto despondently.

A man wearing a mask and a Leaf forehead protector covering his left eye, who was garbed in the standard Leaf shinobi outfit, along with iron plated gloves, entered the dwelling.

'Hey Naruto, how are you holding up?' Asked Kakashi, aloof as ever.

'How do you think?' Responded Naruto bitterly.

Kakashi for his part allowed some of his sadness to show, indicated by his small sigh.

"Sensei, if you could only see what they are doing to your son, you would turn over in your grave." Thought Kakashi.

'Cheer up Naruto, you might be getting banished, but I've got something here that might raise your spirits.' Said Kakashi, as he pulled out three small pieces of paper.

'Paper? Wow.' Said Naruto sarcastically.

'No, not just paper, chakra paper.' Said Kakashi with an eye smile.

'What does it do?' Asked Naruto, mildly interested as noted by him sitting up a bit straighter.

'Well, you know how Sasuke can use fire jutsu and I can use lightning, well, among other things?' Questioned Kakashi.

'Yeah.' Replied Naruto.

'Well, this will let me know what your affinity is. After all, I was going to train you all in your affinities soon but, well with your banishment, this can no longer happen.' Said Kakashi with a sheepish chuckle.

'Gee thanks.' Replied Naruto sourly.

'So I figured as a going away present, I would test your affinity and give you a jutsu for that affinity, so you have at least some guidance concerning elemental jutsu before you leave.' Said Kakashi causing Naruto to brighten up.

'Really? Thanks a lot, Kakashi-sensei.' Said Naruto happily, as he grabbed a piece of paper.

'Now all you have to do is pump some chakra into it and it will reveal your affinity, although if you are lucky, you might have two.' Said Kakashi.

Naruto concentrated and focused his chakra into the paper, at which point, it split into six pieces. One crumbled, one became soaked, and another burnt up in a flame. Although that surprised Kakashi, the next few shocked him. One turned into lava and hardened, one dissolved out of existence and the last piece turned into ice.

'So how was that Kakashi-sensei?' Asked Naruto curiously.

'Uh, Naruto, you wouldn't mind doing that again would you?' Asked Kakashi, as he held out another piece of the chakra paper.

Naruto just shrugged and did it again, getting the same result as before.

'Well?' Asked Naruto.

Kakashi snapped out of his stupor and looked at Naruto.

'Well, it would seem as though you possess four out of the five basic affinities and have three advanced nature bloodlines, lava release, boil release, and ice release.' Said Kakashi in mild awe.

'Wow I'm so awesome.' Said Naruto.

'For once, I agree with you Naruto, those natures are all very impressive. With some training, you could become a real powerhouse.' Said Kakashi.

At this Naruto's excitement deflated a little.

'But, if I'm being banished, who will train me?' Asked Naruto in sadness.

'Well, I did say I would give you a jutsu for your affinities, although for the lava, ice and boil release, you will probably have to go to The Mist to find someone to train you.' Said Kakashi.

'Alright thanks a lot.' Said Naruto.

'Oh, and Naruto, take care of yourself. I know I didn't teach you much, but I do know that you have the guts to never give up and that will take you far.' Said Kakashi with an eye smile, before he used a Body Flicker and left Naruto to pack.

-line break-

Naruto was packed up and ready to leave. He had a small backpack on his back and a few scrolls attached to his pants. As he walked down the street, he remembered all the pranks he had pulled. As he passed his favourite ramen stand, he started to feel depressed knowing that he will never get to eat there again.

"Oh well, nothing I can do now, I'm just going to have to do my best to become the strongest." Thought Naruto, as he approached the gate. As he arrived, he saw there were five figures waiting for him. Jiraiya, Tsunade, Shizune, Kakashi and Iruka, had all come to wish him well.

Jiraiya stepped forward first and gave Naruto three scrolls and a book.

'Naruto those scrolls contain all I know about sealing techniques as well as letter from your parents and I assume, some of their skills which made them famous. I was going to tell you about them when you reached Jounin as I am your godfather, but now that you are banished… well... I guess at least now you can learn about your family.' Said Jiraiya solemnly.

Naruto was slightly upset, yet also happy that he found out that Jiraiya was his godfather. He understood that he had lots of important duties as a Sannin and a spymaster and therefore couldn't have been there for him when he was a child. Naruto hugged him and said 'Thanks, godfather.'

Jiraiya hugged him back before letting go.

'Also, that book I gave you was my first ever written. Both your parents seemed to like it as they named you after the hero.' Said Jiraiya.

Naruto's eyes glistened with tears as he was overcome with emotion, but he didn't let a single tear fall. He nodded, as Jiraiya stepped back, and Tsunade came forward.

Tsunade knelt down to Naruto's level and gave him a deep hug.

'I know that this village banishing you isn't fair, but all this means is that you have to become a great shinobi to show them what they missed out on. Okay?' Said Tsunade as she stood back up.

'Don't worry, I'll make sure that this village will never forget that they lost Naruto Uzumaki.' Said Naruto with fire in his eyes.

As Tsunade stepped back, Shizune came forward and hugged Naruto as well, and gave him a small medical kit.

Iruka then came forward and hugged Naruto as well.

'Naruto, make sure you take care of yourself. Okay?' Said Iruka.

Naruto nodded and smiled. Lastly, Kakashi came forward with four scrolls.

'Well I did say I would give you a jutsu for each of your affinities, but understandably, I have no lava, ice or boil jutsus. Instead, I've got a wind, fire, water and earth technique for you. Wind Style: Great Breakthrough, Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu, Water Style: Water Wall and Earth Style: Hidden Mole Jutsu. The first two are offensive and if you combine them together with your clones, will be very hard to stop. The other two are for defensive purposes.' Said Kakashi as he handed them over.

'Thanks Kakashi-sensei.' Said Naruto.

Naruto put the scrolls in his backpack and with a final wave, walked towards the gate and out of the village.

'There goes the truest inheritor of The Will Of Fire.' Said Iruka.

'You're right, and this village can't even see it, stupid fools.' Said Jiraiya, before he walked away.

-line break-

In an underground base

-line break-

'Well Lord Danzo, when shall we make our move on the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki?' Asked a masked individual wearing what appeared to be the standard ANBU uniform. The only difference was the mask was plain white, with no decorations or symbols.

'Soon, first we must let it get a decent distance away from The Leaf so as to not draw suspicion to ourselves or the Jinchuuriki.' Said Danzo.

Danzo appeared to be a frail, old man. He had black, shaggy hair, and his right eye was bandaged. Danzo also had an x-shaped scar on his chin. He wore a white shirt, with a black robe over the top of it covering his feet, to just over his right shoulder. Despite his decrepit appearance, Danzo was anything but weak, having orchestrated Naruto's expulsion from the village with ease, and it was almost time for him to strike.

-line break-

Naruto had trudged through almost a kilometre of grassland, before he decided to take a break. He sat down and pulled out a scroll which had the word 'father' written on it. Naruto tried to open the scroll, but it wouldn't budge.

'What the hell Pervy Sage?' Shouted Naruto in anger, which quickly turned to a wince when he cut his hand on a low hanging tree branch.

Naruto cradled his hand as a drop of blood fell onto the scroll. Fortunately, as he was angry, he was subconsciously channelling chakra, so it opened.

"Hmm, guess I need to use my blood to open these scrolls." Thought Naruto, as he started reading.

Dear Naruto,

Naruto, I am your father, Minato Namikaze, The Fourth Hokage. First off, I am truly sorry for sealing the fox inside you. I can only hope the village sees you as the hero I wanted you to be seen as. However, I am also the Hokage and not entirely naive. If you were treated badly, I am sorry and only hope you don't blame the villagers. They are ignorant and fearful and unable to understand anything as complex as sealing. In fact, your mother is the only reason I became any good at sealing, but I digress. I have left you the notes for my Flying Thunder God technique and the Rasengan. I hope that Jiraiya has taught you the Rasengan by now, my ultimate goal was to merge an element with it, so now I leave that task up to you son. Know that no matter what, I will always be proud of you, even if you decide to turn on The Leaf, I won't blame you. Although as Hokage I would be against it, as your father I would understand.


Minato Namikaze, The Fourth Hokage

Naruto was quite surprised his father was The Fourth Hokage, but honestly, it made a lot of sense to Naruto, as why would a random child be trusted with such great power. He then quickly searched for the other scroll which had the word 'mother' written on it. He then bit his thumb and swiped it over the word mother and pushed chakra into the scroll with his bloody hand, causing it to open.

Dear Naruto,

Hey son, it's your mum. Oh, wait, you probably got that from the scroll. Anyway, my name is Kushina Uzumaki. I hope you didn't suffer too much in your life, because unlike your father, I know people won't accept you and will fear you, seeing as how I was the second host of the fox and saw how the few who knew and weren't my friends acted towards me. If you turn against the village I won't blame you, they probably deserved it. Anyway, I left you some of my unique Uzumaki sealing techniques that both your father and Jiraiya would die to have. I have also entrusted you with all of my sealing knowledge, being the last of the Uzumaki clan. Sorry that you were stuck with such a burden and even if your father is an idiot, I hope in time you can come to forgive us.


Kushina Uzumaki

Naruto was crying slightly as he now knew who his parents were and that they loved him. Naruto saw it was getting late and decide to camp there for the night. He then pulled out the four scrolls Kakashi gave him and made three clones. He handed them the fire, water and earth scrolls and took the wind scroll himself.

'Ok, you guys read through this and tell me what it says to do when you're done.' Ordered Naruto.

'You got it boss.' Said the three in unison.

After an hour of reading, all had finished reading their respective scrolls.

'Ok, give me the basics of it.' Said Naruto.

The one who read the water scroll went to speak before the one who read the fire one interrupted.

'Well it says here you have to do a special exercise to be able to mould fire natured chakra.' Said the clone.

'I was also going to say that about water natured chakra before I was cut off.' Said the other clone, as it glared at the clone which had just spoken.

Naruto just watched as two of his clones glared at the other before the clone which read the earth scroll pushed them both. Both fell forward jabbing themselves into a low hanging tree branch and dispelled causing the clone and the original Naruto to stagger from an information overload.

'Whoa, did you just feel all that?' Asked the last clone.

'Yeah dispel yourself.' Ordered the original.

The clone dispelled and Naruto was hit with another burst of information. Naruto then gave a face splitting grin and used his signature jutsu.

'Shadow Clone Jutsu.' Said Naruto as four hundred clones appeared.

Half the clones grabbed a leaf for each of them. One hundred tried to split them while the other hundred tried to burn them. The other set of clones also split up into two groups with one group trying to meld with the earth while the others each tried to make the water rise up from a lake nearby.

The original Naruto started to do a series of push-ups and squats to improve his physical strength.

-line break-

Three hours later

-line break-

Most of the clones had dispelled, having made little to no progress as of yet. Naruto himself was almost unconscious due to the intense physical and mental strain he had placed on himself.

'*huff* Well *pant* I guess *huff* I'm done, for now.' Said Naruto as he passed out.

-line break-

The next day

-line break-

Naruto woke up refreshed and ready to go, but therein lay the problem.

'Aw man, I don't know where The Village Hidden In The Mist is.' Said Naruto.

He decided that since he knew where Wave was, he would go there for now and hopefully get instructions from there.

He was passing the place where his team had met Zabuza for the first time, when two ANBU with plain white masks dropped down in front of him.

'Naruto Uzumaki, you are to come with us.' Said one of the ANBU.

'Wait a minute, I got banished, which means The Leaf doesn't want me. What are you trying to pull?' Asked Naruto with narrowed eyes.

The ANBU instead of answering quickly made hand signs before calling his jutsu.
'Water Style: Water Whip Jutsu.' A thin piece of water extended from the ANBU's hand which he then flicked, which caused the whip to lunge at Naruto.

Naruto jumped back and made his signature hand sign, causing twelve clones to appear. Eight rushed the ANBU, four for each of them. The four who stayed back started to make a Rasengan but found, that with three clones making one Rasengan, with the fourth maintaining its shape, it came out almost twice as big. All four charged at one of the ANBU and slammed the big Rasengan into him.

'Giant Rasengan!' Shouted the four clones, as the ANBU was ploughed into the ground and killed almost instantly.

The rest of the clones converged on the last remaining ANBU and attacked. Five kicked him up into the air while saying 'Na-Ru-To.'

Two clones then jumped up and formed a Rasengan which they slammed into the airborne ANBU while shouting 'Rasengan Slam.' Which destroyed the ANBU.

As the dust cleared, a smashed log was revealed.

'Crap.' Said the original, as all his clones were incinerated in a ball of fire.

The ANBU then charged at Naruto, drawing a tipless tanto. Naruto pulled out a kunai which he pushed against the slash of the tanto, but found he was being overpowered. Naruto then jumped back and summoned one clone to his side, who he had throw him to the side. The ABNU slashed the clone causing it to dispel.

"Crap, I don't have that many techniques to use against this guy aside from those he has already seen." Thought Naruto in a panic.

Naruto quickly did a few hand signs he saw in his fire and coincidently, the earth scroll, hoping for the best.

'Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu.' Called Naruto.

The ANBU having heard this made a wall of water but, what neither expected, was for a blob of lava to be launched instead of fire. The molten rock easily broke through the water due to its insane temperature and slammed into the ANBU, burning a hole through his torso where his lungs would have been, killing him instantly.

Naruto breathed heavily at having to use such a powerful jutsu, and then threw up, knowing he had just killed two people quite gruesomely.

-line break-

Naruto journeyed on, barely able to stay awake until he arrived at Tazuna's house. He knocked on the door and waited before Tsunami opened the door. Knowing he would be relatively safe for now, Naruto passed out on Tsunami, who quickly called for Inari and Tazuna.

-line break-

'Lord Danzo, it seems as though the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki evaded capture.' Said the same figure which had reported to Danzo last time.

Danzo frowned slightly, before closing his eyes.

'Send out four this time, we must capture it before it gets too far away.' Said Danzo.

The figure bowed, before leaving to fulfil Danzo's command.

"Soon I shall have all I need to become Hokage and protect The Leaf." Thought Danzo as he closed his eyes.

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