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Chapter 6 – For Peace or Revenge

'Are you ready to meet your end Yagura?' Questioned Naruto as Yagura slowly rose to his feet.

'The only thing ending today is this silly rebellion, after I kill you I will track down the twice cursed bloodline leader of theirs and wring her neck. With the death of you two no one will dare try and go against me ever again and I will bring The Village Hidden in the Mist to glory.' Ranted Yagura.

'You are misguided as you are short.' Said Naruto.

Yagura's body trembled with anger; his fists were clenched tightly almost drawing blood.

'I see if you are already resulting to childish insults I will end this futile battle right now.' Threatened Yagura in a low tone of voice.

Naruto dropped down into his stance, hands to the side of him fingertips facing away from Yagura.

'The only one childish here, is you.' Retorted Naruto before Yagura gave a beastly roar and charged at Naruto.

Yagura thrust his pole at Naruto's stomach repeatedly while Naruto swayed to the sides in a manner that resembled a drunk before whirling around quickly and sending a mule kick at Yagura's face. Yagura raised his pole and blocked the foot before ducking and attempting to sweep Naruto's other leg with his pole. Naruto hopped over the pole and back-flipped before allowing ice to slowly envelop his hands giving his hands the appearance of sharp claws before spinning and plunging down at Yagura. Yagura jumped back and Naruto drilled into the ground kicking up a lot of dust.

'So it seems that you are just as strong as one would expect a Kage to be. This doesn't mean you will beat me though as I still have a lot more tricks up my sleeve.' Commented Naruto from within the dust.

'It seems you are not all bark either, however you stand no chance against me.' Replied Yagura as the dust around Naruto's form cleared revealing his ice claws were undamaged.

'Yes well it seems ice won't be a good match for catching you, given your small stature and dodging ability.' Said Naruto, much to Yagura's ire, as his Ice claws receded.

'It seems wind however has a better chance of hitting you.' Said Naruto as his hands where now engulfed in wind once again, ending in sharp tipped claws.

'Joke all you want and try all you can, if I really want to, Sanbi's defence will block anything you try.' Said Yagura in annoyance.

'You shouldn't have done that, you see I am truly curious and now that you mentioned you too have a defence just like Ichibi's host does… well now I just have to see it to make a comparison.' Said Naruto before kicking off the ground quickly and trying to slash Yagura following an uppercut-like motion.

Yagura back-flipped and strapped his pole to his back before going through a few quick hand signs.

'Water Style: Exploding Water Shock Wave.' Said Yagura as a massive ten metre long wave of water surged at Naruto.

Naruto made a few quick hand signs while thinking Earth Style: Hidden Mole Jutsu before sinking into the ground.

As the wave slammed down onto Naruto's position Yagura stood there poised and ready, waiting to see where his opponent would come from. Yagura suddenly leapt into the air as Naruto burst from the ground.

'You can't escape the wind!' Shouted Naruto as he slashed both claws up at Yagura releasing ten sharp blades of wind that converged onto his position.

The attack exploded upon reaching Yagura hiding him from view. Naruto dropped down to the ground and watched as a figure fell to the ground as well. Once Yagura landed Naruto saw pieces of coral oozing back into his skin.

'So that is your special defence, reminds me of Gaara's sand shield, too bad for you coral can't take the heat Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu.' Said Naruto before a blast of fire roared at Yagura.

As the attack met Yagura steam started to come of it until nothing remained.

'Foolish, in this village fire attacks are weakened and water attacks are stronger and easier to pull off, you won't be able to touch me with a simple fireball.' Mocked the holder of the three tails as he looked at Naruto with a smirk.

'Well if that is the case Ice Style: Ice Spears.' Said Naruto before slamming his right foot into the ground causing a wave of jagged ice spears to shoot out of the ground seeking to impale Yagura.

Yagura stood his ground and coral burst from his body shattering the spears upon contact.

'Do you see now?' Asked Yagura as the coral receded back into him.

'You can't touch me.' Yagura continued.

'Really now?' Asked Naruto rhetorically as lava started to ooze and coalesce around his hands.

Yagura inhaled deeply before blasting multiple bullets of water at Naruto. Naruto skilfully dodged most of them having to block the few that got passed him with his claws which started to solidify but returned to their molten state when Naruto pushed more chakra into them. When Naruto was only a hairs breadth away from Yagura he exploded in a blast of water sending Naruto flying.

Yagura used a Water Style: Body Flicker to arrive back onto the field while Naruto's claws slowly crumbled to the ground as he lay face down on the ground.

'Your fighting style is heavily reliant on your chakra levels, but it must be difficult to maintain nature chakra around your hands without damaging them, you are quiet skilled, however your intelligence in battle leaves much to be desired.' Commented Yagura as Naruto stood back up.

'True, my chakra claws do take up a lot of chakra and the control to use them is demanding but, I am a Jinchuuriki, you should know we don't run out of chakra easily.' Said Naruto as a wispy mist started to engulf his hands.

'Plus I think you will like these claws the most.' Said Naruto before vanishing in a burst of speed before reappearing in front of Yagura, claws poised for a downward slash.

Yagura anticipating the attack had pulled out his pole and held it in front of him to block the attack but much to his surprise Naruto's claws cut right through the pole.

"No perhaps cut is not the appropriate word to use in this situation; he literally dissolved the sections of the pole he came in contact with." Thought Yagura as he jumped back and observed Naruto warily.

'Don't tell me your ultimate defence can't stand up to a little acid, if that is the case you won't be alive much longer Boil Release: Skilled Mist Jutsu, Boil Release: Acid Swirl.' Said Naruto as he breathed out a wave of mist made of low ph water while simultaneously having some of it swirl around him protectively.

'It seems I can't play around with you anymore.' Commented Yagura as his chakra cloak started to form around him.

-line break-

'Well then shall we get this party started now?' Asked Jinpachi rhetorically.

'Bring it on pear face.' Shouted Ameyuri as she charged up a ball of lightning between her blades.

'Chojuro get away quickly.' Said Ameyuri as she launched the ball of lighting at Kushimaru before raising her swords over her head.

Chojuro jumped back as bolts of lightning discharged off the Kiba blades heading for all near them.

'Hah that won't stop me!' Shouted Jinpachi as he brought down his blade on Ameyuri only to be blasted away by chakra that had taken the form of a hammer from Chojuro's blade.

'Never take your eyes off the enemy.' Whispered Kushimaru from behind Chojuro, poised to stab his blade through his heart only to burst into water as a ball of lightning struck him.

'He doesn't have to, you two haven't changed tactics in years and as such you are predictable.' Said Ameyuri.

'Big words from someone not too far from death's door, how is that cough of yours?' Mocked Kushimaru as he reappeared in front of Ameyuri.

'Heh it won't be enough to stop me from putting the two of you down, even if it is the last thing I do.' Commented Ameyuri.

Chojuro jumped back into the battle and swung his blade down at Kushimaru. Kushimaru swayed to the right dodging the blade by a hair and retaliated by kicking Chojuro in the chest sending him flying back before throwing the Nuibari after him.

Chojuro placed his blade in front of him to block the sewing needle but in doing so lost sight of both of his enemies. Chojuro gasped as he felt a presence appear behind him and cried out in pain when he felt a massive object slam into his back before it seemingly exploded sending him flying away. Chojuro smashed through a tree and skidded through the cold unforgiving earth before falling unconscious, sapped of all his remaining strength.

'Tough luck kid, you were never a match for a true swordsman.' Mocked Jinpachi.

The victory of the two bloodline haters was short lived when a blade burst through Kushimaru's heart before another blade sliced his head clean off his shoulders.

'You underestimated me.' Said Ameyuri disdainfully as the body of the Nuibari wielder slumped to the floor.

'You might think that matters but it doesn't, I always was better than Kushimaru and with you in your weakened state and your ally down you won't live for much longer.' Declared Jinpachi before charging at Ameyuri.

Ameyuri stood her ground and raised her two blades before slamming them into the ground and sending an electrical charge through them which climbed toward the sky. Jinpachi continued charging seeking to cut Ameyuri off before her technique could take effect.

He touched down no less than ten metres away from her before leaping off the ground.

Five metres, blade raised over his head, victory was surely his.

Three metres, the seals on Shibuki started to glow.

One metre, the blade began its descent on the unmoving swordswoman.

'Lightning Style: Thunder Gate.' Said Ameyuri before Jinpachi knew no more.

A massive wave of lightning struck everything in a ten metre radius, Ameyuri had weakened it some and shortened its range so it wouldn't hit Chojuro, the same could not be said for Jinpachi though.

His skin that was visible was charred and flaking off, blood oozed out of his nostrils and ears as he twitched slightly in response to the electronic charges running through his body.

His heart beat erratically as the slow controlled beating was replaced by an erratic beating, at times stopping for a full ten seconds before quickly pumping at four times its normal speed for a few seconds.

Jinpachi's nerves had lost all semblance of control as he vacated his bowels and his tongue fell out of his mouth, literally, the muscles that had been holding it together, destroyed, as when the lightning struck he had been unfortunate enough to have been emitting a war cry.

Ameyuri sighed deeply before breaking out into a coughing fit, splattering blood all over her hands and Jinpachi's corpse. Ameyuri's form was wracked with pain; her eyes trembled in pain as she struggled to breathe through the harsh coughing. She dropped to her knees, hands keeping her from slumping to the ground as she hacked up copious amounts of blood all over Jinpachi's body. Her muscles trembled with exertion as her lungs burned; oxygen was barely getting into her system at all now.

After hacking up another wad of blood Ameyuri shakily got back to her feet, her entire body protesting every tiny movement she made. After a few minutes she had regained a vertical base and most of the pain had passed, but while her instincts warned her to move her body couldn't achieve the feat and a thin blade pierced through her hamstring and shot right through it before it was painfully wrenched back out of it.

Ameyuri fell back down to her knees in pain as she angled her head back slightly, eyes widening in shock.

'Miss me?' Questioned Kushimaru in a tone full of malice.

-line break-

Naruto was unknowingly mirroring Ameyuri's pose; he too was brought to his knees, not by pain but rather, by the new sensation of exhaustion. Being the holder of the Kyuubi as well as an Uzumaki had given Naruto amazing stamina but once Yagura entered his second cloak state, which engulfed him completely hiding his body from view, Naruto was hard pressed to do a thing.

To make things worse all attacks Naruto had thrown had little to no effect at all on him, even a Rasengan couldn't pierce the cloak of dense chakra surrounding the holder of the Three Tails.

If that wasn't bad enough though Yagura wasn't simply standing there and enduring the hits, no, he was launching debris, boulders, trees his own tails and at one point a beastly wave of chakra that obliterated everything to the west of where Naruto currently was, leaving nothing but a gaping trench that Naruto couldn't see the end of.

"Damn it this is not how things were supposed to go! I guess the only reason I was able to stop Gaara was because Gamabunta held Shukaku down for me allowing me to wake Gaara up. This guy though… I underestimated him hugely. What was I thinking this is a freaking Kage we are talking about, he sent Zabuza fleeing with ease if what Kakashi said back then is to be believed and I don't even think I could take on Zabuza right now." Thought Naruto in anger mostly directed towards himself.

'I toyed with you too much thinking my stamina and chakra would never run out, I really mucked up on that but I won't lose here today!' Declared Naruto as the necklace he still wore around his neck even after being banished started to glow slightly.

'I will not lose here!' Shouted Naruto as multiple spears of wood suddenly burst from the ground and shot at Yagura.

To his credit Yagura dodged each and every spear but it seemed that Naruto was losing control of reality.

'ARGGGGHUUUUUHHH!' Growled Naruto in an animalistic manner.

The necklace around Naruto's neck started to glow slightly and started to sink into his skin slightly.

'NO STOP THIS!' Shouted Kyuubi from within the cage but it was to no avail as the necklace slowly started to meld into Naruto's very being.

Naruto continued screaming so much that his vocal cords were being torn to shreds, quickly regenerated, before being torn to shreds once again.

Naruto's eyes had turned completely white as the metamorphosis of his body took place. Throughout this entire process though, multiple wooden spears and wooden snakes burst from Naruto's body and the ground around him flying towards Yagura seeking to ensnare him, to no avail as the chakra covered Yagura skilfully dodged every attack.

"Whatever is happening… he no longer seems to have any control, I must end him now." Thought Yagura savagely as he kicked off the ground with so much force that a crater formed under him.

A sickly green, yellowish aura started spinning around Naruto rapidly, logical reasoning was disappearing from his mind quickly as the power continued increasing within his body.

'You fool you are going to tear your body to shreds and kill us both even with my healing power enhancing your own, CALM THE HELL DOWN!' Raged the Kyuubi from within the cage, slamming its beastly form against the bars hoping to penetrate the thick fog that had engulfed Naruto's mind.

Yagura appeared in front of Naruto, his three tails held above his head.

'DIE!' Shouted Yagura as he plunged his tails down at Naruto's chest only for them to be stopped by a wooden dome which partially covered Naruto and stopped Yagura's tails dead in their tracks before exploding sending the Mizukage flying back.

By now blood was pouring out of Naruto's eyes, ears and nose but he persisted screaming no longer aware of what was happening around him, not even able to form coherent speech or thought.

"I will not be defeated here."Thought Yagura as he transformed.

A column of purple chakra shot up into the sky before expanding outwards until it reached twenty metres in diameter. The chakra was abruptly cleared as a beastly roar pushed all of it away revealing Yagura in his Bijuu form.

Yagura brought his tails up near his mouth and started forming a massive ball of chakra which was compromised of tiny balls of blue and red chakra which slowly came together forming a sphere of destruction. Instead of condensing it Yagura continued to make it larger and larger until it surpassed the size of the Mizukage tower, a frightening forty metres in diameter. The ball of energy was already tearing through the ground and more destruction to the landscape was sure to follow once the attack was released.

'BIJUUDAMA!' Shouted Yagura as the colossal sphere of energy was launched at Naruto.

While Yagura had been forming his devastating attack Naruto had continued screaming and his aura had started to darken from a pale moss green to a much darker teal. His hair had slowed started to change colour turning from golden blonde to a pale green with a yellowish tint with a single teal bang hanging down his forehead. His muscles bulged with power and started to tear his clothes, his muscle mass seemingly tripling until it eventually tore through his shirt and turned his pants into fraying shorts. His height also increased by a large amount bringing him up to a startling tall two metres, making him even taller than the tailless tailed beast Kisame Hoshigaki. His eyes turned completely white, no pupil or iris to be seen. The necklace which had been slowly melding with Naruto's body had now fully sunk into him leaving only the string to which it had been threaded remaining, as the crystal was now well and truly gone.

As the sphere of corrosive chakra was launched at Naruto he started to laugh manically instead of screaming, as he raised his right hand up until it was level with the technique. Naruto's aura started to spiral and condensed around his hand making it look like a Rasengan was about to be formed but instead of a swirling blue ball of chakra, a colossal wooden dragon bathed in the same green glow as Naruto was burst from his hand rapidly enlarging. As the beastly chakra approached the dragon it grew immensely reaching a staggering fifty metres in length and ten metres in width completing dwarfing Oparu, a fully grown dragon, in size. The wooden dragon opened its mouth and roared causing the menacing ball to start to shrink until it was only five metres in diameter before the dragon swallowed it whole.

Yagura's eyes widened in fear as the dragon opened its mouth, the ball of chakra it had just eaten being launched at him. Yagura wrapped his tails around himself as the blast hit but immediately after the impact another, much more powerful force slammed into him. The wooden dragon had spun around and slammed its tail into Yagura's side sending him flying to the left before lunging after him and coiling tightly around him and squeezing the very life out of him. The sensation of being squeezed was not all Yagura felt as the dragon bit into him and starting to suck away at his chakra causing his form to revert back to his version two state, which led to him suddenly falling to the ground as the dragon was no longer holding him in place. The dragon as well plunged after Yagura and upon impact with the ground Yagura was also slammed from above by the monstrous construct.

Naruto abruptly stopped screaming and dropped to his knees vomiting out litres of blood that had built up in his throat due to repeatedly tearing his vocal cords and throat. After a full minute of vomiting Naruto passed out in a pool of his own blood.

Yagura lay there barely able to think.

"Wait something feels different, it is as if my thoughts have suddenly changed… what happened?" Thought Yagura in confusion.

-line break-

'Yagura is dead.' Commented a masked figure.

'Oh is that so?' Asked another figure shrouded in darkness.

'Yes my control over him broke; he is not much longer of this world.' Said the masked figure before disappearing into the hole in its mask in a swirl.

-line break-

Yagura painstakingly raised himself to his feet and limped over to his opponent.

For a moment Yagura wondered if his fellow tailed beast holder was dead but the bubbles forming in the blood suggested otherwise, indicating that the figure was still breathing.

Yagura bent down and picked the figure up draping Naruto's arm over his shoulder ignoring the blood that covered his form as well as the fact that every single bone in his own body hurt. Picking him up Yagura slowly started to limp to the position where the three swordsmen and swordswoman were fighting.

-line break-

'I-impossible.' Stuttered Ameyuri.

'Oh it is quite possible, the brute Jinpachi never did understand what silent killing was all about, swinging around a sword that explodes like an idiot.' Commented Kushimaru airily.

Ameyuri looked back at where Kushimaru's dead body had previously laid and noticed nothing there.

'But how?' Asked Ameyuri.

'You disappoint me, how else does one make an illusion appear to be reality?' Questioned Kushimaru.

'Genjutsu, since when did you know Genjutsu?' Questioned Ameyuri.

'Ah I see you were nothing but a brute like the rest of those other swordsmen, using nothing but Kenjutsu along with Tai and Ninjutsu. Such a shame, it seems none of you ever realised just how effective silent killing can be with Genjutsu supplementing it. Now it is time to finish this, goodbye Ameyuri Ringo, have no fear though, I will send that other boy passed out over there along with you, to keep you company.' Said Kushimaru as he prepared to run Ameyuri through her heart.

'Stop Kushimaru.' Said a voice from the tree line to which Kushimaru instantly obeyed.

'Lord Yagura, I see that you have been successful as well.' Commented Kushimaru as he saw Yagura stiffly walk into the clearing with Naruto slung over his shoulder.

'To an extent but that is not the main issue here.' Said Yagura as he dropped Naruto's body to the ground near Ameyuri as he stood near Kushimaru.

'N-Naruto are you alright?' Asked Ameyuri quietly.

'Chakra exhaustion.' Muttered Naruto eyes still closed.

'Now that you are conscious once again I believe it is time to explain what has recently come to light.' Said Yagura.

'What about Chojuro?' Asked Naruto weakly.

'No, it is best he not know of this, it doesn't concern him nor is he mature enough to handle it.' Said Yagura.

'Kushimaru, you have served me faithfully for years and thus I believe it is only fair you hear this as well, what you do with this information is up to you.' Said Yagura turning to one of his most loyal followers.

Yagura sat down tiredly while Kushimaru stood close to him, eyeing Naruto and Ameyuri who were in no position to move.

'Before the start of these purges I am sure, you Ameyuri and of course, you Kushimaru knew I was never exceedingly cruel, I may have been harsh and indifferent to lots of things but I loved my people.' Began Yagura tiredly.

Ameyuri went to rebut this statement but Naruto weakly raised his hand showing that she should remain silent.

'You see about seven or so years ago I was confronted by a man. This man however possessed a Sharingan.' Continued Yagura before breathing in heavily.

'As it was he placed me in an exceedingly strong Genjutsu that not even the Sanbi could break which slowly started to take over my thoughts, with this I became a puppet for this man.' Said Yagura disdainfully.

'His only motive for doing so was this: "The Village Hidden in the Mist made me suffer, therefore I will make The Village Hidden in the Mist suffer as well" and that was that last thing I heard before he took over my mind.' Revealed the weary Mizukage.

'So you mean to say you are not the one behind this entire farce of a war, how can we believe that!' Asked Ameyuri angrily before coughing heavily and dry heaving some more blood.

'I suggest you not get too agitated, like me you are not much longer for this world either. That being said, I spared the life of your friend and even now had Kushimaru spare your life, isn't that enough proof?' Questioned Yagura.

Kushimaru stood there impassively while all this was being said merely taking it all in.

Ameyuri growled slightly but then stopped and nodded for Yagura to go on with a small frown on her face.

'I don't know what his ultimate goal is but he was powerful, powerful enough to subdue the combined efforts of me and Sanbi, he is not to be trifled with.' Said Yagura before coughing heavily, wheezing for air.

'With that being said, I have to say this war was a mistake and that the masked man succeeded in making Mist suffer, however there is something that can be done now.' Said Yagura weakly.

Naruto struggled to push himself into a seating position but after a bit of a nudge from Ameyuri he was able to sit up.

'What can we do now, out of the four of us here you are clearly the strongest and he beat you easily?' Asked Naruto weakly.

'Not we, you three. Kushimaru you have served me loyally and thus this choice is entirely up to you, whatever you decide I won't hold anything against you.' Said Yagura.

Kushimaru was inwardly touched at how much Yagura valued him, truly he made no mistake in following such a great man even if he had been under someone's control for a portion of his reign, Yagura truly was a great man.

'As for you two though, Ameyuri your sickness is no secret and Naruto everyone saw my explosive attacks, it would not be too difficult for you two to pretend you died and train and prepare in secret. The fact that neither of you will leave a body behind should not draw to much attention given the intensity of my previous attacks, it would not be a stretch if people assume you two were simply obliterated. Kushimaru whatever you decide, with my death, many will assume you had either perished or fled with me, you three will be invisible to all hence why I am not revealing this to that boy over there, it would be best that only the four of us know of this.' Said Yagura before coughing once again.

'If this man is powerful enough to subdue someone like you out of petty spite, well, he must have something big planned and with your death he will think no one knows of him… you are indeed worthy to be a Kage not just through your strength but through your cunning.' Complimented Naruto seeing where this was going.

'Lord Yagura, you have my word, I will track down the man who did this to you, to us, to Mist, and I will make him regret it.' Said Kushimaru.

'Thank you Naruto, Kushimaru, I am glad to see you understand what has happened and what must be done.' Said Yagura before looking pointedly at Ameyuri.

'What, I am just as dead as you are, does my opinion even count?' Asked Ameyuri with a fanged grin as blood trickled from her mouth.

'Not necessarily *cough* I don't have much longer but, you, Naruto, you utilised wood style against me in a sub primal state, you weren't aware of it but you did in fact do it. That necklace around your neck melded with your very being and empowered you, while I am beyond saving due to the damage I sustained from our fight, Ameyuri may still be saved as her cause of death is an illness, it is said Hashirama could instantly regenerate any damage he took, with you having his necklace and wood style along with you being a Jinchuuriki host you may be able to save her. Even if you can't access your wood release the Kyuubi is thought to be the strongest Bijuu and may just have another way.' Said Yagura.

'Why can't he save you?' Asked Ameyuri.

'Wood style suppresses Bijuu chakra, add to the massive amount of damage I took in the fight itself… well let's just say I have only minutes to go.' Said Yagura dryly.

'However there is one thing I want you to do for me Naruto.' Said Yagura seriously.

'What?' Asked Naruto confused.

'The masked man said something about Bijuu falling before him… I want you to take Sanbi inside of you as well.' Said Yagura getting three gobsmacked expressions with one being hidden behind a mask.

'W-what?' Questioned Naruto.

'Sanbi has suffered enough and I don't want it at the mercy of ninja, you as a Jinchuuriki can understand that while we are also given a burden in holding them, they are also burdened in being held by us. Despite this though, if we work together we are much better off.' Said Yagura.

'But I'm not sure how.' Said Naruto uncertainly.

'Can you show me your seal?' Requested Yagura.

Naruto obliged and pulled up his shirt and shakily channelled some chakra revealing the eight trigram seal.

'It seems the fourth was pretty skilled if he came up with something like this, however this works out well, would you know about the four trigram sealing style?' Asked Yagura.

'Yeah but I'm not sure I can pull one off properly yet, I need more practise.' Said Naruto.

'That's alright, I have a four trigram seal, ironically enough, done by an Uzumaki, she was nice enough to explain how it worked to me as well so I can do it for you this time, but please read up on them soon so you can maintain the seal, a four trigram seal weakens much faster than an eight trigram seal due to the lack of a reversed spin meaning its life is short lived without maintenance lasting only five years or so before breaking.' Said Yagura before coughing up some blood onto his left hand and dipping his right finger in it before drawing a swirl above Naruto's existing eight trigram seal before surrounding it with a few kanji.

'Kushimaru, live well and know that this Kage was lucky to have a loyal follower such as you, Seal Transfer!' Said Yagura before placing his palm over the newly drawn seal.

Yagura's body was engulfed with blue chakra before it transferred across to Naruto, Naruto gave a silent scream as the new chakra invaded his system stretching his coils painfully. After a minute of this Yagura slumped forward slightly.

'It is done.' Said Yagura before his eyes closed and he fell forward, dead.

A strange silence engulfed the trio as two mourned at the loss of a leader and a fellow tailed beast holder while the third sat there in silence. The silence was broken however when Ameyuri's form started to heave as she coughed up blood, her very body begun to shake almost as if it was going to fall apart.

"Fox any ideas?" Asked Naruto desperately.

'Why should I help your friend, her existence in no way affects me?' Retorted Kyuubi.

"Please she has wasted her life in a worthless war don't let her life end like this… have some compassion." Pleaded Naruto.

"Interesting, he was almost suicidal and almost completely apathetic only a short while ago but it seems being faced with death so readily has brought back some of the old Naruto… I can't believe I'm doing this, she better be worth it." Thought Kyuubi.

'Fine but you won't like this after I explain what I am doing, for now channel my chakra and bite deeply into her left wrist.' Said Kyuubi.

Kushimaru watched on apathetically as one of his fellow sword wielders died, not having any way to save her, nor the inclination to.

Naruto grabbed Ameyuri's left arm.

'Sorry about this, I will explain it later when I know what I am doing.' Said Naruto before her let Kyuubi's chakra envelop him before biting into Ameyuri's wrist piercing deeply into her skin.

Ameyuri gasped at the action before convulsing slightly as a strange feeling of warmth spread through her body.

"What am I a masochistic?" Thought Ameyuri before passing out, unconscious but alive.

'Kushimaru grab Yagura we need to leave, you don't have to stick with us but the rebels won't let Yagura rest in peace.' Said Naruto before he painfully picked up Ameyuri's form, wincing at the extra weight he had to carry before walking off.

Kushimaru stared at the back of the blond until he was barely visible.

'For you Lord Yagura, I will get you your retribution.' Muttered Kushimaru as he picked up the body of his former leader before following after his new companions.

Wow honestly every time I proofread this I was awed at how those last 3000 words wrote themselves.

So firstly to get things out in the open, Naruto has Wood style and the Sanbi.

I did say in the summary he might get wood style and for some reason my muse said, yeah that's a good idea do that, so I did.

Kushimaru surviving was also not something I planned. It seemed to flow well as I wrote it though so I went with it. Along with that I had planned for Yagura to reveal things about Tobi but not in this manner, although I have to say this way made things much deeper than what I originally planned which was him in his dying breath saying to Naruto 'Beware the masked man', plus as I thought about it, Yagura is a KAGE, Naruto is nowhere near strong enough to take one out at this stage and having him do so like I originally planned wouldn't have made sense.

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Secret person

Now I know this is a short harem list but another thing that came to me was this idea: why not give female Bijuu a try?
This choice I will leave up to you, the readers, to decide. If you are for it say so, if you are against it say so. I will go with the majority opinion.

That being said lots of people did want Yugito in this story so I came up with a compromise, since my new Naruto story deals with Pure evil Naruto why not have her be in that harem, in addition to her Fu seems like a good choice as well. I mean Bee gets attacked, A loses his mind. Yugito gets killed… nothing happens. So I will be working off that angle, Fu practically writes herself.

Back to this story though.
Aside from the three listed Mei, Ameyuri and the secret person, I am not inclined to add anyone else as they wouldn't fit very well. For this reason if people want female Sanbi and Kyuubi the harem for this story will be of five… entities (?) max. If people don't want them then the harem will only be Mei, Ameyuri and the secret person so please let me know what you guys want.

Hope you liked that chapter.