Woo! These are, personally, three of my favourite tributes of mine. So I hope you like them too :D This'll be a tad different, due to them being a family, but eh it'll be funny.

Key Jagger, 17, male, District 7

Key has a varied personality, but most of it revolves around fun. He loves making people laugh, especially people he likes. He is very outgoing, and loud unfortunately. He tends to think everyone who meets him will love his personality, so let's just say he's egotistic, but it's not something he shows too~ much. He doesn't like admitting that he's scared, and is pretty good at convincing people about anything.

He hates the games with a huge passion. His older sister, Clé, died in them 2 years ago. She drowned in water after a career pushed her into the lake and held her under.

He has two younger siblings, Medallion and Locket. They're both 15 and he loves them with all of his heart. His mum and dad are 35 and 36 and still torn from the death of their eldest, but try to stay strong for their kids.

Luras Greenwood, 19, more like an older brother and could very well be considered family. He was Clé's boyfriend. He has pure black hair that he doesn't care to brush or comb and dark brown eyes. He's 6'3" and fit as heck. He really misses Clé but still cares for the Birch family and regularly visits for supper and just to hang out.

Synthr Karose, oh Synthr... the girl Key wants to hold and kiss and say "This is my wife! She is freaking beautiful!". 16 with strawberry blond hair, light blue eyes and a flat chest that doesn't entirely bother him, he thinks she's perfect in every way. She's very smart and wants to work as the District healer.

He has messy light brown with bangs that hang in his same coloured eyes. He's 5'11 and isn't extremely muscular but he's still rather strong. He has one long scar trailing down his right arm that he got when he was 11 and he fell off a tree. He thinks it makes him look cool and tough.

He's pretty easygoing when it comes to clothes, just a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt. It doesn't really matter to him.

Medallion Jagger, 15, male, District 7

He likes talking and joking and loves seeing Key and Locket laugh. He has the goofiest grin and the weirdest laugh. He wants to be a good example to his twin, and always be strong around her. He doesn't show that he's scared, and will tell her not to worry. When he's happy he scratches his head and fixes his hair a lot, usually while can become very protective when it comes to his family (mainly Locket) and his "significant other". I'm talking he could go full-on career if you try hurting them. He's also good at hiding things, very good!

He has the same opinion on the games as his entire family. His sister died in them and they shouldn't have been brought back in the first place!

Well, you already know about his family, so lets talk about that partner eh? Willow Clinder, 14, male. They've been dating for a year and Locket's the only one who knows which team Medallion plays for and that he's even dating. Short black hair and dark brown eyes with grey glasses, he's quiet and finds Medallion's personality to be exhausting. Aside from that, he really loves him.

He looks similar to his father and older brother, light brown hair with those bangs that seem to run on the mens side of the family. His eyes are also light brown, and his skin is tanned from working outside and playing with Locket and Key. He has a pretty good build, from cutting trees and exercising. He's 5'6", so he's the taller of the twins.

He takes after Key when it comes to clothes. Though he goes with the simple colour scheme of either brown, green, grey, or black.

Locket Jagger, 15, female, District 7

Bubbly and happy, likes to think that Clé wouldn't want her to be mopey all the time like Key. She is however quiet around new people, and when she does talk to them it'll be a nod or a simple one word answer. She almost always bites her nails on her right hand when she meets new people. When she's scared she won't admit it, she'll say she can do it, she doesn't need to be saved, and she's fine. When she's happy, she smiles, a lot, and laughs a lot too. Even if she's very nice, and very happy, she has a very mean, and heartless side to her, which doesn't come out very often.

As with everyone in her family (and everyone in her District) she hates the games. So. Much.

She has one close friend, she uses her favourite term "acquaintance" for others. Aspen Woodlin, age 13. Isn't as outgoing as the Jagger kids, as she prefers sitting on the porch of the Jagger's house to draw. She really likes hanging out with Locket though, so she does come out of her shell sometimes. She has light red hair, and hazel coloured eyes.

Similar to her brother, with the same brown hair, but light green eyes. Her hair's just past her shoulders and is usually held in a loose ponytail. Her nails are very dirty, and not taken care of, she has a very bad habit of chewing on them when she's nervous. She's 5'3", so a bit shorter than her twin brother.

She likes wearing shorts, but nothing too skimpy, but if she's in the forest she'll wear baggy jeans or cargo pants. She likes wearing sweaters with floppy sleeves and big boots for running around.

The Jaggers

'You know, if you're gonna have Willow overnight you could at least wear clothes while you're sleeping,' Locket told her older brother with a smirk on her face.

'Oh come on~ Locket! We didn't even do anything!' Medallion told her and rolled his eyes as he put on his favourite green shirt.

'Oh really? You know those moans I heard from one of the rooms beg to differ,' she grinned and folded her arms.

Medallion scoffed before putting on jeans and socks. 'You disgust me.'

'Ha! You didn't deny it!'

'Fine I deny it. Because you know he'd never do anything of the sort, remember?' He flopped back onto his bed, making the wooden frame creak. He looks over to Willow, still fast asleep under the covers, and pets his hair. He smiles because he has someone to care for. Like how Luras cared for Clé and how Key cares for Synthr, even if Synthr doesn't really notice.

'... so you're saying it was Key?'

Medallion gagged 'Oh my fucking god, let's not even talk about that.'

'Agreed.' Locket sat up from the short dresser she had been using for a chair and heads for the door out of Medallions room.

'Reapings are today, mum says they're starting around 9:30.' Locket tells him quietly, rubbing the back of her neck.

Medallion, still laying on his bed, looks up at the ceiling and simply nods before sitting up again.

'Well then put a shirt on, no sister of mine is walking around the district in shorts and a bra,' he tells her with a chuckle. His chuckle can definitely light up the depressed aura around the house on reaping day.

Key is down in the kitchen, chewing on a piece of toast and pouring a small glass of orange juice. They may not be one of the richest families in their district, but they're pretty well off for food. He's already dressed and ready to walk to the dreaded reaping. But the good thing that comes out of it is that Synthr will be walking with him.

He sighs happily and chugs the orange juice. Waiting for his brother and sister to get down to the kitchen and eat their toast. He wants them to eat their breakfast before Synthr gets here, this way he won't have to leave them at home alone. Their parents are already out, visiting the mayor for breakfast.

He doesn't have to wait long for Locket though, padding down the stairs holding her red sweater in her hands. Her hair's already done up into it's signature loose ponytail.

'Hey Key, you did laundry last, right?' she asks as she sits down at the table.

'Yup, why?' he replies and brings her a slice of toast with butter smeared on it.

'Thank you,' she mumbles quickly to acknowledge the toast, 'Because I'm looking for my really pretty blue shirt, but it's not in my room, so have you seen it?'

Key nods and sips some of his juice 'Oh yeah, it's still in the hamper. But why don't you just wear the sweater? I mean it'll cover your bra just like the shirt would?' he laughs. But Locket gives him that look. You know, the "I-don't-care" look? So Key leaves the kitchen to find her shirt from the hamper in the next room.

This is the thing about the Jaggers. They're a pretty close family. None of them care if one of their siblings walk around in their boxers or their bra. They've all walked in on each other naked at least once (even though those were all awkward for each of them) but it doesn't matter to them.

Their parents half naked, however, is a totally different story.

Medallion can be heard trotting down the stairs, fully dressed and with Willow at his side. Willow looks relatively tired and yawns as he sits down in the chair Medallion pulls out for him. He's wearing one of Medallions many white shirts, its a big baggy on him and falls over his shoulders.

Key walks back into the kitchen only a couple seconds after Medallion sits down, he has the blue shirt in his hand and tosses it to Locket before he grabs the plate of toast from the counter and brings it to them.

'Oh hey Willow, forgot we had you over last night.'

Metallica Linna, 23, female, escort, Capitol

I sit in my chair on the stage and look into my diamond studded mirror, mummy gave it to me for my birthday. It's very special to me. It seems to show how vibrant my skin is, and I can see all the tiny details in my triangular dress. Oh man these mirrors are fantastic!

I look up with a jolt as the mayor hands me the mic. I smile and pat down my hair before I take the mic from his hands and walk up to the stand.

'Hello hello District 7, I trust you've all had a good week?'

My kind words are met with silence from everyone so I brighten up my smile and continue to speak.

'Now, instead of getting straight to the reaping, I have been told to show you a video recorded by the President herself!'

I turn back to one of the many camera men and nod at them to turn on the video. The screen turns black and then to white before showing us President Fray.

She smiles 'District 7. As we all know, this year marks the 10 years that the Hunger Games have been brought back. As such, I have decided that every 10 years I will add a twist to the games. This year there will be a unique twist for each individual district. And your twist is quite simple. A family will be reaped, but only those who are still eligible. Happy Hunger games,' and the screen fades back to black then to cameras showing the reaping.

'You heard the lady,' I say, interrupting the gasps and cries from the District, 'Time to reap one family for the 10th reinstated Hunger Games!'

I walk to the single reaping bowl on the stage. The slips inside only list those of entire families, but only the eligible ones. No parents or young children. I fisk my hand through the papers and pull out a single one.

I walk back to the mic and hold the slip in front of me. Three names, ah... wait.

'Our tributes from District 7 are Key, Medallion and Locket Jagger!' Jagger... that name. Why does it sound so familiar?

Three kids walk out from their groups, one from the 17 year old boys and the other two from the 15 year old boys and girls.

One is wearing a really baggy red sweater with sleeves that cover her hands and shorts that almost reach her knees. She holds her chin up as she walks up the stairs first. Like a lady.

The other boy, the 15 year old, is wearing a green tshirt that seems to highlight his muscles and a simple pair of jeans. His older brother, who I'll assume is Key, is wearing a grey tanktop and I can see a long scar on his right arm. He's wearing black cargo pants

Their hair and the way they're holding their cool shows that they're family.

As they all stand beside each other on stage I speak into the mic 'Any volunteers? But remember, if you volunteer you'll have to take your whole family too.'

As to be expected there are no volunteers. Only silence. Aside from the coughing and sobbing that I see coming from their family and I'm assuming that's Lockets boyfriend who's crying. Another girl is crying in the 16 year old section. She's either Key or Medallions girlfriend.

'Well, no?' I ask again for confirmation. Silence. 'Congratulations to the Jaggers! Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favour!'

Shout out to InsanityWriter for creating Metallica Linna for me ^0^