Ethan's POV
This moment couldn't have been better. A half hour after my parents left, Jane was in bed, and Sarah flew
us up on the roof. She was sitting in my lap, we were looking at the stars, her head under my chin. I was thinking
about how beautiful she looks in the moonlight, when Sarah snapped me out of my thoughts.
"Do you see that really bright star?" she asked.
"Where?" I questioned.
"Right in front of you, and 2 inches to the left," she turned my so I was staring right at it.
"Oh, now I see it," I say sounding dumb.
"It's ok, that's Venus," she informs me. At this, I chuckle.
"The stars look, almost, as beautiful as you from here," I say in a semi-flirty tone.
"Do you want to get closer to them?" she asks. Before I can answer, she takes my hand and we're flying. Finaly we
land at a little cafe'. We go in and get coffee, then we're walking home. I see Sarah shiver; I take off my jacket and
drape it over her shoulders. "Thanks," she said.
"Welcome," I reply.
Sarah's POV
We kept walking, when it starts pouring. "We should probably fly or run back home," I say, immeditly regreting it.
"Ok, but there's one thing I need to do, before we do that," Ethan says, in a mysterious tone. He stands infront of me;
he puts his hands around my waist. Next thing I know, we're making out in the pouring rain. When he retreats for air,
we run home, with my super speed. When we get in the door, the clock says 11:47. I run upstairs, to check on Jane.
When I get there, she's still sleeping. I come back down stairs, and Ethan and I watch a movie.
"Hey, Sarah, how were they?" asks, the movie had just ended.
"I had no problems, at all,"I said.
"Good, here you go," said, handing me my payment. Before leaving, I give Ethan a peck on the lips.
giggles, she thinks it's cute, because we've been going out for 3 months.
"Love, all, you guys. Bye,"I say going out of the door. When I get home, I call Erica. Tell her Ethan and I had our
first kiss. We freaked out for an hour. Finaly, we hung-up, and we layed down for the night. All night, the only thing
I could think about was, how good of a kisser Ethan was. Then I drifted off to a peaceful daydream.
THE END- Hope you Enjoyed :)