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Sarah's POV
Erica and I were walking down the hall, talking about the Valentie's Day dance. "Do I have to go?" I asked. Erica was making
me go because she had a date.
"Yeah, you have to go because while me and Rory are having fun, you and Geekthan can make sure Magic Doofus doesn't
get in trouble," she answered.
"Fine," I huffed, rolling my eyes. Just then we ran into Benny, Rory, and Ethan.
"Hey, girls. Sarah looks like a ball of sunshine today," Benny pointed out.
"Yeah, hey Sare, what's up?" Ethan asked.
"She's mad bacuase I'm making her come to the Valentine's Day dance tonight," Erica said.
"It's not just that she's making me go, it's why too," I piped in.
"Why is she making you go?" Ethan questioned.
"To help you make sure Benny doesn't do anything stupid," I replied, glaring at Benny.
"Ah," Ethan sighed.
"Well, Ethan, isn't there something you want to say or ask?" Rory cut in.
"No," Ethan nudged.
"Really, I thought there was," Benny stated.
"Well, there's not," he said, with clenched teeth.
"Okay then," Benny chuckled, whistling. Then the bell rang.
"See you guys at lunch," I said, walking to algebra II.
*At Lunch* Ethan's POV
I sat down with my tray as I saw Sarah walking to sit across from me. "Hey, Sarah," I greeted, as she sat.
"Hey, Ethan. You're the only person Im not about to kill," she informed.
"Thanks, but what did everyone else do?" I questioned.
"Erica's making me go to this stupid dance because her and Rory are going togther. Benny is the reason why I have to go, and
plus Benny and Rory are getting on my last nerve. Every ten seconds it's 'I know someone's going to ask you to the dance' I'm
about to kill them both," she explained.
"You don't have to go. I've been friends with Benny forever. I've mastered the art of idiot watching," I allowed.
"No, I'll go so you don't end up killing him without me being there to see it," she replied.
"Okay," I chuckled.
"What should I wear?" she asked.
"I don't know, I like that one mint-green dress. The one that's knee-length in the front, and down to your ancles in the back,"
I commented.
"Oh, I'll wear that, I like that one too," she decided.
"You should curl your hair too. It'd look cute with the dress," I added.
"Any suggestions on shoes too?" she giggled.
"Actually the silver heeled sandals would look nice," I replied.
"Can you make me an outfit planner? I'm going to look so cute tonight thanks to you," she thanked. Then Benny, Rory, and
Erica sat with us.
"Wow, Ethan, you've been spending way too many Friday nights with Sarah and Jane," Benny laughed.
"How'd you-" I was cut off when Erica pointed to her ear. "Stupid vampire hearing," I mumbled.
"Dont' worry, we won't tell the whole school about it," Rory promised.
"Oh lighten up. I was getting a guys opinion on what to wear," Sarah tried to dig me out.
"Whatever," Erica streched out.
*At the Dance* Ethan's POV
When Sarah arrived at the dance, she looked even more beautiful than I'd imagined. She walked over to me and Benny. "Hey,
Ethan, how'd your outfit turn out?" she asked, smiling.
"Beautiful," I said, absentmindedly.
"What?" she asked.
"Better than I thoght," I corrected.
"Thanks," she giggled. We sat there, and talked. We didn't have to worry about Benny. He ended up hanging with Della after
a half an hour. Then Sarah's favorite song came on 'Remembering Sunday' by All Time Low.
"Hey, would you like to dance?" I asked, nervously smiling.
"I'd love to," she answered, taking my hand and dragging me to the dance floor. She wrapped her hands around my neck. I
put mine right above her waist. We spent the rest of the dance talking, laughing, and maybe even a little kissing.