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Morning arose as the clouds dissipated across the clear azure sky. Chirping and rustling sounds were audible in the surrounding environment. The morning breeze was fresh and clean, it flowed through the lungs of the nation who was admiring the sapphire sky and the scarlet sun. France was sitting on a polished flat stone near the headquarters. He was thinking; there were too many strange events occurring that made him get lost in his thoughts. It was rare, he didn't usually think, not enough to ignore a certain Briton's presence.

"It seems like you are thinking, frog. I must congratulate you for this." Britain mocked while sitting next to him.

"Oh, good morning Angleterre." he answered in monotone. His voice was hoarse and eye bags were seen under his cobalt eyes.

"You don't look like your usual moronic self. I suppose you couldn't sleep last night?" England asked, eyes set on the bypassing clouds.

"Not a wink, how can I sleep in these conditions? There are too many things disturbing my mind." France replied while sighing deeply. He was right, under these circumstances, it was rather hard to rest peacefully.

"Well, it can't be helped. The current events are quite confusing. I am looking forward to the meeting so that we can clear things up. But first, we need to wake the others up." Britain said as he elbowed the desperate Frenchy next to him.

"Hey, what was that for, eyebrows?" he growled while pushing England back.

"Cheer up, frog." England said while walking back to the base.

'This blunt Angleterre... What am I going to do with you?' France thought while restraining himself from letting a smile appear on his face.

"GOOD MOOOORNING!" America yelled in the room. If he was awake, then everyone else was too.

"Ahem. So like I was saying yesterday, we will be sharing the information we know about the current situation." England repeated severely. There was no time to waste, they had to hurry before another catastrophe happens.

"Hey! I'm the leader!" America protested childishly.

"Shut up, git. We're here for important matters, not childish whining." Britain retorted. England had a dominating aura. As expected of the ruler of the oceans. He was different from the actual England. He was more of a pirate than a gentleman.

America pouted silently and stayed silent for the time being.

"So, let's begin the meeting." the British Empire stated. "I will start. From what I have seen, our world has become corrupted. Time itself has been altered. It explains our current appearance."

"How do you know that time has been altered? What if it's only a coincidence?" Switzerland asked, frowning in confusion.

"My magical network has been cut off and strange things are happening. My friends are all frozen in space." England replied.

"Dude, you seriously think we're gonna buy that crap?" America sneered.

"Shut up, bloody wanker! Flying Mint Bunny and Captain Hook are my friends so you better respect them!" England defended angrily.

"I only believe in what I see." The United States replied innocently.

"Then, can you see your brain?" Britain asked with a snobbish tone.

"Er... No?" America responded, perplexed.

"Then you don't have one, if I'm following your logic correctly." England pointed out.

"Ouch, touché." France joined the conversation with a twisted face.

"Shut up everyone! I thought we were at an important meeting!" Switzerland contested furiously.

"Excuse us. So... anyone who wants to talk?" the United Kingdom proposed.

"Um, yeah, I would like to speak." the Austrian kiddo expressed. "Why are there two Russias?"

"Very good question." France affirmed while starring at the two Northern nations.

"I think it's because of the stupid meteor, da." Male Russia theorized.

"The damn rock hit us and separated Russia in two." The female one continued.

"I feel like twisting someone's liver out. Kolkolkol~" Male Russia said randomly.

"I feel like strangling someone with their own intestines." the twin Russia announced plainly.

"Russia!" England scolded.

"Which one?" the two asked for the second time.

"You know what? It's too complicated! Male Russia will be Russia and female Russia will be Siberia." Britain concluded annoyed. The others agreed with a nod. The Russias were displeased by the statement but approved.

"Alors... What do we do now?" France questioned hopefully.

"I know! I'll be the hero and I'll save the world. Russia, England, be my backup. France and Switzerland too." America decided determinedly. Well, it's good old America. As usual, the nations just ignored him and moved on.

"I think we should go look for the missing nations for a start." Switzerland proposed. "I don't care what you think about it, I'm going to find my little sister."

"That's a good idea. How many of you think we should split up and search for the missing nations?" UK announced. Everyone agreed, or almost. Russia and Siberia were putting on a curiously happy face. Who in hell knows what they were thinking.

"So, you guys can go. I'll stay here with these two careless wounded nations." Chibi Austria commented. He tried to act cool, but in the end, he was simply too lazy to move his ass out of the camp base.

"Suit yourself." England replied dryly. "As we all know, we have many missing nations. There is Japan, Germany, Italy-"

"There's Spain! And Canada!" France interrupted.

"Who?" asked England with an apologetic tone.

"Canada, you old man." America threw out bluntly.

"What did you-"

"There is Lithuania and the two other little nations." Russia added without giving any (fuck) attention to the ranting Britain.

"Don't forget the 5 Nordics! And the Asians!" America continued.

"Okay, okay. We get the idea. Now can I go find my sister?" Switzerland complained impatiently.

"Fine, let's go." the British Empire agreed.

"Let's roll guys!" shouted America enthusiastically. He was as eager as a hyperactive puppy.

"Honhonhon~ La France arrive!" Francis exclaimed while tying his sword to the side of his belt.

"Kolkolkol~" Russia uttered darkly.

"I have a bad feeling about this..." England mumbled to himself.

The nations divided into several groups. A rogue as he was, the British pirate wandered off on his own, leaving everyone else behind. What he didn't know was the fact that France was tailing him secretly. Switzerland was already out of sight when England left. This means that, America and the Russias were stuck with each other.

"Why are you here, you commie bastard?" America protested unsatisfied.

"I would ask you the same thing, America." Russia replied icily with his creepy smile plastered to his face.

"Damn this American, without him we wouldn't be this burdened." Siberia added sourly.

"What was that?" the United States asked.

"You are a burden," she repeated casually. She gave America a blank stare as if she wasn't paying attention to the pitiable guy. She headed to the opposite direction and skipped through the thick forest. Russia followed hastily before America could keep track of him.

All alone once more...

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