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Her Dark Salvation: Part 2


I sat at my desk, fuming. My hand twitched with the need to do something, anything to gain the upper hand. I felt my control slipping and I didn't like it one bit. I heard the door rattle and I knew that once Bella stepped foot into this office, all bets would be off.

I busied myself with the papers on my desk, I knew not what I was reading, but she didn't need to know that. From the second she enters my office, I would have control. I heard the click of the door opening and then the soft latch of it closing. Soft steps were next and then nothing. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Bella standing just to the side of my desk, where she had been trained to go, but she wasn't kneeling.

Her actions didn't surprise me. I knew once she agreed to the new arrangement, she would be testing me and my limits. The little stunt she pulled in the classroom was just the start of her rebellious acting out. She would soon learn that she will have to pay the consequences of her actions.

As I continued to study the papers in front of me and completely ignored Bella, I heard the first sigh. Then there was the fidgeting with the zipper on her hoodie, the noises she made with her tongue and my favorite, the gum she started to chew, loudly. What Bella failed to realize was that I could play this game better, longer, and eventually end up the winner. I had years of patience and control under my belt. I had dealt with brattier girls than her.

Just to show her how in control I was, I got up from my desk and walked toward her. I saw her straighten her body as if she was ready to vie for my attention; trouble was I wasn't ready to give it to her. Instead of stopping in front of her or even behind her, I continued to the bookcase that lined one wall and pretended to look at the books.

I heard the startled gasp Bella made and I knew she was starting to see I wasn't fucking around, I meant business. I searched the shelves for nothing in particular for a few dead silent moments before I plucked a book at random and made my way back to my desk. I opened it up to an arbitrary page and pretended to read.

I watched in the periphery as Bella fidgeted. It wasn't in an attempt to provoke a reaction, but more out of confusion and agitation on her part. She wasn't getting the expected reaction out of me, therefore she was uncertain what to do or say. Being the wonderful bastard that I was, I felt no inclination to give her a clue as to what she should do to make things right. As far as I was concerned there wasn't much that she could do to make things right except to start following the rules and accept her punishment.

After several long, agonizing moments, I saw movement out of the corner of my eyes and I heard Bella's deep sigh before she wordlessly slid to the floor onto her knees. Her knees opened wide, which I found amusing since she was in jeans and not the skirt I laid out for her. She rested her ass on her heels and her hands were placed on her thighs, her back was straight, and her head down.

Finally, she got it.

Of course, I didn't address her right away, I let her stew, let her linger in her thoughts. I knew her mind was going a million miles an hour and pulling her in several directions at once. But she needed time to reflect on what she did wrong and to come to terms with the fact that she would be punished for disobeying me.

I took the time to look at her as she waited for me to acknowledge her. I heard the sniffs and saw the way her body shook with the sobs she was holding in. But there was also the way she held her back straight and proud, or how she had her thighs the perfect width apart even though she was wearing pants. She appeared to have found her rightful place and the sobs informed me that she felt remorse for her disrespectful behavior. But she had to know that while it was better late than never she remembered her place, there were going to be consequences and punishments for her transgressions.

After several minutes, I approached Bella from behind, stopping just shy of my knees making contact with her back. As she felt me draw closer, her back stiffened and her breathing stilted, and her fingers twitched with the need to feel my touch. When I placed my hand on the top of her head, the dam that I thought she had cried out burst. This time her body heaved with soul wracking sobs. It was if my touch reminded Bella how much I enjoyed her obedience and how disappointed I was with her insolence.

"You will remove those offending clothes. We will leave and discuss your behavior and your punishment when we are home. You will not speak unless I ask you a direct question. Use this time to fully think about your actions and how they affect those around you." I paused to let the words seep into her mind, to fully take root. I was certain that my tone left no room for discussion or complaints; I expected and would receive absolute compliance to my wishes.

"Do you understand what I am asking of you my angel?"

"Yes, Sir," she whispered.

"Then proceed."

As she stood to shed the offensive clothing, I gathered up the last of the paperwork I needed to work on this weekend. With the end of the school year coming up there was lots of things I needed to take care of prior to Bella and I embarking on our new journey. With my bag packed I looked up to see that Bella stood naked by my office door in a perfect waiting pose. Her sobs had quieted, but her face and nose were still blotchy from all the crying. Always aware of what my angel may need, I raised her chin and took in her tear stained face. With gentleness and love, I wiped away her tears and allowed her to clear her nose. Wordlessly I wrapped my trench coat around Bella.

I watched as she slipped her arms into the sleeves, placed her nose in the fabric of the coat, and inhaled deeply. A ghost of a smile curved her lips and I had to school my features to remain neutral. It wouldn't help if I showed just a tad of softness until I was certain Bella fully grasped her transgressions and felt remorse.

When she was covered with the coat, I opened the door to my office, motioned her through and when the door was locked, I made my way to my car. Not once did I look back to make sure Bella was following, but I knew she was. I felt her on my right side, exactly two steps behind me. When we reached the car, Bella went to the passenger side and paused. She looked up at me when I did not open the door for her.

"Your actions have not allowed you the pleasure of sitting next to me. You may sit in the back seat where bratty children ride." I then opened the back door and she slid in. I watched as she buckled her seat belt before I made my way over to the driver's side and took off. The ride was silent and I kept glancing in the rearview mirror to look at Bella. Her head was turned to watch the scenery as it passed before her, and every now and then she would close her eyes and take a deep breath as if to steady herself.

As we arrived at home, I had to steel myself for what I had to do next. I hated meting out punishments. Even though I understood their importance in the life we lived, it was the part that I disliked the most. Most dominates in my position probably held the same views as myself. We wanted our pets to thrive, be obedient, and happy. However, we acknowledged the role punishment had in helping mold our subs into the best person they could be.

Once the front door was closed and we were ensconced into the privacy of our home I shed the mantle of Professor Cullen and embraced my duty as Bella's caretaker and protector. As these thoughts crossed my mind, Bella had shed the coat and was waiting for me on her knees like she was taught. I left her there as I went to prepare for her punishment.

Minutes later, I returned back to Bella, whose eyes were filled with unshed tears. Her lower lip quivered and trembled with her sorrow. My heart stuttered for just a second before I shored it up. Being soft now wouldn't help Bella or our situation. This was the time for action and punishment.

"Follow me," I ordered. I held out my hand to help her stand. With shaky legs she stood and then silently followed me. When we got to the door of the quiet room, I heard her whimper. This was not her favorite place to be and it was an effective way to start her punishment.


"You will have one hour to think about your failings and then I will come get you for your spanking. We will be discussing what was going through your mind at length, my angel." He fixed me with a steely gaze before he closed the door with a soft click.

I choked down the sob that wanted to break free and fought with my instinct to pound on the door and ask to be let out. Instead, I took several steps backwards until my knees hit the small twin bed. I crawled up to the headboard and rested my back against it. I clutched a pillow to my stomach and curled around it.

I hated this room; it was so stark and barren. It was supposed to be a room where I could have my privacy and own space. But as our relationship grew, I no longer wanted it or needed it. In his room I had all the space I needed. He had even made me an adorable window seat where I could read and write. His room was comforting to me, it made me feel safe. So when I told him I no longer needed this room, he stripped it down to the bare bones; a bed, nightstand table with a lamp, and a desk. Gone were any personal touches, even the walls were a plain white.

That's when it became the quiet room. A place he would put me when my behaviors warranted the need for reflection. The first time he put me in here, I so acutely felt his absence that I cried myself to sleep as I pounded on the door. He found me huddled against the door, my hand raw from beating on the wood, and my voice hoarse from the screaming and crying. He explained that if I wasn't going to be on my best behavior, then he didn't want to be near me.

Since that day, a threat of the quiet room was enough for me to correct my actions and act accordingly. But that morning, as I stared down the outfit he had picked for me, the quiet room was far from my mind. All I could think about was how that was the last day of our original arrangement. Something inside me wanted to rebel and I didn't know why.

It wasn't as if I was having second thoughts about our new arrangement. In fact I was excited for it to begin. But deep down, there was just a tiny part of the old Bella that was revolting against the idea. She held onto the last shred of her independence. She hated the idea that I would be giving my freedom and letting Edward dictate my life.

She didn't understand that somehow Edward unlocked a deep, hidden part of me that I never knew existed. At first I only did it to save my grade and my education, but as the weeks turned to months, that unknown part of me blossomed. I craved his affection, his touch, and his control. In all that I found a different freedom, one to be a new Bella, a stronger Bella.

But the old me didn't see it that way. She saw me as weak and dependent. She knew that once class was done, there would be no turning back. So I disregarded the outfit and dug for an old pair of pants that were hidden away. The last reserve of my defiance laughed as I dressed and then as I walked into the classroom, and threw down the gauntlet in front of Edward.

I refused to sit in the seat he told me I had to, and instead of detailing my thoughts on our new journey, I slumped in my seat and somehow fell asleep. When I woke to the tittering of my classmates, the look in his eyes made the old Bella shrink away. The displeasure, hurt, and disappointment I saw crushed me, but I refused to go down without a fight.

But all fight left me as I walked into his office and he ignored me. With each passing second the heaviness in my heart grew and I felt as if I would suffocate. When the light bulb came on that he was only treating me how I treated him, I broke. Grief consumed me, made my knees buckle as I sank down to the floor. Edward was only giving me what I had said I wanted. He was giving up his career to take care of me and give me the ability to make my dreams come true.

While I wasn't privy to all our plans, I knew that shortly after the school year was over, we would be leaving. Edward took a sabbatical for two years. He was going to be publishing at least a few articles and one book on human behavior while he allowed me to pursue my dream of writing. I would be giving him full control of my life and trusted him to take care of me. But my actions scoffed at his plans and I made him believe I no longer trusted him.

As I stared into the vast whiteness of the room, I vowed to be the good girl he expected. I had to find the strength and desire to once again place my life in his hands and trust him to keep me safe. He'd been doing an amazing job of it the last few months. He was my life and in return I wanted to give him my absolute trust and devotion.

When he returned an hour later, he found me by the door, on my knees, ready, and willing for my punishment. I knew there was no way we could move forward without it and I needed it to be able to forgive myself. He said nothing when he looked upon me, but the gentle finger her trailed across my shoulders and up my cheek was full of affection and pride. I wanted to melt into his touch, but that wasn't the time. It would come later after I demonstrated my willingness to commit to him and his plan.

He held out his hand and when he grasped mine, it was warm and comforting. I knew that he wasn't looking forward to punishing me and that knowledge just added to the list of errors I committed.

"How are we, angel?" The concern I heard in his voice solidified my decision to take this punishment with all the dignity I could muster.

"I am okay, Sir. I have thought hard about my actions and look forward to any punishment you feel would help me remember my place." I took a chance to look up at him so that could see the honesty in my words. "I only want to move forward and begin our new life. I trust you with all that I am, Sir."

He held my gaze for the space of a few heartbeats, his eyes searching deep into mine and when he found what he was looking for, he nodded and pulled me along. We entered his version of a playroom. It lacked the heavy equipment that most would associate with a room such as this. Since our relationship was more based on control and obedience, it only held a bed, table, and spanking bench.

When he released my hand and gestured to the bench, I strode over and situated myself so that my ass was exposed. My legs rested on either side of the bench and I placed my hands over my head. I waited as he strapped me in and with each clasp that was buckled, I found my center.

His hand trailed down my back, across both globes of my ass where her stroked and kneaded the flesh. I thought I would feel just a smidge of fear, but it was missing, replaced with an understanding and desire for redemption and forgiveness.

"Five warm-up spankings with my hand followed by twenty for punishment with the paddle should do the trick. What do you think angel?"

"If that is what you desire, Sir, then I agree. I only want to make you proud and serve you to the best of my ability," I answered without hesitation.

"Good girl," he whispered before I felt the first smack of his hand. The warm-up spankings were somewhere between pleasurable and punishment, a fine line that had me teetering on the edge. When he was done, he gave my ass a brief caress and squeeze, and a low hum of approval vibrated in his chest.

"I'm so proud of you," he praised. His soft kiss on the top of my head caused tears to well in my eyes. I closed my eyes tightly in the hopes that they wouldn't fall. Tears would signify forgiveness and I didn't feel as if I had earned that just yet.

The air in the room thickened and I knew that he had the paddle. I had to consciously remind myself not to tense up and clench my ass as it would only make the pain worse. Still, I was unprepared for the first strike of the leather paddle. The pain coursed through my body and before it receded, another wave came as he struck me again. Each hit of the paddle served to remind me of my transgressions. Each sensation of pain worked to scrub my sin from my mind and my body.

The old Bella that I was fell away, piece by piece, so that when the tears finally spilled from my eyes, I was reborn. I could still hold onto the strong and confident parts of me, but I was cherished and protected by a man who loved me beyond all measure. He loved me so much that he wanted to take care of me, to the ultimate level. The conviction I had in his love for me leant itself to a strength to trust in him and that love, secure in the knowledge would never harm me.

With that revelation still sending shock waves throughout my body, I surrendered to the pain of my spanking. I felt the heat and fire in my ass and thighs cleanse me of my errors and transgressions and allow me a fresh slate to start anew. So I didn't muffle my cries or tears, I let them echo in the room so that Edward would see that I was accepting of the punishment. I knew when it was all said and done; he still loved me and would care for me always.


When the last smack of the paddle had been delivered, I dropped it with a clang to the floor and worked to release her from her bindings. Ever so carefully I scooped her into my arms and laid her on her stomach on the padded table. Her sniffs and cries we slowly ebbing away, but every so often her body trembled as a sob escaped.

With the utmost gentleness, I smoothed the cream onto her burning flesh. At first she cried out in pain, which turned to her babbling incoherently, and then it gave way to silent tears streaking down her face. I was careful not to scrape my nails along the pink, hurting skin of her ass as I worked the cream, its effects cooling the feverish skin.

I rubbed her wrists and thighs where the restraints dug in. In a few hours, those marks would be no more, but I still showed them the care needed. When I had finished caring for her physical needs, I picked her up once more and this time I took her into our room. I laid her on her side to keep pressure off her sore ass and cuddled up to her. Pressing us together so we were skin on skin, it took no time for Bella to burrow closer.

Once my arms wrapped around her to hold her snug, more tears and words came pouring out. She begged for forgiveness and explained her little identity crisis when she spotted her outfit this morning. Her body shook as she talked about how she was at war with herself and her needs which led to her making the wrong choices and acting out. But my heart nearly swelled to bursting when she told me about her epiphany as I was punishing her.

She pulled away to look up at me. Her brown eyes were all puffy and red-rimmed, but I could see conviction shining through them.

"I'm so ready for this next stage, Edward. I think I acted out due to fear, forgetting the most basic of all things; you love me and would never hurt me."

I cupped her face in my hands, even though her skin was blotchy and her nose red and swollen, she never looked more beautiful and she was mine, all mine. She was putting her trust in me to keep her safe and to do right by her. It was a huge responsibility, but one I was looking forward to. Not even Charlotte gave me as much control as Bella was relinquishing. The thought of it was scary and heady all at once.

"Never, my angel. I love you, as well."

I kissed her lips, sweet and tender at first mindful of the pain she must still feel. My tongue traced her lips and when I swept it over the seam, she opened and allowed me entrance. Hunger which had been simmering in my gut flared at the taste of her mouth. She taste fresh and innocent and my body surged with lust and need.

I groaned into her mouth, unable and unwilling to cage my desire for this stunning creature. My hands held her lips to mine while my body sought her body, looking for friction and her warmth. My cloth covered cock strained against my pants, begging to be set free.

"Roll over," I commanded her and without hesitation she moved so that her back was to me. My arms drew her close and cupped her breasts, her nipples were already hard and pointy, but I plucked and rolled them making them harder still. She arched her chest into my hands, wordlessly begging for more. I slid one hand down her side, over her hip and to the back of one knee. Slowly, I opened her legs and looked to see her pussy was wet and so pink.

I placed her hand on her leg, under her knee. "Keep it here, don't move." She nodded and then moaned when she felt my fingers gliding up and down her slit. In seconds my fingers were coated in her wetness and I swirled them around her opening and clit.

My body shook as I tried to take things slow, but my cock was so hard it was painful and Bella was leaking like a faucet. As fast as humanly capable, I stripped out of my pants. My cock bobbed and twitched in anticipation of burying itself balls deep into Bella. I grasped my cock in a tight fist, and I couldn't help but give it a few tugs. A low moan vibrated in my throat.

Without warning, I ran my cock through her soaked folds, nudging her clit as I went. Bella shuddered with each pass I made. In no time, I was coated in her juices and I inched myself into her, slow and gentle.

"Oh, Sir, so good," moaned Bella when I was finally buried to the hilt. I paused to give us both time to acclimate to the feeling, but before too long Bella was shifting her hips, trying to get me to move. A tug back on her nipples stilled her movements.

I trailed my lips from her neck to her ear where I nipped the lobe, before whispering, "Don't you dare come before I tell you, my angel. You don't want to be on the receiving end of another punishment so soon. I don't think your ass could take it." Like the bastard I could be, I grazed her tender ass with my pelvis and she hissed in pain.

"Do you understand?"

She nodded. "Yes, Sir."

"Good girl," I replied before I began thrusting in earnest. "Let me hear you, angel. I love knowing how I make you feel."

Harder and deeper I pumped into her; the slap of skin grew louder with each passing second. Bella was moaning and whimpering with each punishing thrust. My free hand rolled her nipples, causing Bella to arch into my touch. Sweat formed on our skin adding to the scent of sex and lust that filled the room. Bella's pussy was leaking all over my cock allowing me to slide into her with ease.

"You feel so good, little girl. You like it when I fuck you hard and fast?" My words blew over her feverish skin, causing goose bumps to form.

"Yes, Sir, it's so good. Fuck me, Sir," she panted. She clutched onto me, holding on as I gave her the ride of her life.

Being so attuned to her body, I could feel the tell-tale flutters of her pending orgasm. Not wanting her to fail, I pinched a nipple hard, and she cried out in pain. I adjusted the angle of my thrusts so that I was hitting the sweet spot deep in her. Her low whimpers of pleasure made my cock twitch. The knowledge that I alone could elicit such responses from her made my head swim.

Each rhythmic thrust, each sensation of being deep in her, and our combined noises only served to drive me to move faster and harder. Sweat rolled off our bodies and soon I felt the low rumbling of my approaching orgasm. The tingle swept from my gut and radiated outward.

"You will not come until you feel me fill your sweet pussy. Do you understand my sweet angel?"

I punctuated each word with a slow, lazy pump. Her head tipped back and I watched as her eyes rolled back, her mouth slack and panting.

"Oh, God, yes Sir." Her hands clawed into my arm as she fought to stave off the orgasm that I could feel was building. Her stomach quivered and undulated as I continued to fuck her.

With her acquiescence, I picked up the pace, feeling the building pressure at the base of my cock. Bella's pants turned to garbled grunts. Her head moved side to side as she worked hard to hold back. The little flutters and twitches of her pussy only helped to speed my release along.

When I could wait no longer, I slammed into her with wild, erratic thrusts, emptying into her warm pussy in long streams. That was all that Bella needed as her pussy clamped down on my dick and pulsed and throbbed with her release. Her mouth opened in a silent scream and her entire body shook as her orgasm overtook her.

With one last shudder, she slumped against me, gasping for air. I pushed her sweat soaked hair off to the side and kissed the nape of her neck. She snuggled closer and hummed in contentment. My eyes swept over her body, flushed not only from the sex but the earlier punishment. She never looked more beautiful.

"Thank you, Sir," she mumbled before she drifted off to sleep.

Six Months Later


I opened the door to our Santa Barbara beach house and the sight that greeted me warmed my heart and made my cock twitch. Bella kneeled in all her naked glory, thighs wide open, arms relaxed and at her sides, back straight, and her head bowed in glorious submission.

Our move here was uneventful and easy. The school was sad to see me go on sabbatical, but it was what I wanted. We needed complete uninterrupted time to begin this new phase of our relationship, time for us to acclimate to our new roles. I had never taken complete control over a person, and it was a new dynamic for us both. What I did know was that Bella would need my constant presence not only to enforce the new rules, but she also needed the comfort and safety that only I could give her as she adjusted.

While I couldn't say that Bella adapted without any complications, it did go fairly well. It was a shift for her to look at me to make all her choices. Hell, it was a shift for me as well. There were a few times when Bella acted correctly, not moving when I hadn't told her she could and me forgetting that fact. But as time went, we found a new balance that we both could handle.

That night was going to be a treat for us both. I had recently obtained membership in an exclusive club that met in Montecito. It catered to those couples in committed Master/slave relationships. The fact that Bella asked to classify ours as that surprised me. But when she explained that it would help her find her place and space, I couldn't deny her. So just over a month earlier, I collared her as I wanted her to have a tangible proof of my ownership of her.

"Hello, my angel. How are you?"

A soft smile graced her lips. "Good, Master. I have something for you." She held up one of her hands to me and clutched in her fingers was a thick envelope.

"What do we have here?" I plucked it from her hands. "Serve me, Bella." With that she rose gracefully from her knees and helped to remove my coat and shoes and took my brief case from me. She sank back down to her knees and opened the zipper of my pants. When her hand grasped my cock, I moaned and thrust my hips.

Her warm mouth engulfed my cock and began sucking me like a pro. Over the months her oral skills had drastically improved, to the point where she could get me to come in about five minutes. Days where I was horny, her mouth could suck me dry in mere minutes. That day, I was almost ready to blow seconds after she slid me into her mouth. I managed to hold off for another minute or two, but before long I felt my orgasm rise and after a few swirls of her tongue I erupted into her mouth. She swallowed liked the good girl she was and with one final kiss to the tip, she tucked me back into my pants.

She sat back on her heels and flicked her gaze from me to the envelope in my hands and back up to me. I had forgotten about it the second I felt her suck me down. With a quick motion of my hand, she rose up and followed me out onto our back patio.

Our new home had a wonderful view of the beach, but since we were up on a hill, it was completely private. That allowed me to keep Bella naked, which was how I preferred her to be. Her skin had taken on a slight sun-kissed glow and it only enhanced her natural beauty. When I had settled on the chaise lounge, I pointed to my lap and Bella jumped onto it with enthusiasm.

"So what do we have here, little one?" I waved the envelope in the air. The address was faced away from us, so I had no idea who it was from. But from the way that Bella gnawed on her lower lip, she knew and it was causing her to feel anxious.

Pulling her lip from her teeth, I raised her chin to look into her eyes. "What has you so worked up?"

Her eyes flicked over to the envelope and in that instant, I knew exactly what it was all about.


All day that envelope tormented me. If it wasn't for the fact that I was secure in the knowledge that Edward would deal with the contents and not me, I would have gone crazy. As it was, I had a hard time focusing on my tasks that Edward had given me this morning before he went to his meeting.

Our life since coming to California had been more than I could ever imagine. Once we got over the natural bumps and issues with our newfound life, we settled into a wonderful sense of rightness. One of the first things Edward had me do was write. When he had seen some of my ramblings earlier in the school year, he was floored. He felt that I had the ability and mind to put something out there, so that was what he pushed me to do.

Each day I had time set aside for my writing. I resisted at first, but under Edward's firm hand and loving guidance, I found the confidence in myself to put word to paper. As the days turned to weeks and weeks into months, a book emerged. Edward read as I worked on it and his enthusiasm for it only encouraged me to keep writing. Just last month, I had sent the final manuscript in to a publishing house.

In Edward's hand was a reply from one of the four places I submitted to. Since Edward was my Master, everything belonged to him and so it was up to him to look at the letter and discuss it with me. I know to some that would seem asinine. It was my story after all. But the stress of having to deal with submitting and waiting for a reply was too much for me. So I gave that up to Edward. All I had to do was what was expected of me, which was to please my Master.

Nothing less, nothing more.

So as I sat in his lap, I worked hard to release the tension and anxiety I felt. Whatever was in that letter could change things and I wasn't sure how I felt about that.

"I'm worried about what the letter will say. What if they hated it? What if they loved it and want to publish it? I don't know how to deal with all that!" My voice rose to a frenzied state and my body trembled with anxiety.

His warm fingers covered my mouth and I stilled. He made the hand motion for me to kneel and I sank down, grateful for his calming presence. Without him having to tell me, I laid my head on his knee and closed my eyes as his fingers combed through my hair. I breathed deep, letting the stress and tumultuous feelings slide away. All I needed to remember was Edward was my Master and he would take care of it all.

I heard the rip of the envelope but it didn't affect me. All I felt was the soothing touch of his hands running through my hair. As the minutes ticked by and he made no noise- either positive or negative- I kept my focus on Master and his needs. Even once I heard the letter being placed back in the envelope, I didn't move.

He tapped my shoulder and I moved my head.

"We need to get dressed, angel, or we will be late." He fixed me with a steely gaze and I knew that he had made the choice not to discuss the content of the letter. I nodded and followed him into the house and our room.

Forty-five minutes later, we were dressed and ready. It was our first time at a private party and I wanted- no I needed- to prove Edward was a good Master. I wanted to give no one cause to think twice about his abilities. While in the car for the short ride to a home on the outskirts of Montecito, he told me about his meeting regarding his book. One of the conditions of the sabbatical he was taking was that he was to publish. He was currently writing a book on human relationships and the ever present dynamic of dominance and submission, even if it did not take on traditional BSDM appearance.

The mindless chatter was exactly what I needed to help ground me into the here and now, instead of worrying about the letter that was sitting on the kitchen table. As we turned onto the street, his voice pulled all my focus back on him.

"Remember your rules, angel. No talking unless I give permission, stand to my right, observe but do not stare and most of all, be respectful and obedient."

"Yes, Master." His warm hand squeezed my knee and I felt calm seep into my body.

The party was a symphony of sights and sounds. Never did I feel awkward or embarrassed. I obeyed Master to the best of my ability, and his loving touches and smiles were all the reward that I needed. We met so many people that I was glad I didn't have to remember them all. Master took me to observe an erotic cane demo and I couldn't contain the excitement I felt watching it. By the sounds the slave was making, she was enjoying it as well.

Each praise Master got regarding my obedience made me stand taller and strove to serve him even better. It was moments like those- when I knew I had made the right choice in accepting Master's proposal. He saw something in me that I had yet to discover, but through his words and actions I thrived and blossomed.

At the end of the night, Master was helping me into the car when something fell into my lap. I waited until he had settled into the driver's seat before speaking.

"Master, what would you like me to do?" I looked down and realized that it was the same envelope from before, the one I was certain he had left behind.

"You will open the letter and read it." He didn't bother to look at me; he was confident that his command would be followed.

So, with a steady hand, I removed the letter and opened it up. The first few words didn't register, but once I read them again, a huge smile erupted. They wanted to meet to discuss the book.

"They liked it, Master. They want to meet to discuss it!" His smirk was sexy and I laughed at my exuberance.

"I know, angel. Congratulations." He reached over to thread our hands together and I leaned back in contentment. Once again, Master knew the perfect way to break the news to me.

That night as he tucked the covers around me as I lay on my pallet on the floor, the love and joy shining through his eyes overwhelmed me. The attention and care he showed me was laced with his love and pride in me. My last conscious thought before sleep claimed me was how grateful I was to have Master by my side. I knew with his guidance there was nothing we couldn't accomplish.

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