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Tamotsu poked his head around the corner.

…They were yelling again…

"I can't believe you lied about where you were staying!"

His mother rubbed the back of her hand on her wet cheek. "We needed somewhere to stay!"

"You could have gone anywhere but with him!"

…He didn't know what they were saying… all he heard was loud voices…

His father kept pushing his hand through his hair and raising his voice.

"Orihime-" he said. "I don't care if he's not my-"

"Don't say that!" His mother had water coming down her face again. She wiped at them but they kept coming. "Don't you ever say that…"

His father slapped his hand against the papers he was holding. "There's proof, Orihime… There's nothing we can change about that!"

More shouting.

Tamotsu covered his ears and continued to watch.

Back and forth, back and forth…

"One mistake! I made one mistake!"

"And now we're paying for it!"

His father held up the paper and slammed it on the table.

His mother shielded her face from him and tried to walk away.

His father reached out for her but groaned and held his side. He breathed hard and leaned against the table.

His mother gasped and ran back to him. She sat him down in a chair.

He grabbed her arm and pulled her close.

Tamotsu didn't understand…

She sat on his lap and smiled.

They both began to slowly rub her tummy.

Their lips touched.

…Why were they rubbing her stomach? Weren't they just arguing? ...Why was it all happening? Why were they always upset?

Was it because of her stomach?

...Is there something in there?

Tamotsu lowered his eyes from the scene.

He walked away from the ajar door and silently slunk down the hall.

A month and a half later.

Orihime stared at her son run around in round circles. He stopped and took a few breaths then continued.

The woman could barely stand to be in the house anymore. Ichigo had his good friend Chad fix up the kitchen and deck, along with their good friends of headaches, banging and noise.


The woman looked up and saw Ichigo looking at Tamotsu run around the lawn.

He sat down next to her on the grass and they watched him together.

"Are you ready?" He didn't look at Orihime but the question was directed to her.

"No… I'm not."

Tamotsu picked up his toy truck and pushed it along the grass. A smile quickly crossed her lips and disappeared.

"It's going to be-"

Running her fingers through her hair, Orihime sighed. "Can we talk about this later…"

Ichigo faced her. "I just want you to see-"

"The last thing I want to think about is my son being taken from me… Please don't bring it up again." Orihime's eyes were still trained on Tamotsu.

Ichigo blew out hot air of frustration. "Fine, we'll talk about it later…"

The woman frowned. "I don't want to talk about it at all."

Ichigo pinched the bridge of his nose then rubbed out the irritation. "Well that's not an option for us."

Orihime stood. She couldn't take it anymore. "Tamotsu! Come on, Monkey. Let's go get lunch!"

Tamotsu dropped his truck and ran before his mother. She grabbed his hand and stormed off the property.

She was tired. So tired. Tired of all the noise coming from kitchen. The noise coming from the men in suits. The noise coming from the lawyers. The noise coming from Ichigo.

Orihime tugged at Tamotsu harder.

She and her son marched down the street. She kept hearing her name being called over and over again. Her head was beginning to throb all over again.

"Mommy! Mommy!"

"What!" Orihime shouted and turned around and looked down at a stunned Tamotsu.

She immediately regretted it.

His bottom lip trembled and he burst in tears.

She had never raised her voice that loud at him, never ever... until now.

She bent down to his level and apologized. He looked from behind his hands covering his face.

"I'm sorry, honey. What was wrong?"

"You were… holding… my hand too tight…" He stuttered over his words.

Orihime paused, smiled, and then encircled her arms around the sobbing child. "I'll never be able to hold you tight enough…"

The next night.

Orihime stroked a brush through her long wet hair.

She sat in front of her vanity and took her time with all of the kinks and potential knots.


Orihime looked at her mirror and saw Ichigo coming into their bedroom.


He sighed and rubbed the back of his stiff neck. Long nights reading through papers with the lawyers had taken a toll on him. "You know what we need to talk about…"

Orihime sighed. Of course she knew what he wanted to talk about. She's been avoiding it all day. "Yes… I know."

Ichigo sat on the edge of the bed. "We go to the court tomorrow, and I want you to be prepared."

"Ichigo… I know." Orihime placed her brushed down. This conversation was about to go downhill, and she didn't want to end up throwing the hair tool at him.

"I just want you to understand-"

"I know!" Orihime turned around in her chair. "Why wouldn't I understand? And I've been trying my hardest to block it out of my mind for the past month... I've been focusing on the bakery with the money I don't have and with the baby that I'm scared to give birth to and Tamotsu… Why would you think that I'd want that to be on my mind?"

"I want you to know that it could go either way." Ichigo slipped off his shirt.

Orihime watched him throw the shirt to the ground. "Why would you think like that?"

Ichigo walked out of the room and into his own walk-in closet. "Because it could happen!"

Orihime turned back around in her chair and crossed her arms. "Oh how optimistic of you!"

"I didn't ask for an argument, Orihime. I just wanted to let you know that there are possibilities."

Orihime got up from her vanity and over to his closet. He was pulling a fresh T-shirt on over his head. "Tell me everything will be okay."

His head poked out of the top of the shirt. "Huh?"

Orihime rest her back against the wall and sighed heavily. "Just tell me that everything will be okay..."


"No. Please, Ichigo... I'm begging you to just tell me it'll be alright…"

Ichigo huffed. "Everything will be okay…" he quickly said with an irritated voice. He kicked his pants off. She knew she'd have to pick those up in the morning and began to become even more upset then she was before.

"No! Say it like you mean it!"

"Orihime…" He lowered his head then looked back up at his pregnant wife. "We will get past this… bump in the road. It's another test for us." He strode over and held her soft cheeks with his large hands. "We'll pass it. You have to believe in us. Everything will be okay."

Orihime stood still for a moment. "Do you really mean all that?" She said through her squeezed cheeks.

"It's the truth." He let her face go.

Orihime lifted her hand and raked her fingers through his orange hair. "You only told me what I wanted to hear..." she whispered.

He flashed Orihime his famous smile. "That's also the truth."

That smile was so rare from him. Not just in these days but in all days. She knew it was something special when he gave her that ear to ear grin that only she could accomplish when others had failed.

Orihime smiled and crawled into his arms. "Thank you."

The woman looked up at the huge, intimidating building.

"It's going to be okay," Ichigo whispered in her ear from behind. He took her hand, Tamotsu in the other, and all three of them walked up the wide stairs.

Inside, there was a large room with people stirring about. In the court room, the family met up with their attorney, Osamu Ishino. He had thinning brown hair, and small square cut glasses.

"Ichigo, I really don't want to do this…" She crossed her arms, shielding herself, and lowered her voice. "Tamotsu doesn't need this…"

They had planned for Tamotsu to stay at Isshin's during the hearing, but Orihime couldn't bare to part with him at the moment.

Ichigo rubbed her arms. "Just another bump in the road," he reminded.

The doors opened and in walked him. A few other men were behind him. One of them Orihime recognized… He had dark braids, an orange scarf, and lightly tinted shades… Yes, she's definitely has seen him before.

If she wasn't about four months pregnant and if there weren't so many people around, she'd walk right up to him a smack that smug look right off his face.

Orihime shook her head. She was so aggressive lately. Maybe it was because of the baby. No matter how evil someone was, Orihime would never dream of hitting them.

"Orihime, how have you been?" He took in her flushed face and tiny bump. "Hopefully the baby is well."

"She's been fine, Aizen." Ichigo spat back.

Aizen turned his head towards Ichigo. "I believe I was addressing Orihime."

Ichigo stood in front of Orihime and crossed his arms. "You don't get to call her that."

Aizen raised a brow. "I have called her by her birth given name many times before."

Ichigo scowled. "That's about to change. You should call her Mrs. Kurosaki."

"Ichigo." She placed her hand on his chest to calm him. She shook her head and gave him a long stare. "It's not worth it…"

One of Aizen's men called his name. Aizen looked behind him. "…I wish you all the best in today's hearing."

They all took their seats and the judge soon came out.

The man with the orange scarf and shades turned out to be his own attorney, a man named Kaname Tōsen.

Orihime had once seen him in the restaurant when Aizen and her were having a conversation... Those were days she suppressed in her mind for so long.

Orihime looked around the court room.

She looked at her husband and her attorney. The people in their seats. The young child sitting behind her.

And across the room was that evil man. His smirk, his hair, his eyes… All a façade to hide the rotten heart he had in his chest.

But she wouldn't let him.

She refused.

She refused to let him take the one thing that mattered to her. The one thing that kept her going all these years.

She wasn't going to let him take Tamotsu…

Kyōraku leaned back in his chair with his feet, one foot over the other, resting on top of his desk.

He hummed to a familiar tune he heard some time ago, feeling the sun beamed down on him from the open window.

There was a knock on the door and it opened to his favorite person. She walked across the room until she stood next to his desk.

"Ah my sweet, sweet Nanao-chan... You've come to me." He gave her a smile.

Nanao adjusted her oval glasses. "Don't get your hopes up. You have a visitor."

"Tell 'em they can wait." He grabbed her hand and pulled her against him. "I just want a minute with my Nanao-chan."

"Someone has to run this paper." The anal woman yanked her hand out of his'. "If not me, then who?"

Kyōraku clutched his chest in mock pain. "Oh, Nanao-chan! It hurts me when you put me down so!"

Nanao sat up. "Anyway, it's some guy named…" she looked down at her clipboard. "Takashi Igarashi. He claims he has some information that you might want to check out."

Kyōraku grinned. "Well then what are we waiting for? Send the man in!"

Nanao left the room and was back in seconds with a scruffy looking boy.

He was unshaven and looked as if his body's energy was running on a diet of coffee and cigarettes and not to mention to unmistakable smell of spearmint gum. The man shifted from foot to foot in the quietness of the room. "Hi… uh, I'm Takashi."

Kyōraku set his feet on the floor and yawned. "And what do you have for us today, Takashi?"

Takashi opened his bag and placed a pile of pictures on Kyōraku's desk. "I got these."

Nanao picked up a photo and furrowed her brow. "These are photos of Kurosaki Ichigo, correct."

Takashi nodded. "Check out whose he's wit'."

Kyōraku picked up a photo also. "Kuchiki Rukia…?"

Takashi smirked. "Ya see tha ones where they're at a motel. I took it only a month ago." Takashi dug through his bag some more. "I even got recent ones."

Nanao looked down at Kyōraku. "How long do you think this was going on for?"

Kyōraku smirked at a photo. "I don't know, but we better run this story before someone else does."


Kyōraku and Nanao looked over at Takashi. He was rubbing three of his fingers together with a smile on his face.

"My services ain't free." He slid an approving gaze at Nanao and licked his lips. She mentally gagged at the smell of the minty-cigarette mixture of his breath. "Neither is 'em cheap."

"Ah!" Kyōraku sat back down. "You know… You could have gone to any other paper in this city… why us?"

His thin lips opened to show pointy teeth. "You're where tha big bucks are."

Nanao stepped in. "How much?"

"Sev'n hundred."

She looked surprised. "Seven hundred in all?"

He almost laughed. "Seven hundred fer each photo."

She looked at Kyōraku and he nodded. She turned back to Takashi. "Three hundred."

"Six eighty."

"Four thirty."

"Six fifty."

"Five hundred."

Takashi thought for a moment. The woman drove a hard bargain… "Al'ight. Five hundred fer each photo." He stuck out his hand.

Nanao shook it and so did Kyōraku.

"It was a pleasure doing business with you."

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