This is an AU of Witch Hunter. The past and future collide where the WH agents of the past meets their counterparts from the future. Many different pairings…will be more apparent in the later chapters. WARNING: shounen-ai if not yaoi in later chapters… maybe.

The Meeting and First Impressions

All Black Class WH agents please report to Meeting Room B

All Black Class WH agents please report to Meeting Room B

Tasha, Xing, Cooga, Tarras, and the rest of the WH agents made their way to the Meeting room as instructed. Once all the members were present, Vihyungrang prompted the meeting to begin.

"I asked all of you to be here in order to resolve an issue with a mistake in multiple identities" he stated.

"A mistake in identity? What do ya mean?" Amos from the Three Black Star Brothers asked.

"Please look at the following video and you will see what I mean", Vihyungrang simply stated.

With a flip of a switch a video popped up on the wide screen depicting a circus scene and its performers.

"Watch carefully at each of the performers, and tell me what you see", Vihyungrang instructed.

"What the heck?! Why am I there?"

"This can't be right. I was never there to begin with!" every agent blew out in a fit of anger and annoyance.

Every person grew more confused and angry by the second at what they were seeing. The performers had the same exact faces as the WH members. None of the members have ever been to the sights of the scene, nor are any of the WH members a circus member. Many felt like they were being made fun of and many within the crowd wanted to get back at them.

"Everybody calm down!" Vihyungrang ordered and the crowd immediately returned its attention back to him.

"This is why I called the meeting. I have already assigned a member of WH to keep track of where this troupe is going and now I am going to assign 4 other members to join him. Tasha, Xing, Tarras, and Cooga you four have been selected to meet the other member at Poritanno City, the site where it is most likely where these performers will go to next. Find a guy named Ryuhwan and observe the outsiders. Also, whatever you do, DO NOT ENGAGE, its observations only," Vihyungrang emphasized, "Depending on what we can learn from these identity thieves, the rest of you may be called to action in the future. For now the four chosen agents are to be dispatched a.s.a.p. The rest of you are dismissed."

After the meeting was over, many of the members had mixed feeling about what was discussed at the meeting, especially Tasha.

"Why is Ryuhwan assigned to this mission? Since when was he a part of the Western Division? Could this mission lead me to Aria?" Tasha thought hard about it as he made a beeline to his room to pack his belongings.

"Hey Halloween, get ready 'cause we're heading out" Tasha said as he put on his coat and gloves on.

"Sweet~ where are we going?" Halloween asked, ready to go.

"To Poritanno City. We're meeting up with…Ryuhwan," Tasha replied with an unnoticed gag reflex at Ryuhwan's name.

"What, Ryuhwan? We're working with Ryuhwan? And you accepted?" Halloween questioned her master's sense of judgment.

"I had no other choice. Vihyungrang chose me, Xing, Cooga and Tarras to this assignment." Tasha explained.

"Great~ we have to work with the womanizer, the shortcake and the ego-monkey" Halloween said sarcastically.

"Yeah" Tasha agreed, "but orders are orders. We just have to observe a certain target and follow it for a while."

"Huh? Just observing? No action? Ugh, fine…" Halloween said with disappointment.

"Come on, let's go" Tasha gestured to the door and both headed out the door and towards the train station platform.

When they got to the station, they met up with Xing and company at the platform, all set to head out.

"We were waiting for you," Xing waved the two over; "The train will be here soon."

"Tch can't believe that White Class put us on the same team for this mission" Cooga muttered under his hat.

"No use complaining about it now. Besides, it should be an honor that you all get to work with me, the Blessing of the Earth, Tarras Doberg," Tarras stated, equally disappointed that he didn't get this assignment alone.

Tasha didn't say much. He was still occupied by how Ryuhwan was assigned to this mission.

"Hello in there~" Xing waved a hand in front of Tasha's face, "Hey, Mr. Magic Marksman, the trains here. Get on or you'll get left behind."

Tasha snapped out of his thoughts and gave a nod as a sign of his thanks to Xing.

On the train ride there, it was mostly quiet, mostly. Most of the members tried to sleep, since this particular mission might require many all-nighters for through observation. However, never put Tasha and Cooga in the same room for a long time or, inevitably, it will result to all hell breaking loose.

When Poritanno City was in sight, the five WH agents got ready to start the mission. As they got off at the station, invisible to the naked eye to all other non-WH members, they headed straight for the rendezvous point to meet with Ryuhwan. As they approached the point, festive music began to fill the air and the streets were constantly getting more crowded.

"Man, what the heck is going on here?" Cooga asked, growing with impatience in the growing crowd.

"There seems to be an event that is going on at the village square." Tarras explained.

"Did the Earth Scan show you that?" Xing asked.

"But of course Earth Scan showed me. Anything touching the ground can't hope to escape my radar." Tarras gloated with a shining light background.

"Any way, I also picked up a trace of mana in the crowd. It said in the profiles that Ryuhwan uses guns similar to Tasha's. I'm guessing that is him." Tarras continued.

"Are we close to him?" Xing asked.

"Pretty close," Tarras replied, "he's at the inner ring, but he hasn't moved."

The group headed toward the epicenter of the crowd. People were on their toes trying to get a good look at the entertainers.

A long banner hung overhead with the title, Circo di Futuro (Circus of the Future), written on.

"That must be the group's name", Tasha noted to the group.

The group finally managed to find Ryuhwan with the help of Tarras' Earth Scan. When Ryuhwan acknowledged the team's presence, none to happy though, he resumed his observations.

"What do you know now?" Xing questioned.

"All I can got is this circus group has our faces, even mine, and they have been traveling and performing all over the place. However, it seems that every place they go to they attract witches and their supporters. When that happens this group uses the opportunity of the witch's attack and make it a part of the show. They can attack and defend against witches, and my goggles haven't picked up any mana source from them," Ryuhwan stated, "Also, the performances change, no two shows in between cities are the same."

"So they are all human." Xing confirmed, "Even the women in the group."

"I agree with Ryuhwan. However, my Earth Scan is picking up a different kind of power, but I can't tell what it is." Tarras warned,"Keep your guards up. They can fight witches, but that doesn't mean that they can be fully trusted just yet."

"We have to keep observing till we are called back to the HQ." Cooga added in, "So we have to just watch and not get caught."

"Basically," the group said with unison.

Just then, a bright flash shined in the middle of the ring and the whole crowd was blinded for a couple seconds. When focus came back to, the performers had disappeared. The people in the inner rings of the square were baffled and many started to search the crowds to see if any of the performers were hiding among the bystanders.

Even the WH were stunned as to where their target had gone, except for Tarras and Ryuhwan, who still had their scanners on.

"Cooga! Behind you!" Tarras called out but was too late. A dark apparition rose from the earth and hovered over Cooga. In a blink of an eye, the dark apparition molded into a solid body, covered by a long black cape, and two strong arms wrapped around Cooga's waist. Before he could even resist, the dark hooded figure turned him around in a 180 and planted a fiery kiss on Cooga's lips.

Out of shock, Cooga tried to push away but the surprise attack sapped most of his energy away. After letting go of the kiss, the dark figure leaned into Cooga's ear, while he was catching his breath, and whispered...

"I'll see you again my love."

Cooga was stunned once again and slumped to his knees, all strength gone from him and the shadow figure leaped back into the center stage and continued the show, wowwing the crowd with levitation tricks and making the members reappear out of thin air.

The team decided to retreat and regroup in order to let Cooga get back into focus. However, as they left the crowd, the shadowy figure smiled a Cheshire cat smile towards the WH agents.

Truly, we will meet again soon.

To be continued...

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