Margaret stood up from the couch and smiled at her two guests. "You know what? I think I'll make us all some sundaes." she said, with a smile. Mordecai and Eileen looked at one another and smiled. Margaret had been sitting in the middle so now there was a considerable space between the two of them. They both thought it would be awkward without Margaret in the room to encourage conversation . Still, the two of them were pretty hungry so the delicious snacks would be worth it.

"I'll be back soon you guys." Margaret told them and headed for the kitchen.

Mordecai then leaned back against the couch, his eyes darting over to Eileen. "So, s'up?"

She blinked at him, a little confused. It should be obvious what was "s'up" at the moment. "Why couldn't Rigby come with you again?" Eileen asked curiously.

"He's sick," Mordecai explained, "Been blowing his nose like crazy all day. It's pretty annoying not to mention gross."

With a questioning gleam in her eyes, Eileen scooted a bit closer to him. "Tell me more about Rigby."

Mordecai then sat straight up, shifting around awkwardly. "Well. He's Rigby." he said jokingly.

She giggled, "No I mean personal things." she said with a little blush.

Mordecai thought for a moment and then his beak formed a smile, "Well secretly, he really, really likes you and thinks you're smoking hot."

Eileen's eyes lit up and big smile crossed her face. "Really?"

He chuckled, "Oh yeah."

With a warm smile on her face, Eileen leaned back against the couch. A blush on her face and a happy gleam in her eyes. "Oh, Rigby." she whispered, having thoughts of her beloved.

"Where is Margaret with those sundaes? I'm starving here." Mordecai said, patting his growling stomach.

"Hey Mordecai, do you think I'm 'hot' too?" Eileen asked shyly. Mordecai looked at her in surprise, he definitely wasn't expecting her to ask that.

"Um. Well sure, you're cute." he said with a shrug. He wasn't completely saying that just to be nice. Eileen was pretty cute, cute wasn't exactly the same as hot though. Margaret was what he defined as hot.

Eileen let out a girlish giggle, "Oh Mordecai." She was starting to seem slightly flirtatious which was surprising to Mordecai, since he thought that she only liked Rigby. Perhaps her thoughts just had her all worked up and Mordecai just happened to be the one there to take her 'frustrations' out on. He gulped.

"I sure wish Margaret would hurry up with those sundaes." he said nervously.

Suddenly Eileen's face turned sad and she looked down. Where did that come from? Mordecai thought to himself in confusion.

"Eileen what's wrong?" he asked in concern.

"I like Rigby, but right now I want to kiss you." She said sadly, "I must be so horrible."

Mordecai nearly fell off the couch in surprise. Eileen wanted to kiss him? That was very crazy to him. "But Eileen..." he wasn't sure what to tell her.

"I know it's awful of me." She looked up at him and he saw that her eyes were filling with tears. Mordecai shook his head nervously, he didn't like seeing her cry.

"No, no, no don't cry Eileen..." he said. Eileen just looked at him and let out a small whimper. "Okay, just give me one little kiss and that's all."

Eileen's face lit up, "Yay! Thank you Mordecai." She then positioned herself on her knees on the couch so she could be face to face with him.

"Remember just a little one." he reminded her.

She batted her eyes and then grabbed both sides of his face, pulling him into her and kissing him full on the beak.


Margaret stood behind the threshold, peeking in at her two guests. She saw that her friend was kissing Mordecai. Eileen was kissing him with much force and he looked extremely nervous.

A smile crossed her face as she watched the two of them, it was all she needed to see. She then walked to the kitchen table where three hot fudge sundaes were sitting on a tray. They were partially melted, she had watched the entire scene between Mordecai and Eileen.

All according to plan, was what she was thinking.

A/N: This was just going to be a one-shot but I'll be adding more to be continued! :D