Part Two:

Margaret handed each of her guests a sundae, a smile on her face. Mordecai eagerly took the snack, as if it could save him from his worries. Oh god what if Margaret finds out? He thought to himself, Dammit Eileen I told you just a little kiss!

"Could you scoot over Eileen?" Margaret said sweetly. Eileen smiled and scooted onto the other side of the sofa. Before her friend sat down the two of them exchanged a look.

When Margaret was seated Mordecai tensed up, taking scoop after scoop of the partly melted sundae. "Is something wrong?" Margaret asked, seeing that he was beginning to shake.

"Well, you know ice cream is cold." Mordecai replied modestly. Eileen let out a giggle which caused his heart to beat fast. You better keep the kiss a secret Eileen!

"I think something's up." Margaret stated.

"What? Nothing's up, nothing at all." Mordecai sloppily shoved more ice cream into his mouth as if it could serve as a distraction. Some of it dripped, but he didn't seem to notice.

Margaret chuckled, "Yeah sure."

"It's true!" he cried defensively.

Eileen sat down her sundae and then snuggled up to Margaret. "Mordecai's so cute, isn't he?" she said, closing her eyes blissfully.

Oh no she's smitten, Mordecai thought worriedly. Please, Please don't say anything else Eileen. Trails of ice cream were running down his chest.

"I'm so glad the plan's gone so well." Margaret said, stroking Eileen's hair.

Mordecai's eyes widened for a moment then he sat down his sundae. "What's going on here?" he said as he stood up, looking down at the two females.

Their eyes would meet when Eileen sat up and smiled. "Should we tell him now? I'm pretty eager!" Eileen said.

"God this is getting weird." Mordecai said in annoyance.

"Hmm.. or maybe we should just keep him waiting." Margaret said teasingly.

He sighed, they were playing some type of game with him. Mordecai decided that he would play along with this game they were playing, it was the only way. "Oh yeah just keep me waiting," he told them, "I'm so patient."

The two females looked at one another and laughed, "Oh Mordecai. It's just I know that you like me and..." Margaret said, her voice drifting off.

"Well come on say it." Mordecai said but tried not to sound too eager.

"I think you should date Eileen." Margaret said, pulling her friend close to her.

"Ummm..." Mordecai wasn't sure what to say, he didn't really like Eileen in such a way. He'd always felt that he belonged with Margaret. He looked at Eileen who was looking at him, her eyes seemed to sparkle under her glasses.

"What is going on here?!" Mordecai hollered, "I thought Eileen was supposed to like Rigby and now all of a sudden she likes me?!"

"Calm down, Mordecai," Eileen said, "You did let me kiss you, so I assumed there was a chance it could happen."

"Yeah we did a little test first." Margaret added.

Mordecai sighed deeply and bowed his head. He wasn't sure what he would do, the whole situation was overwhelming. "To be honest, I don't really see Eileen as a girlfriend type or anything." He saw Eileen's expression sadden a little but when he looked to Margaret and she smiled.

"Well you don't now but if you give her a chance, you can see her as the type." she said, "Please Mordecai, do it for me."

He sighed once again, shaking his head. "Come here Eileen." A wide grin came to her face as she got up from the couch. She held open her arms, waiting for his approval. With a weak smile, he nodded. Immediately Eileen stepped over and embraced him, he felt uncomfortable at first especially with Margaret watching. Still, he patted her head gently.

Maybe this can work out, he thought