Premise: In "Spell it out" (2.7), Vera comments on the amount of texts and calls between Nico and Dani. In "Shrink or Swim" (2.1), we find out Dani and Nico haven't talked much in the 6 week off season. Episodes 2.1 through 2.7 take place between mid – February and mid – July which is when Vera gets access to Nico's phone. Which thus brings us to the question - how many texts are considered "a lot" between friends?

Here are some texts that might be found on Dani and Nico's phones.

AN: These aren't in any particular order at the moment, although I may go back and reorder them later.

Texts are in italics.

"When the Boss Knocks"

~~Takes place during "Slumpbuster" 2.4

Marshall Pittman wasn't out the door a full minute before Dani had her phone in her hand texting Nico.

Dani: What can I do?

His reply was instant which she had come to expect as normal for him but tonight was anything but normal.

Nico: Next time call me the moment he knocks on your door.

Dani rolled her eyes at his response and briefly wondered how Nico knew Marshall had just been in her house. Her fingers flew over her phone, ripping out her reply.

Dani: Damn it, Nico. You know that isn't what I meant. He fired you! What happened?

There was a delay this time. In her mind, Dani ran over her conversation with Nico in the car and her bizarre conversation with Pittman in his office. Was there anything she could do or have done differently?

Nico: I tried to persuade my friend to get help. He was less than receptive.

Shit! That's what she had been afraid of. Since Marshall already knew about Nico's affair with Gabrielle and given what Pittman had just said about how he got his wife, Dani wasn't sure there was much else besides a discussion of Marshall's mental instability that would cause the rift between the men.

Dani: And I ask again, what can I do to help you? Do you want to come over and talk?

Dani had sent the text before she even really thought through the offer she had just made. Reaching out to this man came some naturally to her but she needed to call Matt. She wasn't sure if Matt was coming over tonight or not. However, there was absolutely no way she could tell Matt Marshall Pittman had come to her house yet a second time and in a near dissociative state. Nor could she tell Matt Nico was coming over so she could help him through an emotional time. She nibbled on her nail while she wanted for Nico's reply. Dani suddenly realized that regardless of Nico's answer, she wasn't going to let Matt come over tonight. Somehow a night of sex with Matt in her bed, it didn't seem right anymore. Finally her phone beeped.

Nico: The shark only bit me, Dani. It isn't the first time and don't worry I didn't get eaten. Just a little blood in the water. Stay out of his path if you can. I won't be far away. I will take care of it if he gets too close again. Good night, doctor.

Dani was suddenly both disappointed and relieved that he wasn't coming over. Uggh, it was time for a glass of wine and a few pages of Ken Follett.

Dani: Good night, Nico. Rest well.

Maybe by her telling him to rest, Nico would allow himself to relax a little. She knew he wouldn't sleep.