AN: You are only getting this now because I had to have something to work on while waiting for SciFiRN's next chapter of "All the Words" (if you aren't reading her story, you should be). But alas it is time for bed so I leave you with my sad substitution for her amazing work.

If you are wondering, ICE stands for "In Case of Emergency". The first responders recommend putting an ICE entry in your cell phone so they know who to contact if you are ever incapacitated during an emergency and unable to tell them who to call on your behalf. It seemed like the type of detail Nico would be attentive to.

"Pancakes and Hawks' Assets"

~~Takes place during "Pilot" 1.1

Nico: I trust Xeno's banana pancakes were excellent as usual.

"What the Hell?" was the first thought to cross Dani's mind when her cell phone buzzed and the name "Nico" flashed across the screen. Dani was trying to unwind from her misadventure of helicopter rides, strip clubs and TK that started at 3 AM this morning. She had managed to get the kids off to school after feeding them Xeno's pancakes, which were in fact excellent. Now she was dissecting her patient notes on TK and the research she'd done on him hoping to discover the correct approach to take with the player because what she had done thus far obviously wasn't working.

Dani: Nico?

Nico: Yes, Doctor.

When did his number get in there? And if he had her cell number why hadn't he called before showing up at 3 AM last night?

Dani: How is your number in my phone? Did you steal my phone and program in your number?

Nico: Programming your phone myself was the best way to ensure you had all of my numbers in your cell correctly. I could not have stolen your phone since it is obviously in your possession.

Dani quickly checked her contacts and not only did she have multiple numbers for Nico, he was now #5 on her speed dial (behind her children, her mother and Jeanette). Although the fact Nico had put himself in the speed dial spot Ray had previously occupied did amuse her, Dani wasn't at all amused to find Nico's number listed as her ICE contact. Ohh, that man! But when had he managed to do all of this? Then it dawned on her - during the helicopter ride back from Atlantic City, they had both sat in the back, her purse between them. Dani had succumbed to a fitful sleep still worried over her failure with TK and her children's reaction to finding Xeno in the kitchen but never the less exhausted from the emotional rollercoaster of the previous three hours. Nico, as far as she could tell, hadn't slept at all. He must have done it then.

Dani: Why do you have my cell phone number anyway?

Nico: I have the cell numbers of all of the Hawks assets. You are a Hawks asset, Dr. Santino. Therefore I have your cell number.

What exactly did that mean? She was going to have to remember to ask Matt about that.

Dani: Does that mean you will call me before showing up at my house next time?

TK wasn't the only one who needed a lesson about boundaries and appointments.

Nico: Did your children enjoy the pancakes?

Oh, Jesus, she wasn't in the mood for this this morning.

Dani: Yes, Nico, they did.

Maybe if she answered his question, he would leave her alone.

Nico: Get some sleep Dani; I will let you know if I find Terrance. I believe your son has a football game later today; you wouldn't want to miss it.

This really was ridiculous.

Dani: I am not even going to ask how you know what my son's football schedule is.

Nico: Hawks' asset, remember?

Okay that's enough; it had to be noon somewhere. It was time for a glass of wine and a nap. Dani closed her notes, locked up her files and headed towards the basement for a bottle of Pinot.