Chapter 1 – The Mission

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"MOVE OUT!" shouted Exalta.

He watched as the Shadow Legion of Chaos move out in Phalanx Formation across the hangar. He watched proudly as they all marched with Chaos' symbol, a helix, flown proudly above them. The rangers, which are the elite archers, flew with quivers of any type of arrows on their backs while carrying a bow. A total of a million soldiers, heading towards The Avenger, are ready for any conflict that arises. Come to think of it, they are heading towards the planet Earth, the planet he dreaded to see, as well as the planet he can't wait to be on.

"Excited?" said someone that is next to him.

He turned around to find Nightshade, the second-in-command, next to him surveying the millions before them. Nightshade is obviously a woman, based on her figure and curves. She is wearing a silver armor and hood, as well as a silver bow and a quiver of silver arrows on her back. She has silver wings as well.

"Not so much." Exalta said. "This is the planet that has forsaken me, as well as cherished me. This is the planet that I hate, yet I love. This is the planet that I want to destroy, yet I don't. To put it short, this planet has abandoned me, but has helped me as well."

Nightshade knew what he was talking about, and didn't press the matter any further.

As a matter of fact, she didn't need to. Coming towards them are three comrades that they knew so well.

"Hey!" shouted one of them. "Stop flirting and let's go!"

Suddenly, that one warrior who decided to say that started doing the chicken dance.

"Numero uno, Luke Castellan, I have told you that I already have a girlfriend. I am not telling who it is until we reached Earth, so stop assuming. In the meantime, you can continue to keep doing the chicken dance." Exalta said.

"Not fair, how can you make me do what you want?" Luke whined.

The two other people as well as Nightshade groaned, while Exalta just smirked.

"Luke, Luke, Luke, I, as a son of Poseidon, can do whatever I want with water. I swear on Chaos' immortal ass that out of every single person in the Shadow Legion army, you are the most dumbest and stupidest." Nightshade and the two others snickered at Exalta's words.

Chaos appeared in a black vortex.

"W…What d…did you s…say?" He said while trying to control his laughter but failed miserbly.

"Oh nothing," Exalta replied keeping his facade. "I just swore on your immortal ass that Luke there is the most stupid person out of the entire army. It is a wonder he can lead."

Now, every single one is rolling on the ground laughing hard, except for the marching army and the flying elite archers.

"Alright, we need to go see the gods of Olympus. Let's prepare to go. Luke, you have an alias yet?"

"Yes it's Epsilon. Can I stop doing the chicken dance now and what about the two next to me?"

"First of all, they are called Eclipse and Hammerhead…" Chaos started,

"And second of all, no you can't stop doing the chicken dance." Exalta finished.

"Great!" Luke groaned, while doing the chicken dance.

"ALRIGHT EVERYONE! LET"S GO ON BOARD!" Exalta boomed so loud that those next to him are covering their ears.

"YES, SIR!" The Army yelled back at him. Then, they lined up, and went inside The Avenger.

Meanwhile on Olympus

The Olympians are sitting in their thrones with a glum expression on their faces. Even Dionysus, the one who usually hates demigods and makes sarcastic comments about every single one of them, is looking glum.

Poseidon has a trace of sadness in his eyes. Artemis was crying openly. Apollo was comforting her. Athena looks toward his sister with sadness. Hephaestus was tinkering half-heartily with his mechanic, while Aphrodite tried to comfort him. Zeus was shocked. Hera was staring down at the floor, and the rest were just sitting on their thrones, either looking glum or looking sympathetic at Artemis.

Percy Jackson, the guardian of the Hunt, lover of Artemis, has died protecting Artemis against Hyperion. The campers know nothing of this tragedy. The hunters are in their camps grieving.

Zeus finally broke the silent.

"As much as it is sad that our young hero has died, there is something much more important."

All the Olympians looked up to him.

"What is it?" Athena asked.

Zeus sighed. "Gaia has awoken again."

All the Olympians seemed shocked.

"AGAIN!?" Artemis shrieked.

"Yes, I fear." Zeus answered. "This time, Gaia has enhanced several titans to do her bidding. Some of the titans are Kronos, Krios, Atlas, and Hyperion."

At the name Hyperion, Artemis eyes burned with anger.

"Hyperion? THAT BASTARD?" Artemis shouted. "I swear I am going to kill and dissect him very slowly for what he has done to… to us." At this point, she broke down.

Everyone looked sympathetic at her.

"Well, we cannot let this go ignored." Zeus finally said. "Prepare yourselves for war. COUNCIL DIS…"

Zeus stuttered off when a helix appeared.

"Hello Olympians, I am Chaos, the creator of the universe."

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