Chapter 2 – Flashback

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Exalta, or Percy Jackson, was sitting in The Avenger, his ship, thinking how he got into this whole mess.


Percy has done it. Defeated Ladon, the Minotaur (again), the hydra, Lamia, the Nemean Lion, the Lydian Drakon, and a bunch of other very dangerous monster all at once.

He has gotten approval from Athena to marry Annabeth Chase, the love of his life. Athena has tested Percy to see whether or not he is worthy of dating her daughter.

Finally after eight months, he has done it. He got an engagement ring from Athena to marry her daughter. He is, to himself, the happiest person who lived on Earth. He walked joyously down the Half-Blood Hill and entered Camp. He went to the big house. Nobody was there. He walked around the entire camp. He didn't see a single person with the exception of Hestia. When Hestia saw me, instead of giving me a joyous shout, she gave me a sad look and then turned back to the hearth. 'That was weird' Percy thought.

He approached Hestia and he asked,

"Lady Hestia, do you know where everyone is?"

"They're down at the beach. I warn you though; you will not like what you see." Hestia answered.

I gave her a curious look, said thanks, and went on down toward the beach.

The first thing I saw was there are two groups of campers. The group to my left was cheering and hooting. The group to my right, however, was giving something or someone a disapproving look. Chiron was part of that group. I sneaked into the ocean behind the group of campers and decided to take a look at what they're looking at. What I saw made my heart break.

Annabeth and a guy from Apollo cabin were making out in front of everyone.

I was shocked at first, and then I was very mad, very pissed.

I made an Iris message to both Athena and Apollo. They both looked at me questionably. Athena decided to speak up first.

"What is it Perseus, aren't you going to propose to my daughter?" Athena asked.

"That was what I was ABOUT to do. Now, I think I'll just forget about it." In response, I showed them Annabeth and the Apollo kid making out.

To say both of them were shocked was an understatement. She disappeared and I saw a flash in the woods.

'Weird, she's so angry that she ended up teleporting to the wrong place.' Percy thought. 'Wait, is that a flash of silver, looks like Artemis and her hunters decided to come as well. Not that they knew. It looks like we have company.'

Suddenly, a spear flew out of the woods and interrupted Annabeth's make out.

Percy's POV

Out of the woods, came a shocked Artemis, shocked hunters, an angry Athena, and a disappointed Apollo.

"ANNABETH CHASE! What are you doing?" Athena said sternly.

"M…Mom?" Annabeth stuttered.

"Dad, what are you doing here?" the Apollo boy asked.

Apollo gave his son a stern look. "I'm disappointed in you, John, I thought you are a person who wouldn't go stealing other people's girlfriends."

"But… But, I didn't know. Annabeth asked me if she can be my girlfriend, I answered yes. I didn't know she already has a boyfriend. I swear on the River Styx that I didn't know."

Thunder boomed in the sky and nothing happened to John.

"Annabeth, I am absolutely very disappointed in you. Why lie to John when you already have a boyfriend? What happened to Percy?" Athena asked disapprovingly.

"Sorry mother. Percy has been who knows where for a long time. Maybe he's cheating…"

"He isn't. I sent him on a quest to prove his worth."

"Well then mom, can you please not tell Percy? I want him back."

I decided to make an appearance right then.

"It's too late Annabeth."

She whirled around and paled when she saw me.

"P…Percy, when did you get here?"

"Oh. I was here for a long time Annabeth. In fact, I was the one who called Athena and Apollo down here to show what you were doing. Artemis and her hunters, however, came unexpectedly, so I wasn't aware of them being here. But the better, more witness to see you were CHEATING on me."

"WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM? I only kissed him…"

"ONLY!? ONLY!? You were making out a whole 10 minutes at the very least. From Hestia told me to sneaking up to going around the campers into the ocean to IM Athena and Apollo, it took 10 WHOLE MINUTES. Why do you think the hunters detest male. I admit that a lot of males are pigs and backstabbers, so I KNOW HOW THEY FEEL WHEN THEY ARE BEING CHEATED ON, ANNABETH CHASE!"

Artemis and her hunters were shocked at my outburst. Thalia was looking angrily at Annabeth. Nico was scowling.

"I'm sorry, Percy. Can we make it up…?"

"Make it up? No way, Annabeth. Do you see, out in the mortal world, any couple making up after one was cheated on the other. If so, that's a rare case. And WE are not in the rare case category. Forget about it, Annabeth."

With that I stormed away. In the distance though, I briefly heard an electrified slap given by Thalia to Annabeth. Ahh!

Percy, or Exalta, was reminiscing about his past when Nightshade entered. She came in and sat down right next to him.

"What are you thinking of, Percy?"

"Oh nothing, just thinking how I ended up in this situation." Percy responded.

"Well then, can you tell me about the time you were the guardian of the hunt?" Nightshade asked.

"Yeah sure… wait, wait a sec, how did you know that I was the guardian of the hunt?" Percy asked.

"Chaos had talked to me. I also know that she is your girlfriend." Nightshade responded.

Percy just stared at her. Then he sighed.

"You don't take this offended, do you?"

Nightshade laughed.

"Of course not, you are the most loyal man I have ever known in my past over a thousand years. Anyway, do you want to tell me about your time with the hunt? All I know is that they have accepted you as well as treat you like their brother. I also know about your girlfriend."

"Alright then, I suppose we have time. We have five more hours until we reach Olympus and camp."

"So then, here goes…"

Flashback – Percy's POV

After the breakup, Annabeth kept trying to apologize with me. But, I know my own fatal flaw: Personal Loyalty. I don't take betrayal lightly. I couldn't forgive her because I can't forget about the betrayal. I tried to keep it out of my mind by staying away from her. But then several days later, she resorted to things that cut my ties with her as a friend.

On August 6, I trained as normal, stayed away from her when she's near, and do what I normally do (except for snogging Annabeth). At night, I went to sleep. Then the unforgivable happened.

The next morning, I woke up, I found my wrist handcuffed to the table in my cabin. I found chains binding my feet together, as well as more chains chaining my body to the table. I was curious of what's going on. I don't think I'm kidnapped by enemy demigods or monsters, since I'm still in my cabin. I laid still intending to find out what happened. I could escape anytime, since I could water vapor travel anywhere, escaping even Hephaestus' strongest chain.

After 5 minutes, I was shocked to see who came through the door. It was her.

"What the Hades are you doing, Annabeth?"

"Well since you can't accept my apology, then I have to take matters in my own hands."

"By chaining me up? Damn it."

"Of course, so I could have what I want. Athena always has a plan."

Then she started to lay on top of me and kissing me, while taking off my shirt. She then moved downward. It was my perfect chance. I swung both of my feet up and caught her in the stomach. She flew back and hit her head on the wall, dazed. Quickly, I water traveled away from my cabin and into the woods. When I got deep into the woods, I quickly ran away from the camp. That is when I bump into Artemis and her hunters.

I was running when someone landed on top of me. I looked up to see Thalia. She looked shock to see me.

"Percy? What are you doing here?"

Before I could reply, Artemis and the rest of the hunters appeared from several bushes that is 10 feet away from where we are. Damn it. Artemis started to say.

"Well then, instead of catching a monster, we caught a demigod. Now let's see, what is your… Is that you, Percy Jackson?"

I looked up to meet her silver eyes. Then I groaned.

"Damn it, I have the utterly worst luck today."

When she heard that, Thalia started to bombard me with question.

"What happened? Why are you out here? Did something happen to camp? Did…"

"Alright. Enough, Thalia. First of all, nothing happened at camp. The answer to the second question is I'm running away temporarily. Now, the 'what happened' question should be the target. But as for the answer, Annabeth tried to… tried to…"

"Tried to what?"

"Rape me."

All the hunters seemed shocked. Artemis seemed perplexed. She walked up to me and I expected her to slap me and call me a liar, but instead, she asked, "What did she exactly do?"

I was surprised, but I answered in all honesty the answer to her questions.

Thalia seemed angry and her hand started to electrify.

"Damn it, what happened to her? How did she become so… so selfish? I'm just about to go to camp and slap that bitch and…"

She started to grin.

"… and is ready to deliver her, ah, medicine."

She started heading off towards camp, but Artemis stopped her. We can go to camp later and beat her later (at this, I was really shocked), but now, let's get Percy to Olympus and discuss what we do with him.

Thalia started to sulk. "Fine."

Then Artemis teleported all of us to Olympus.

I looked at Nightshade. She was looking at me intensely. Finally, I said,

"That is the beginning part of the path I took to be the Guardian."

Nightshade laid a hand on my shoulder.

"I feel sorry for you, Percy. You've been through a lot for someone…"

"I don't need pity. I've lived through it. I'm over it. However, when we get to camp, expect me to, ah, severely damage Annabeth that will be enough to send her to the hospital. Please, be ready for that."

"Can I hear your story for your path to becoming a guardian?"

"Sorry, I'm tired now. If you want, go ahead and take the book from the third shelf, third on the left. I have written every single one of my experiences down. Take a look at page 174. That is where you will find the story of my path to becoming a guardian. Now, I'm down."

I lay down and passed out.

Nightshade's POV

I took the book Percy mentioned and went to page 174. There, I began to read:

August 7

The day before, Artemis has taken me to Olympus and the Olympian gods started discussing to do with me. Every god has different opinion:

Zeus & Hera: Make me an Olympian god. (Uhh)

Apollo & Hermes: Take me on a prankster trip. (No thanks)

Aphrodite: Tried to seduce me to go with her in her bed. (Uggh! My opinion: this is rape)

I snickered at this. Then I continued on.

Hephaestus: Help him with his metal working (Not bad)

Athena: Helped her with architecture (Not bad as well, but I'm the son of the barnacle-encrusted god that destroys more than create)

Poseidon: Make me the prince of the sea. (No thanks, I have enough attention as it is, and I don't want to upset Triton)

Dionysus & Ares: No opinions. They are sleeping (**sigh**. Such babies, they never grow up)

Hestia: Help her with things at camp. (I would accept if this doesn't have camp involved)

Hades: Help him in the underworld. (It's to gloomy. )

Demeter: Help her in the garden. (Sorry, I am water. I flood things. Don't want to get any of the 'precious' plant destroyed"

The only one who doesn't have an opinion is Artemis (at least she is not one of the so called mature gods… Ares, Apollo, Hermes, Dionysus, I'm talking to you four) but I kindly decline each of their reason.

Then Zeus suddenly looks like he has an idea.

"Why not make him a guardian of the Hunt?"

I was shocked. Artemis was shocked as well. I was sure she would disagree and started yelling. But instead, she retained her composure and gave me a brief nod. I knew what to do. I accepted.

Each god gave me some of their powers. But Chaos suddenly appeared and enhanced their power.

After that's done, I followed Artemis back to the Hunter's camp. They didn't look too happy about me being there, but they didn't complain either. They, like Artemis earlier, just gave me a brief nod. How odd!

I was shocked when Artemis and her hunters decided that the first stop would be to Camp Half-Blood and beat Annabeth senseless. Perhaps this will make me understand their behavior. I accepted with the condition that they don't reveal me to the campers as a guardian of the hunt without my saying so.

When we arrived at Camp Half-Blood, I climbed on a tree and watched the Hunters beat up Annabeth. I shouldn't have watched, because what they did is what they usually do to an arrogant, egoistical boy but 5 time worse. I winced.

After the beat up, I will make this short and just say that we went on our adventures, with some 'cruel' pranks from the hunters here and there. After 3 and half years, they finally warmed up to me and treat me as I was their own brother. Things went on as smoothly as ever.

I sighed as I read as my former sisters continue on being happy with Percy there.

Wait… You may ask: former sister?

Yes. My name is Zoe Nightshade.