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I was awake at the crack of dawn. I slung the bag of supplies that had been given to us over my shoulder, and went to wake up my partner. "Come on, Cloud. We gotta go." I said as I helped him onto my back with him mumbling something about wanting to stay in bed and I chuckled. "Sorry, Spike. We can't stay here forever." we left the room and went down to tell Laura goodbye and thank you. When we left the inn, I took a deep breath taking a look at our surroundings one last time.

'Goodbye Junon! Midgar, here we come!' I thought as we left town.

I walked, and walked and walked, fighting every monster that got in our way. My only goals were Midgar and keeping my friend safe until we got there and he had fully recovered.

I took this time to think about what we'd do once we reached Midgar. Maybe we'd build a shop- a weapons shop! We could sell all the best weapons in the city, but I told Aeris that I'd help with the flowers. Hm...We could do both! Yeah, Cloud and I could sell weapons and sell the flowers on the side with Aeris.

Nah. Scratch that. We'd just help Aeris with the flowers. That's what we'd do.

I walked on for another three hours, glancing up at the sky every so often. I heard Cloud mumble something and I shook my head.

"Not yet, Cloud. We'll get there soon though." I replied as stared at the path ahead of us and sighed. We still had a ways to go...'I'd give my right arm for helicopter right about now.' I thought. Though I continued on.

"Hey, Cloud? How are you feeling?" I asked as I kicked a small rock out of my path.

"Alright...I guess. I-I can move my arms a little."

"Really? That's great!" I smiled, happy that Cloud was on his way to recovery and glanced up at the sky for the 200th time that day. You see, Cloud is like a little brother to me and if I lost him I wouldn't know what to do. If anything happened to him, I would surely go into a depression like I had when Angeal passed away. I felt that it was my responsibility to protect him, much like my mentor had for me.

"..Zack, Y-your hair is tickling my face."

I laughed after I heard this and It felt good too! It was nice and it lifted my spirits. "Sorry, buddy." I replied, and adjusted Cloud into a better position on my back so my hair wouldn't bother him anymore. I kept moving, hoping maybe we'd find the main road soon.

Before I knew it; a week had gone by and I never stopped going unless we really had to eat. I was becoming exhausted and our supplies had run out two days ago.

I walked for what seemed like hours and that's when I saw it; it was the road! If I wasn't so tired I would have literally jumped for joy. Instead, I moved toward it at a fast-paced walk thanking the gods, and the planet. Now that we had found the main road, it'd be easier to get to Midgar.

"We'll make it, don't worry. I bet we're almost there." I said out loud as I walked along the left side of the road. I was giving myself a pep talk as I was finding it hard to keep going. I knew I needed to rest- my legs told me that, but I had to at least try to get another four hours of walking in before I stopped.

"Talk to me, Cloud?"

"What about?" I took note that his stuttering had disappeared. Very good.

"Anything. For example; The weather. It's a little chilly today, isn't it?" I said, hoping that my voice sounded cheerful.

"A little, yeah..." Cloud answered. "Are you okay?"

I was a little surprised by his question. I guess I was a little more worn down than I thought if Cloud noticed but I nodded, and said. "Mhm...Just tired. But I'll be okay. Thanks though." I said with a smile. I was about to say something else when I heard the sound of a vehicle coming towards us. I waited for it to come closer, seeing that it was yellow truck and flagged down the man driving it.

I was relieved when the truck driver stopped, and walked over to the vehicle as the man rolled down his window. He asked if we were lost, and I shook my head.

"No, we're just trying to get to Midgar. We left Junon a week ago-"

"Don't tell me you walked all the way out here, kids!"

"Yes sir. We did." I nodded and could tell the man was in awe by look on his face when he heard my reply. After a moment the truck driver said. "Eh, why not? I got plenty of room in the back. I'll give you a ride since I'm headed that way myself."

No words could describe how relieved I was at the kind offer. I accepted, and moved to the back of the truck hoisting Cloud up into it and then climbed in the back with him, hearing Cloud thank the man for me and I smiled as the said man drove off.

We were finally going to to go home!

And then it hit me.

"Mercenaries!" I said suddenly and Cloud gave me an odd look.

"When we reach Midgar, we'll be mercenaries. That's what we'll do." I said, grinning.

Cloud smiled at me. "Sounds fun."