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Summary:After the fight with Kronos the gods found out about Hades sword. Conflict arose between them and a war broke out. It has been three years and Percy Jackson and his friends just want the war to end, but Percy has a second wish, to bring back Nico di Angelo. Every time Percy saw Nico he was a little more broken. Percy hasn't seen Nico in a while, months, and when he does it is a very different Nico, a Nico who acts more like he did after his sisters death. Something is wrong with Nico, Percy can feel it, so when he finds a hurt Nico on the battlefield he decides that it is time to help and protect Nico. What will Percy find out about the three years Nico had been by himself? Just what had Hades done to him? Can Nico be saved while simultaneously trying to stop the war?

Everything had started to fall apart three years ago, when the gods had declared war against each other. Just the day before everything had been wonderful with everyone just relaxing at Camp Half-Blood, the Titan War had just been diverted and everything seemed to be fine. Until Zeus found out about Hades sword, with that there had been a whole blow out with the gods about what to do about his new weapon of power. On Hades side was Dionysus, Ares, Aphrodite, Hermes, Demeter( only because her daughter, Persephone, would get in trouble as well), they all thought that Hades sword being in existence was fine since he used it to help the gods.. On Zeus' side was Poseidon, Hephaestus, Athena, and Artemis, and Hera, they all thought that the sword should be destroyed and Hades punished. Apollo and Hesitia did not chose a side, now that I think about it Apollo probably hadn't joined a side because he knew what was about to happen. But, anyway, just a couple days later war was declared, it sounded so stupid, it was just over a sword. The gods all chose sides, with Apollo and Hesitia both teaming up with Zeus later on.

Luckily most of my friends godly parent had been on Zeus' side so we didn't have to fight each other. Unfortunately there was one of my friends who couldn't be on our side, Nico di Angelo. His father was Hades, and as such he had to fight with Hades, against me, Annabeth, Thalia, and Grover. I had tried to convince him to just join us but Nico had just said that there were some things that I couldn't understand and then shadow traveled to the Underworld. Since then I had only seen him on the battle field; but one weird thing was he never hurt me or anyone else that he had been friends with, he was reluctant to cause our deaths. I truly felt sorry for Nico, he obviously didn't want to be on Hades side, but something was keeping him there, fighting alongside the God of Death. The last time I had seen Nico was not a time I liked to remember, it had been six months ago. It was going to be like any other time we had fought of Hades forces, stopping him from gaining more power, at least it was suppose to be. I would never be able to forget what had happened...


We were fighting of Hades forces, or at least trying to, the only problem we had was the Hydra with thousands of heads, all attacking both Hades army and ours. I knew that the Hydra had to be killed before we could win this fight, so I ran forward, getting ready to attack it. But before I could reach the Hydra a teenager stepped in front of me. He was wearing pure black armor, a skeleton helmet(like all soldiers in Hades army), and had a pure black sword at his side. Wait, pure black sword, Stygian iron, which meant...I looked at the face the helmet was over and was shocked, it was Nico. He was paler than ever and seemed much to thin for someone who was fifteen, there was nothing, just emptiness, in his eyes.

"Nico..." I took a step towards him, but Nico's reaction was to swing his sword towards me, I barely had enough time to step back.

"You will not be going any farther. You will not be getting the the Scythe of Kronos." Nico's voice sounded automated, like he was some type of computer, just doing whatever the user wanted.

The Scythe of Kronos? So that was what Hades was trying to get, no wonder. But at that moment I could care less about the Scythe, all I cared about was the fifteen year old in front of me who used to be my friend. Every time I saw him it was like he was caring less and less about what happened to everyone fighting on Zeus' side of this war and more and more about what Hades wanted. The light had been getting extinguished for a while now, but this was the first time that his eyes had ever been truly empty, like he ad just given up. He might not think of me as a friend but I thought of him as one, no matter what I still thought of him as a friend. When ever I saw him I saw that insecure, lonely, eleven year old child, or as the twelve year old who I had never seen more happy then when he was accepted by everyone at Camp Half-blood and praised by his father. What had happened to Nico, whatever had happened, shouldn't of, Nico should still be a kid, not some warrior fighting for his father against his friends. I had to get Nico back.

"Nico, I don't want the Scythe, I want to stop the Hydra, and to help you." I say softly.

"Help me? Help me! I don't need your help! And of course you want the Scythe, if Hades wants it then so does Zeus and Poseidon. Your just trying to trick me into trusting you!." Nico yelled at me, his eyes wide.

"No, Nico, that isn't true. I'm not trying to trick you. I wa- Nico watch out!" I shout at the kid.

While I had been talking some other demigods in Zeus army had been killing the Hydra, unfortunately before the final heads of it was cut of it had spewed acid out of its mouth. Unknowing Nico had turned around when I had meant for him to come forward towards me. The acid hits Nico in, and around, the eyes. The pure scream of agony made my heart twist as I watched his hands go up to his eyes, covering them. Some people higher up in Hades forces ran over to Nico, who had dropped to his knees in pain. Before I realized it all of Hades army was disappearing, going back to the Underworld, Nico with them.

Annabeth came up to me "That was Nico?" she asks, a sick look on her face, she still cared about Nico, just like I did.

I nod, not trusting my voice. It had been my fault that the acid had hit Nico, and know I wouldn't even be able to help Nico and gain his trust. I knew that if we ever saw each other again then Nico would attack me right away, his trust in me was broken forever.

End of Flashback

But after that I never saw Nico again. I never faced him on the battlefield again, for all I knew he could be dead. I never forgot that day, the scream from Nico, the way he talked, his empty eyes, devoid of all emotion. Something had happened to Nico besides the war while he was with Hades, something that had completely broke him. I just hoped that one day I would be able to fix all that had happened, that one day I would be able to gain his trust. Nico was still like a younger brother to me, and I would do anything to protect him, but for me to be able to do that I would have to find him first. And that was exactly what I would be trying to do tomorrow, for tomorrow we infiltrate the Underworld, more specifically, Hades Palace.

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