Hey guys! I was going to post this chapter last Friday, but my internet was having problems and I couldn't access anything online (in a brighter angle, it gave me reason and motivation to study, which is always a plus). Now it's finally back, so here's the eighth chapter!

His apartment was big. The floor was clear wood; the walls painted beige and brown. He had tons of DVDs, bookshelves, movie posters, CDs, videogames in his living room; she spotted a comfortable leather chair, perfect for spending a lot of time in Xbox.

They ate bowls of candy, Doritos, gallons of soda. Shane never left her glass empty for more than four seconds and he was always cracking jokes. Mitchie contributed by making sarcastic comments over Frodo and Sam's relationship or Legolas's hair.

It's two in the morning when she realizes she's drifted into his side and her head is lolling casually in his shoulder. By that time, they'd switched Coca-Cola for beers and their feet are propped up in his coffee table. It might be her alcohol-induced haze, but she doesn't mind.

Shane is electrifying. He was loud and innocent; he had this wonder in his eyes that not even his current career situation could erase. He was interested in everything; he got truly excited for her new book and the movie. He went from shy to loud in a matter of seconds, than he suddenly retreated again. He was one of those unpredictable people she rarely got to meet, full of contradictions.

She didn't know she needed a friend like him, but now she was sure. Caitlyn was loud too, but she was frequently busy and just as unattached as Mitchie. Ella was colorful and bright, but she hated watching TV. Nate was her brother, and Jason was this big goofball who spent the day going through scripts.

Mitchie liked Shane's determination when it came to his work: he wanted to veer his career into the path he'd always wanted it to go, and had no problems with her curiosity about it. He already had another label asking him to be signed in; they accepted his original ideas and ambitions and wanted to go through with all of it.

She was happy for him, but in that moment she was also happy for herself for giving him a chance.

"Remember, all questions are valid," Tess said, yanking the lapels of Mitchie's jacket so that they would stay down. "Answer all personal questions vaguely, especially those about your boyfriend."

"He's not my boyfriend!" Mitchie hissed. The producers were ready to usher her into the talk show stage.

"Yeah, right," Tess scoffed. "Shane Gray doesn't go out with girls unless he's interested in getting in their pants."

Mitchie narrowed her eyes. "That sounds like the voice of experience."

Tess didn't answer; she pushed Mitchie forwards with the assistants with a neutral expression. Nate showed up just a few seconds before she was thrown under the bright lights.

"Torres." She answered her phone quickly.

"Hey, Mitchie, it's Jason."

"Jase, why are you callin' me at two in the morning?"

"Why do you sound so awake at two in the morning?"

"I'm writing." Mitchie put him on speakerphone. "What's your excuse?"

"I'm reviewing the script for The Caller. There are some twists I'd like you to check out in the storyline."

Mitchie cursed under her breath. "I told them they should stay with the book storyline. What did they change?"

"Some things, like how Ben meets Jesse or how Metropolis looks like."

"Okay, I'll stop by first thing in the morning."

"Actually, since you're awake, could you come right now?"

"'Kay." Mitchie saved her progress and closed the lid. "I'm gonna have to bring my laptop with me, though. I have to send three chapters to CRP and outline the next five."

"Alright. I'll see you in a few." They hung up.

Jason and Mitchie had met through Nate. Mitchie didn't know exactly what he did; he was a writer for TV shows, he directed and he acted. If a project was interesting enough, he did all of the three at the same time. They understood each other's crazy work hours and the demanding nature of the job, which is why Jason thought appropriate to call her so early.

He lived in Manhattan, not too far from where she was. After he'd gotten married, five years before, he'd moved to a large apartment. Now that he was just thirty and single, it served well for throwing parties and inviting family. Mitchie, Caitlyn and Nate stayed over a lot during the initial stages of the movie deals, so they had a bunch of things they'd forgotten there.

Jason was kind of a wildcard, though. She could never tell what he'd do next, and instead of keeping her on her toes like Shane did, it made her slightly uneasy. There was no question on her mind that he'd ask about Shane.

Still, she gave him a tired smile when he opened the door.

"C'mon in," Jason said, his uneven raven hair falling on his face. "I made coffee."

He laughed at her relieved sigh.

"So, what's the enormous problem you found with the script?"

She sat on the L-shaped couch and propped her feet up on the coffee table. Jason raised the manuscript in his hand and sat in a leather chair.

"Just that I knew how pissed you got when people altered movie adaptions for books you loved; didn't want to be near when you saw this during filming. Now there's still time to change some things, tweak a lil' bit."

"Gimme your coffee and I'll look into it."

"I highlighted the parts. They're also dog-eared."


It wasn't as bad as she'd worried. Of course, she'd rain down a world of hurt over Luke and the rest of the writing staff, but it wasn't Percy Jackson all over again. The sun wasn't even up when she finished jotting down possible changes to the story in Post-its and glued them to the papers.

"Now I'm not going home." She told Jason after she was done. "You've made me too comfortable."

Jason chuckled and put away the script. Then he stopped Mitchie from turning on her computer. "Wait."

"You wanna ask about Gray, don't you?"


"Do it before I change my mind."


"He's not who you think he is." Mitchie explained. "I don't know if you'll understand what I'm tryin' to say. He's really, really nice. He makes me laugh. We're friends."

"You know I have to ask, but are you..."

"No. It's not going to happen."

"It's not going to happen because you don't want it to," He said, looking her in the eyes. "Or because you do?"

He'd always been able to ask the right questions. Mitchie looked outside, at the tiny flickers of other people's windows. "'cause..."

She didn't have to finish the phrase; he knew.