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"ACTING EXCERSIZE! YOU ARE ALL OLD PEOPLE, GO!" yelled Mr. Sikowitz the crazy acting teacher at Hollywood Arts.

A series of moans and groans erupted from the class as the talented teenagers obeyed his order.

Among this group, 6 friends, Tori Vega, Andre Harris, Beck Oliver, Cat Valentine, Robbie Shapiro, and Jade West, acted along with their class.

Then the creative bell rang signaling the final class of the day was over.

The gang collected their bags and shot out the door with the rest of the students, ready to head to the beach on the hot September day.

They all ran out to Beck's R.V. and piled in ready to visit the glistening ocean.

"Ugh do we have to bring Vega?" complained Jade West to her boyfriend Beck Oliver.

"HEY! I'm standing right here Jade, you know I have feelings unlike you!" screeched Tori. Jade rolled her eyes and Beck pulled out of the Hollywood Arts parking lot.

"Yay the beach! I hardly ever go there since my brother was banned from the ocean!" Cat squealed with excitement. The gang exchanged looks and no one dared to ask the ditzy, redhead what her brother had done.

Beck finally reached the freeway to get to the beach, which was only 10 minutes away. Suddenly Jade screamed out, "VEGA! DID YOU TAKE MY SCISSORS?"

"No! Why do you always blame me for your problems!" Tori shot back.

The two girls erupted into a heated argument.

Robbie started nervously fiddling with Rex, Cat buried her face into her lap, and Andre and Beck tried to break it up.

When the argument started dying down Beck turned around a moment to late to see that they were about to crash head-on into a toxic waste truck.