Auggie's pov

I absolutely hated hospitals. There was only one reason as to why I was in one now, that reason? My best friend Annie Walker (who surprised me by putting me as her first emergency contact around the time her sister Danielle moved to California) was here because she had been shot twice by a woman who was once her boss and someone Annie thought that she could trust.

Damn Lena Smith, you are going down if you come here, I thought with pure anger.

We had been here for 2 hours already. During that time we had heard next to nothing about how Annie was doing, I say next to nothing because we were told that she was shot and that it would be risky to remove the bullets. That terrified me. It also set me even more on edge than I was which I thought was impossible.

It was another 3 hours before we were told anything else. At that point they had removed the bullets and had stabilized her. Joan guided me into Annie's room then said that she was going to go but to call her if I needed to, and to kept her updated on Annie's condition.

I sat there for about another hour in silence until a nurse came in.

"Talk to her," she said.

"Can she hear me?" I asked.

"I'd like to think she can. There's food some food at the end of the bed, you look like you could use it."


I waited until the nurse left before I started to talk to Annie.

"Hey Annie it's me…Auggie. I was planning on a witty banter…until I remembered that you need two people for that. So, right now I'm just a blind guy talking to his best friend hoping-no praying you can hear me. Lena tried to call you a traitor, yeah that bitch that shot you tried to say that you were betraying me, Danielle, Chloe, Katia, Joan, the country, and more importantly yourself. She knows what I heard, so now we both have targets on our backs and Joan and Arthur have guards out there in the hall to make sure that we stay safe," I said to Annie.

I took a deep breath before continuing.

"You were right, with Parker. I was just rushing into things because of Jai. I know that you wanted to talk about this with me but we didn't get a chance before...this. Well, she left Annie. Then the day that I called you and asked you to meet me at Allen's in the middle of the day was the day she left. You said you were busy, I assume that you had something to do involving Simon," I paused. "And on that topic I realized that I've been pushing you away since Barcelona, yet I never completely pushed you away. That's because I can't imagine what I would do without you, Annie. Believe me I've been trying to imagine that for about the last 6 hours. I need you, Annie. I never need anyone, but I need you. I made that realization 6 hours ago in Joan's office. Speaking of Joan, when we arrived she was shocked because she, as she put it, saw you in the worst shape she's ever seen you in. That scared me, Annie. Hell, I was scared not knowing if you were going to be okay. I don't think I've ever been more scared in my life."

I paused then decided to add one...plea into that monologue.

"Please wake up and come back to me Annie," I whispered to her.

Then I fell asleep in the chair beside Annie's bed holding onto her hand, which I grabbed when I told her that I need her.