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Laura POV

Wait WHAT! I have to do WHAT KNOW? Heath Seifert and Kevin Kopelow(The writers of A&A.) HAVE to be crazy! I looked over at Ross and he had them same shocked face as I did. I can't believe they are doing this!

"W-wait what?" I finally got out.

"You." Heath said "Have to" Kevin said "Kiss Ross!" They both screamed like they both met their favorite celebrity. "So you both now have to

spend more time together to get ready for the kiss on Friday!" Heath practically screamed at Ross and I.

Today was Monday. We both have 4 days to get to know each other better. Yay.

Ok well. Lets start from the beginning. Shall we?




Ah. Finally. It's done. Ug. I have to wake up and go to set. UG!

I rolled out of bed, grabbed a towel and went to my bathroom.

Hmm. The door is usually closed. It usually isn't. Maybe Vannesa's in there.

"VANNESA! HURRY UP I GOTTA GO TO SET!" I screamed and pounded the door. "VANNESA!"

"WHAT LAURA?" Vannesa yelled while walking out of her room.

"Oh. Sorry. I thought you where in the bathroom." I said.

"Well I'm not. Well can you at least keep it down? I have to go to set today."

"Ok." I said while walking into the bathroom. Once i got in the shower, I closed my eyes. It felt so good with the hot water soothing my muscles and waking me up. I shut off the water and wrapped my towel around me.

I walked in my room to pick something to wear. I finally picked a black with white striped tank top that has ruffles on the bottom, baby I blue pants, and white open-toed shoes. I combed my hair, blow-dried it, and curled it. I applied a little eyeshadow, maschera, blush, and light pink lip gloss.

I grabbed a white jacket and walked out my room. Ross was gonna drive me to set today.

"Mom. I'm leaving."

"Ok. Bye."

I grabbed my house keys and walked out the front door. I spoted Ross's car by a tree. I walked to it and opened the door.

"Hey Ross."

"Hey Laura. You look nice today."

I looked down and blushed. Damn Ross. "T-thanks. Lets go before we are late." I said whille putting my seatbelt on.

"Ok. Lets go. And I promise I'll drive safely." Ross said starting the car.

"Please. Because i don't want Kevin and Heath to replace us!" I said.

"Ok fine. Lets go." Ross said putting his hand on mine. I felt sparks. What the hell is happening? I just ignored that and turned on the radio.

Done. Sorry about the first lane i don't know how to delete it. So i hope you liked it! Is anybody else excited for tommorows episode? AHHh! I van't wait.