This is my first fic, Id love any advice you have, good or bad. This is what I wish would have happened on 201.

"Well, well you, you make my dreams come true ohh ohh" That song summed up my life right now. All my life into three minutes and eight seconds, except for one person who makes my life complicated and his name is Sam Swarek.

I always told myself that Luke was the perfect person, but he wasn't him. He wasn't Sam Swarek.

Today was a fine day so far, there was a free concert and Frank put me in charge, which I was surprised at. It was my first shift back since six months, six months since I thought Sam was dead, and six months since Sam kissed me.

Everything was fine at the concert, a couple crazy people and one guy dancing on my cruiser. Nothing strange there. The strange thing about today was Sam's answer to my question about him transferring to guns and gangs.

"What's holding you back" I asked Sam slightly hoping that he wasn't going to mention my amazing relationship with Boyd. But instead I got an even more surprising answer.

"You, love working with you McNally, can't imagine my life without you in it." I had to say something quickly, or else he would have realized. I just mumbled something about his hair gel, not even knowing what I said. My mind raced what could that mean? He was in the car with Oliver, and since I wasn't his rookie anymore could I?

Soon enough I found myself listening to some girl ramble on about her friend and line being too long or something like that. She showed me her bracelet and I found the words to say "Where is your friend". I really didn't care where her friend was, the only thing I was thinking about was Sam. Even though I know that I shouldn't let people in without them going through the line, I just really wanted to be left alone in my thoughts.

Suddenly I heard a voice I could never forget, it was him Sam Swarek. The only thing he had to say was if he could keep the line going if that was all right with me. I just loved the way he called me boss, it made me feel special. The girl I was talking to asked me if Sam was my boyfriend, and I thought to myself he should be, it would be amazing. But I laughed and explained to the girl that he was my old training officer. She mentioned something about her old friend but I didn't listen, I was still thinking about him. Then I heard it.

It rang through my ears, the loud pop. It was the one sound that I remember too well, the same sound that I heard on the night of the black out, the night I almost did it with him. It was the sound you can only hear if you listen closely, it was the sound of a bullet hitting skin.

I couldn't tell I was injured, I felt no pain. I wasn't winded, maybe that's what it's like to get hit by a bullet, maybe you don't feel anything until later, but that didn't make any sense. I looked around and there she was, the girl who thought Sam and I were together, she was on the ground.

I felt it before I heard it, I knew I was falling, my lungs were empty, I tried to breathe for air but nothing happened. It's like when you're stuck under water for too long, you can't move the way you want to, your brain doesn't listen. You're telling it to move but it won't. That's how I felt. The only thing I could think of was him. Sam Swarek, how his dimples were the most amazing thing I've ever seen, that smile.

I hit the ground on my back. I was starting to panic because I could only hear the sound of what sounded like a swarm of bees was in my ear. My vision was blurry until it hit me, like a ton of brinks. I could suddenly hear everything, to the sound of people's shoes hitting the pavement to the sound of someone drawing their gun. Probably Epstein, he's always late drawing his gun. But then I heard it, it was his voice. And I saw a shadow coming near me, it was him, it was Sam Swarek.

I was still panicking, no air would into my lungs. But Sam's voice it helped calmed me down, there's nothing else in the world like it. Just him being the first one to help me has to mean something toward "us". He wasn't even close to me before the shot, which means he ran towards me even before looking for the shooter.

I finally started to get my breathe back, my lungs were filling up, I saw the girl was shot next to me. I had to help her, I could barely move but I owed it to her, I owed to the girl that was nice. So the only thing I could do was crawl over closer to her, I needed to be there for her. I held onto her hand, trying to keep calm.

All I could think about was Sam, how he was perfect, how when this was over I needed to tell him how I felt. After this I will be with Sam. There are a thousand things he's said and done. "You, love working with you McNally, can't imagine my life without you in it", kept on going through my head over and over again.

I grabbed Sam by the arm, he turned towards me, and in that second I said it."I can't imagine my life without you in it either".