Sorry for the really short chapters, I promise this one will be longer, back to Andy's view again. Hope you like it!

I was at the Penny fifteen minutes early, I ended up walking instead of getting a drive from Tracy. I felt like I have been too much of a burden to her already. I don't want her knowing who I'm going to go see anyways. She's always telling me how Sam and I should be together, I don't want a I told you so right now.

My phone buzzing interrupted my thinking, there it was. A picture of me and Luke hugging and smiling came on the screen. I remember that day, everything was good back then. Not like now, I let the phone ring three times then decided to answer.

"Callaghan, what do you need"? I answered with a neutral tone, trying to keep this call seem work related. "Andy, you know you can call me Luke still" This just made me feel weak at the knees, I could not call Callaghan Luke. He wasn't mine anymore, he is clearly going to make this awkward at work. I answered with a weak voice "What do you want?" I heard Callaghan sigh in the background. I knew this would be difficult.

"You". I was choked, I actually held my breath for a minute considering going back to him. No way, I can't go back there. Not now, not ever. I couldn't reply, I just hung up and kept on walking. I quickened my steps, just wanting to get to the Penny as fast as possible.

After half an hour of walking I arrived at the Penny, still fifteen minutes early. I walked through the parking lot waving to several people I see there often. My mind raced, I just hope no one from 15 will see Sam and me there together. I opened the door slowly, looking around. No one from 15 I was safe, that was very reassuring.

I looked around trying to spot Sam, he wasn't at his normal spot on the bar stool and wasn't where he Oliver and Jerry sometimes sat. He still has fifteen more minutes to show up, he'll be here any minute now.

I was checking my phone so often that the battery died, I forgot to charge it last night and today. I didn't even have the charger, I left that at Luke's house. I got this funny feeling in my stomach knowing that I'll have to go back and get my stuff. I still have a spare key, when Luke isn't home I'll go in and take everything that's mine.

I looked towards the door just in time, there was Sam walking in. He looked around a couple of times until he saw me. He smiled ear to ear, like he was happy to see me. I don't know why he would be happy. I broke his heart just over twenty four hours ago, nothing happy there. He sat down beside me without even saying a word.

"Hey" Sam said about a minute after he sat down. I was so happy that he said something, I thought he was mad. I replied with saying "Hi... I thought for a minute there you weren't going to talk to me". He gave me a confused look. "You know, because of what I said behind the van, you know about us being friends". I put the emphasis on friend.

"Oh right, that". Sam ordered drinks, ordering exactly what I like. I was surprised he still knew, six months and he still knows it. I took a sip from the beer and broke the silence between us. "Are you mad at me?"

"Andy, I could never be mad at you. You're my partner, I have you're back and you got mine. Nothing can change that, not ever I hope. I risk my life for you and you risk your life for me every day, were with each other more than ten hours almost every day of the week. I spend more time with you than anyone else in my life, if we don't get along we could die..." Sam trailed off with that. He turned around just in time to see the one tear rolling down my cheek, great.

Sam turned towards me and looked me right in the eyes. "What's wrong, did I say something?"

"No, yes, errm not really". I wish I could tell him about Luke, but remembering his last reaction about me saying something about him, I had to make up something else. I pointed to my side where the black and blue bruise is.

"Oh, Andy, I completely forgot about that! Are you ok? Does it hurt too much, we could always talk when you feel better".

"No". I practically screamed out, I wanted to have this conversation now, not tomorrow and certainly not at work. "It's just the way I turned, won't do that again". I don't think he totally believed me because of the look he gave me but he went along with it.

An awkward silence came up, this would be the perfect time to give him back his cell phone. "Let me get your cell phone, we've been here for fifteen minutes and I completely forgot all about it". I turned around to get it out of my purse but the pain from the bruise prevented me. A sharp pain went through my side, this time it felt like I actually might cry. I let in with a deep breath, and turned back. Letting out only a small noise, trying not to grab Sam's attention.

"Let me get it Andy, it's probably hard enough sitting as it is". Before I could refuse Sam was standing up zippering open my purse. "You do know it's not good etiquette going through a lady's purse". I said sarcastically with a grin on my face.

"You aren't any normal lady McNally". I liked it better when he called me by my last name, not my first. I feel more mature and powerful. There was an awkward pause in our conversation until Sam took his phone out of my purse and sat down in his stool. I had to tell him about Luke.

"Luke and I were taking a break. He told me that he thought that he wasn't the only one that I cared about, I left him at his house yesterday night and haven't seen him since. Sam looked at me straight in the eyes, it was hard saying this but I had to "Sam that other person that I cared about is you."

"Well it must have been hard living off lip gloss and my phone last night". Sam said completely avoiding what I just told him. Maybe if I say...

Sam interrupted my thoughts by saying "Andy, you can stay at my place. If I would have known last night you could have slept on my couch. Andy, I'm your partner. you can always call me, I have your back and you have mine".