Title: Wicked games

Summary: What if Spencer's dislike towards Paige came from something more than suspicion? Paily with Unrequited McHastings.

Word count: 1,922

A/N: The lyrics (and the title) are from 'Wicked games' by James Vincent McMorrow (I prefer that cover).

What a wicked game you play, you make me feel this way
What a wicked thing to do, make me dream of you

"Hey guys!" Emily greeted brightly as she walked over to where her friends were sitting with Paige at her side. It was one of her rare Saturday mornings off so she was free to sit and talk with her friends in the coffee shop rather than work and talk while she was passing.

Aria and Hanna echoed the sentiment whereas Spencer fell silent.

Paige let go of Emily's hand and took the last available seat next to Aria. Emily frowned at the action and Paige grinned innocently up at her. With a huff, Emily walked over to Paige and without hesitation sat sidewards on her lap. Paige chuckled and instinctively wrapped her arms around Emily's waist to hold her steady.

"A dose of adorable is just what I need with my coffee in the morning." Hanna grinned as she watched Emily curl an arm around Paige's neck.

"Well PDA makes me nauseous before my third cup at least," Spencer disagreed as she stood up from her seat, text books in hand. "So I'm going. I'll see you guys at school."

"Wow." Emily muttered as she watched Spencer turn and leave without so much as a glance in her direction. "She seems happy."

"She was fine a couple of minutes ago." Aria said staring at the seat Spencer had previously occupied.

"That's probably my fault." Paige spoke up regretfully. "She doesn't really like me."

"That's an understatement." Hanna smirked.

"Hanna!" Aria and Emily chorused disapprovingly.

"What?" Hanna shrugged innocently. "I'm just saying."

"It's fine." Paige said, shooting Hanna a small smile. Out of all of Emily's friends Hanna was the one she was most comfortable with, a result of the blonde's friendly, easy going nature. "She's right."

"I don't think it's you. Spencer's been avoiding me for a while too." Emily said with a slightly troubled expression.

"But maybe that's because I'm always with you." Paige pointed out, giving Emily a light squeeze. She was well aware of how much Emily's friends meant to her and the thought of one of them having some kind of problem with Emily would doubtlessly hurt her.

"Yeah, maybe." Emily sighed, her gaze moving to the door Spencer had walked out of. Whatever the reason, there was definitely something wrong with Spencer and Emily would be damned if she didn't get to the bottom of it.


Paige was neatly putting her books into her locker when she noticed Spencer approaching out of the corner of her eye. Even when Spencer leaned against her own locker and proceeded to stare intensely at her Paige pointedly avoided eye contact, determined not to provoke the volatile girl.

"I saw you talking to Noal Khan today." Spencer finally spoke up in an accusing tone of voice when Paige ignored her.

"That's nice." Paige deadpanned. She didn't want to speak to Spencer at all but due to the fact that it was an hour or so after the bell had rung to signal the end of the day, the halls were deserted and so Paige couldn't pretend that she hadn't heard. Pointedly ignoring Spencer would only set her off.

Spencer frowned at the brush off of an answer and took a step closer. "He's bad news. But I suppose you know that already don't you?"

"Of course I do." Paige said with a roll of her eyes as she threw her bag over her shoulder. "Seriously, Spencer this is getting really old really fast."

"You mean like your little miss innocent act?" Spencer countered, crossing her arms in front of her chest. "Because I know what you're doing."

Paige inhaled deeply before exhaling through her nose, trying to keep herself calm. "What am I doing?"

"You're trying to get Hanna and Aria to trust you by pretending to be someone you're not." Spencer said seriously. "You may already have Emily fooled but you're not fooling me. I know exactly who you are."

Paige slammed her locker door shut and spun around to face Spencer, fury burning bright in her eyes. "What the hell is your problem Spencer? I haven't done anything to gain your mistrust."

Spencer scoffed and rolled her eyes. She could feel her hands shaking slightly at her sides and clenched them into fists. "Because the fact that you tried to drown Emily isn't a reason to mistrust you at all, is it?"

Paige visibly softened at the accusation and her anger was replaced with crippling guilt. "I-I wasn't trying to…"

"To drown her," Spencer finished for her in a tone that implied she was tired of hearing the same excuse. "I know, Emily keeps telling me the same thing when she's making excuses for you."

Paige took a moment to observe Spencer before she shook her head in resignation and looked away. "Why are we even talking about this? You obviously don't like me, though I don't know why you dislike me as much as you do…"

"I have my reasons."

Paige looked up curiously. "Do you? Because I thought we had reached some kind of understanding."

"That would be convenient for you, wouldn't it?"

Paige sighed, tired of Spencer's relentless accusations. "Fine, but you're going to have to get over it for Emily's sake."

Spencer stepped closer until she was mere inches from invading Paige's personal space. "Was that a threat McCullers?"

"It was a fact." Paige answered, meeting Spencer's intense gaze with faux confidence. "The fact that you don't like me is hurting Emily. You're hurting Emily."

"Shut up." Spencer growled under her breath. "I would never do anything to hurt Emily."

"Then why are you doing this?" Paige countered, her stomach flipping nervously at the pure fury in Spencer's eyes.

"Because of you," Spencer exclaimed in a tone that was almost desperate, "Because I hate you, okay?!"

Paige almost took a step back in response to the pure venom she heard in Spencer's voice. "Why do you hate me Spencer? Because I'm not good enough for Emily?"

Spencer flinched at the mention of Emily's name. "Shut up."

Paige continued unrelentingly, seemingly not noticing Spencer's rising agitation. "You don't think I know that? You don't I wonder why she would want to be with me every single time I…"

"Shut up!" without warning Spencer seized Paige's shoulders and slammed her back against the locker.

Paige barely had time to recognise the fact that physically attacking her wasn't a very Spencer like action before the girl in question closed the distance between them and kissed her firmly. It lasted for only a few long seconds before Paige pushed past her shock and managed to shove Spencer away from her. They stared at each other breathing heavily for a long moment before Paige lifted her hand to her lips in shock. Everything suddenly made sense to her in a twisted way. Spencer leaving a room whenever Paige arrived, the consistent apathy towards her, avoiding Emily…it was consistent with the way Paige herself had acted when she'd liked Emily though Paige's actions had come from fear and Spencer's seemed to come from anger. Spencer probably wouldn't hate herself for being gay so she was most likely angry at herself, and Paige by default because of what the feelings would mean for Emily. "Spencer…"

Spencer jerked back at the sound of her name, her expression a mask of horror. "Oh my God."

"Spencer." Paige straightened up slowly and took a way step forward.

"I-I have to go." Spencer stuttered before she turned on her heel and rushed off, leaving Paige standing at her locker.


"What are thinking about?" Emily asked, noticing her girlfriend's distant look. The one that she always got when she was deep in thought or something was troubling her. For the past half an hour or so she'd been completely silent lying at the foot of Emily's bed.

Paige glanced over at Emily and shrugged. "Just swimming and stuff."

"I see." Emily nodded and turned back to her book, aware that Paige would tell her what was wrong when she was ready. She was proved right when she only managed to read three more lines before Paige spoke up again.

"Hypothetically speaking…if someone other than you kissed me, would you want me to tell you?"

Emily felt a sickening feeling of jealousy form in her gut at the thought but she forced her expression to remain neutral as she looked at Paige over the top of her book. "Hypothetically speaking?" she waited for a nod before continuing. "Yes."

"Right." Paige flashed a nervous smile before she looked back to her notepad in front of her. She'd been meaning to finish studying for her next geometry test but she couldn't bring herself to focus, her thoughts far too preoccupied with Spencer.

"Paige." Emily said firmly, carelessly putting her book down next to her.

Paige stiffened for a moment before she looked up at Emily. "Someone kissed me today."

Emily hoped that she didn't look as livid as she felt. "Who?"

"Just somebody." Paige answered vaguely as she pushed herself up and moved to sit cross legged in front of Emily. "I pushed them off right away, I swear."

"Pushed them off?" Emily asked, her irritation momentarily covered by a look of concern.

"They kind of shoved me against a locker." Paige answered hurriedly. Emily's expression darkened and she quickly continued. "Em, it's not a big deal."

"Have they been harassing you for long?"

"No, it was out of the blue." Paige said with a shake of her head. "And she regretted it right after."

"She?" Emily asked, sounding slightly worried.

"It's not going to happen again." Paige assured her. "And you know I only have eyes for one woman."

"I guess you're right." Emily said relaxing slightly.

"And unless Naya Rivera comes to Rosewood that won't change." Paige added with a teasing grin. "And even then I'd have to think about it before I made a permanent…" she trailed off when Emily made an indignant noise and lunged towards her, effectively knocking her onto her back.

"Hey!" Paige giggled when Emily comfortably straddled her waist, her hands resting on Paige's sides.

"Hey yourself." Emily grinned, lightly tickling Paige's side right where she knew her girlfriend was most ticklish. As expected, Paige dissolved into giggles and tried to push Emily's hand away to no avail. "Do you take it back?"

"Okay, okay!" Paige exclaimed through her laughter as she gripped Emily's wrist. "You're much hotter than her."

"Good." Emily beamed, finally ceasing the tickling and pulling her wrist from Paige's grip. She carefully gripped both of Paige's hands in her own and threaded their fingers together. She slowly leaned forward and pinned Paige's hands to the bed on either side of her head. Her expression sobered and she leaned close until she was hovering mere inches above her girlfriend. "You promise?"

"I promise." Paige breathed out, mindful of the fact that Emily wasn't referring to her teasing joke but rather the idea that Paige might leave her. Without further ado Paige leaned up as much as she could with her hands pinned and kissed Emily firmly. Emily released her grip on one of Paige's hands and moved it to her cheek, guiding her back down to the bed.

They were so preoccupied with each other that neither of them hear Paige's phone vibrate in her bag.

You can't kiss and half tell. -A