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Deadly Promises

Chapter 1

Lucy POV

Lisanna has been back for two months. I mean, I get why everybody is fawning over her, but still. I've been going on solo missions for six weeks because Team Natsu wants to catch up with her. I'm not mad at her or anything, but seriously. I guess I was really just a replacement for her.


Lucy was listening to Levy talk, so her back was turned when Gray and Natsu sat down next to her at the bar. They were talking about her! Her ears pricked up, but what she heard made her stomach twist. "No, Lucy isn't really important. She's just a replacement for Lisanna." Natsu said. "I completely agree with you for once. She's so weak." Gray agreed. "Yeah, during battles she just sits in her clock thing and summons spirits to hide behind." Lucy got up very quickly and left. The next day, Gray and Natsu acted like nothing had happened.

(Flashback ends)

(Next Day)

I walked into the guild and as soon as I sat down, Natsu came up to me with a sheepish expression. He was holding hands with Lisanna. "Hey, Luce. Can I talk to you?" "Yeah." I agreed with a suspicious face. He sat down next to me with Lisanna clinging onto his arm like he was the last lifeboat on the Titanic. "Well," he started, "since Lisanna and me are dating, would you mind leaving the team for her? I mean, since she was on the original team and all." I laughed dryly. Suddenly, my hand shot out and grabbed his shirt and his face to mine. "Listen, you little bastard. I've been going on solo missions for six weeks now, because you wanted to catch up with your favorite resurrected princess." I spat, and turned to Lisanna. "No offense to you. I actually have no problem with you. Him, however," I turned back to Natsu. "How could you! You bastard! You pretended to be my friend, when all this time you were just using me! I hate you!" With that, I dropped him to the floor, and stomped up the stairs to Master's office.

I pushed directly into Master's office. I strode up to his desk and slammed my hand down. "I need you to remove my guild mark, Master." He stared at me for a minute, then nodded and rubbed my hand. While he was doing that, he asked, "Why, child?" "That bastard kicked me off his team for her." He sighed. "I suspected this would happen. Very well child, you are free." I inspected my hand. It had no sign of the pink mark anywhere. I thanked Master, then stomped back downstairs. I strode right over to Natsu and shoved my mark-less hand in his face while grabbing him by the scarf. "See this!" I shouted. By now, the entire guild was staring at us in shock. "I..I don't see anything!" he gasped out. "Exactly." I let him drop and walked over to Lisanna. She looked terrified of me, like she thought I was going to hit her. Instead I pulled her into a hug. "If he gives you any trouble at all, call me. I will leave my number on a piece of paper at my apartment. I whispered in her ear. With that, I glided to the doors, pausing only once to glare back at Natsu. "Oh, and Natsu?" He glanced up, his eyes wary. "Thanks for breaking my heart." With that, I walked out of Fairy Tail's doors. Forever.