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Oh spirits, why does my bladder always have to call the shots?

Sokka was lost in thought as he once again found himself neglecting his beauty sleep to go appease his demanding bladder. The teen was making his way from his tent to a nice patch of bushes located on the perimeter of the gaang's chosen spot to set up camp. The past week Sokka had been having increasing trouble sleeping through the night without having to answer that particular call from nature.

I swear I didn't even have to pee this bad when I spent that day trapped in the spirit world.

Team Avatar and company had abandoned the Western Air Temple in hope of alluding Azula and the Fire Nation. So far it had been a rather successful tactic, Sokka and the others had seen no signs of any Fire Nation soldiers in the last few weeks.

Sokka reached his desired patch of vegetation rather easily thanks to the bright rays the moon was emanating. Once he had situated himself it was as if a levy had burst. Sokka had finished taking care of business so he decided to head back toward his lovely tent to try and get some shut eye. But as he approached Zuko's tent on the way he heard a faint rustling.

Fump Fump Fump Fump

Sokka dismissed this odd noise as Zuko possibly tossing and turning due to a troubling dream. Sokka himself had been having unsettling dreams as well. What with Sozin's Commit and the potential end of the free world looming over the gaang a good night's sleep would naturally be allusive. But then…

"Uh, oh… nuh."

Zuko was muttering from inside the tent. Sokka was sure that something horrible was happening to the prince. Was it Combustion man attempting to kill him under the cover of night? Was it a different assassin sent by Azula to do him in? Or maybe it was Katara finally reaching her limit with the hot headed prince. Whatever the cause of Zuko's muffled grunts, Sokka knew he had an obligation to help his friend out.

Sokka being the excellent water tribe warrior that he is stealthily approached the entrance of the tent that the Fire Nation Prince was occupying. He carefully parted the flap that served as the door just enough to allow for a full view of the interior of the tent. Sokka was expecting to see some kind of silent struggle or possibly a dark menacing figure standing over a dead or unconscious Zuko, but none of those scenarios were occurring in the tent. What the water tribe teen did see made him blanch and made his breathing become erratic. Zuko was definitely not in any trouble. The cause of those strange noises was just the Fire Nation prince enjoying some quality time with himself.

Sokka was absolutely modified to find his friend in such a vulnerable position, yet he found that he couldn't tear himself away from the scene in front of him. Sokka was stationary as the prince's lithe sinewy form was on full display and as his right hand worked his engorged member.

Oh shit Zuko is jacking off! Oh spirits what should I do? I should walk away! I mean it's not like I don't do the same thing from time to time. Weird that Zuko does it though I never would have guessed... Wow Zuko has a really sexy body and his dick is…. WOAH! NO! I am not getting turned on by this… oh fuck look at him go.

Sokka could feel a warm tingling sensation emanating from his nether regions and before he knew it his clothing around his crotch became much too tight for his liking.

Sokka couldn't contain himself anymore. Something had to be done with his aching member and taking a note out of Zuko's book the water tribe teen soon began mimicking the other boy's actions. Sokka's mind was spinning with confusion and lust. He couldn't believe he was pleasing himself to the sight of the pale fire bender.

Sokka was so shocked by the sight of Zuko in the buff that he was unaware that the Prince was muttering something under his breath. Sokka momentarily stopped his pumping to try and better understand what was being said by the other.

"Nuh… oh, faster. Spirits faster. Oh…. Yes."

Sokka suddenly felt terrible. His observing Zuko was a definite breach of the prince's trust and Sokka knew he couldn't continue it. Sokka was quietly attempting to back away from the tent; the whole time his groin protesting loudly, when Zuko's muttering caught his attention again.

"Hu… ungh… Oh Sokka… mmm… you're s-so sexy... uh…. Mhhh."

Holy crap is Zuko jacking off to the thought of me?

Sokka was a jumble of tense nerves and he found that his brain was definitely overheating. Sokka slid back to the position he had previously occupied when he was watching Zuko earlier. The prince hadn't seen him move back into position thank the spirits.

Sokka watched as Zuko was now writhing under his own touch. Zuko's pumping was now at a much faster rate and his breathing was all over the place. Sokka knew this meant that the prince was close to climaxing and Sokka would be lying if he didn't feel a little disappointed that this amazing show was going to come to an end soon.

Sokka could feel his erect member leaking pre-cum and he quickly allowed his lust filled mind to take over his body. Sokka soon found that he was pumping at the same rate as Zuko. Only a few moments later Zuko went over the edge and came all over his toned abdomen. Sokka, seeing this, climaxed not soon after.

Feeling dirty and guilty Sokka pulled away from the tent and headed to his own to try and salvage any sleep, although the teen warrior doubted he would be able to. Sokka was about to enter his tent when suddenly…

"Hey Sokka. Why are you up so late, hmmm?"


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