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Hiccup's POV.

"I'm telling you Hiccup…" Fishlegs took a sip of his drink before continuing. "Just because you have a puppy doesn't mean girls will fall for you!"

I frowned as I placed my hands in my pocket. "And why not, Toothless is adorable!"

"Yeah but, you're kind of scrawny… Even if you have a cute dog you're going to need some type of muscles."

I didn't respond, I mean how could I? If it wasn't for my dog Toothless no girl would want any part of me, besides I'm just a useless loser. The girl of my dreams won't even talk to me because I'm always hiding in the shadows, I said 'hi' to her one time and she responded by saying 'Oh, Hey, kid?' and then walked away holding hands with her idiot boyfriend… Snotlout.

Suddenly I felt a big hand on my chest keeping me from moving; I looked up to see Fishlegs holding me back. He had a smile on his face as he pointed to something far in the distance, I followed his finger.

"Look…" He mumbled.

My eyes trailed over to the area where he was pointing and my heart immediately stopped.

I smiled lovingly. "Astrid…"

Astrid… The love of my life, the only reason why I get up in the morning, and still… She barley even knows I exist.

I began to look her up and down, starting at her golden hair and then to her baby blue eyes. If we were together I would run my fingers through her soft tresses while looking lovingly into her eyes, mumbling sweet nothings into her ear from time to time. I would always hold her tight and never let go no matter what, and I'd tell her how beautiful she was whenever she asked how she looked.

So to sum everything up I would basically treat her like a queen and I'd be the king, giving her nothing but the best. Snotlout doesn't deserve her anyway; he only holds her hand when they are in public just to make himself look better. And he only kisses her when he gets bored, I've watched them carefully and I know that their so called 'love' is based on a lie. He doesn't look into her eyes lovingly when she walks into the class like I do, he only looks at her ass when she walks away.

He doesn't deserve her, he doesn't appreciate her like I do, to him she's just something to occupy the time. But to me she is something more; she is like a diamond and needs to be handled with care. I'm the only one who can give her all of these things and I know that one day we will be together once and for all.

Suddenly with new found confidence I pushed Fishlegs' arm out of my way causing him to look at me. "Where are you going?"

I fixed my hair as I nodded my head towards Astrid and a few of her friends. "To finally talk to her, I need to step up my game if I ever want a chance with her."

"You're going to screw things up!" He shouted after me, but I ignored him.

It doesn't matter if I screw things up with her all that matters for now is that she know I exists, and if she needs anything she can always call me and I will be happy to respond.

As I made my way to Astrid I noticed that she was standing next to a few of her friends, Tuffnut and Ruffnut; the twins. Honestly… I don't know why she hangs out with them; they're a bunch of jerks.

Soon I was standing right in front of them, when they noticed me the twins gave a scowl in discuss while Astrid gave me a small smile.

"H-Hey A-Astrid," I managed to utter out.

She smiled barley showing her teeth. "Oh hey, you're that kid who lives next door to me!"

I nodded my head repeatedly. "Y-yeah I'm Hiccup…"

"Yeah, you're the kid with that adorable dog! What's his name anyway?"

Before I could answer her she was pulled into a big hug by none other than Snotlout… her boyfriend. He gave her a peck on the cheek before giving Tuffnut and Ruffnut a handshake, he then looked towards me.

"What is this loser doing here? The salad bar is that way," Snotlout joked causing everyone to laugh except for Astrid.

She nudged her boyfriend in the stomach. "Be nice," She mumbled.


"There goes the bell," The twins mumbled as they headed for the entrance.

Snotlout nodded following there lead still holding Astrid's hand, she looked back at me smiling. "Maybe I'll see you later?"

I smiled. "Yeah, of course..."


"I'm serious Fishlegs; I need to find a way to get into Astrids' group! Do you have any ideas?"

I heard him let out a sigh through the phone. "Well you could try joining a sport, Snotlout and Tuffnut both do football while Astrid is a cheerleader…"

I sighed shaking my head. "I don't know it sounds too dangerous, plus you see how skinny I am!"

"Hiccup!" I heard my mom shout from the sports isle in Walmart.

I sighed. "I've got to go dude, my mom needs me."

"Alright see you tomorrow,"

"Same." I hung up my LG Rumor touch and placed it into my back pocket, running to where my mom was.

When I found her she was look for some new golf balls, my dad needs some so he can play with my uncle… Gobber. He is staying with us for the week until he goes back to our hometown in Berk. He is a pretty cool uncle; he gives me pretty good advice from time to time.

"You stay right here while I go and scan these so I can see how much they cost, understood?"

I smiled sarcastically, a habit of mine that I need to lose. "Understood,"

While she searched for a scanner I looked around at different items on the shelves. 'Fishlegs told me to do a sport… but which one?' I looked through the list… Soccer? No. Football? Hell No! Hockey? No to dangerous.

In the corner of my eye I could see a medium sized basketball; I picked it up holding it up into the light.

I smiled. "Basketball… That seems interesting,"

And so it begins…

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