Disclaimer: I do not own Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Brice's POV – Present day 2012

Okay so being bored is always normal for me whenever I'm in class, especially since I'm in Middle School, isn't every teenager bored at school. So instead of listening to my teacher lecture my class on how to enter and leave the class room I pulled out my favorite book. Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and started to read it, again. I have read this book more than a dozen times. But every time I read it I find myself wanting more.

I wasn't able to read my book any longer, as my (very loud and annoying) teachers voice kept interrupting my reading. Sadly I had to put my book away, and dive off in thought. There was no real use in listening to the teacher lecture about how to write you heading on our paper.

I dove into thought, wishing that I was a part of the book. With actual vampires, wanting to rip you to shreds, not the loving pathetic ones in today's books. In a world where I know for sure that they exist would be a thrill. Without a doubt, it would be an experience that would take the monotony out of my normal, everyday life.

Later that night, I was in my room, yet again reading that amazing book. I kept thinking of what it would be like to be a part of the book. It was a very intriguing thought. I wondering what it would be like.

Only milliseconds after that idea went through my head, a sharp zap went through my body, and it hurt like hell. My body felt like it was being shocked, I wanted to scream but I just couldn't.

When the pain stopped I was on my back somewhere. But the ground was not the feeling of my carpet, or even my bed. It felt as if I was lying on grass.

Before I could think anything more about this, I saw a quick glimpse of a man, and a thump of something landing next to me, and the world went black.