Chapter 4

A love that is forbidden and a world they now call home.

A month had passed since that day and I was released from my prison for the day, my prison that I once called home. As the saying goes, home is where the heart is. My heart was just not in it, Home… home was wherever Cal was. I walked the familiar path, and sat on the base of the tree. The rain started to pour, and I saw a figure through the fog. I didn't think he would come but he did, a smile appeared on my face.

Cal smiled when he saw me but it didn't reach his eyes, he sat beside me. We watched the rain fall silently. I felt his hand on mine. I took my hand out from under his, and intertwined our fingers. I shifted closer to him, and he put an arm around me. I leaned on his shoulder, and he put our intertwined fingers on our laps.

"I thought about it…"


"Our parents cannot be convinced" I nodded sadly.

"How about your dad?" I said remembering the sympathy in his eyes.

He shook his head. "He understands our situation but is still with my mother on this"

"He loves her so much. He doesn't want to go against her… even for his own son"

I could hear the bitterness in his voice. I squeezed his hand in comfort.

"They won't let us be together" I nodded my head sadly.

"So I could only think of one way out of this" I looked up at him with curiosity, he grinned down at me.

"Let's run away together, just you and me" Before I could say anything he continued.

"A new start, here on this world" He said all this with excitement and hope.

"But… if we do this… then our parents will surely disown us…" A tear fell down my cheek.

"They care too much about what the society thinks" He wiped it away and shook his head. No more tears.

I thought about it, our parents didn't know about this world. If they would still come searching, which I too honestly doubted. It would take them forever to find us… considering the amount of worlds that are out there. But… could I leave everything and everyone I knew, and take a chance on this world that we don't even know much about?

"So what do you say?" I gazed into his eyes, and I knew the answer.

"Abs?" I opened my eyes and turned to see Cal. He sat beside me.

"Good dream?" I sat up.

"More like a memory"

I held my arms out, and Cal put a pink bundle in my arms. I looked down at the sleeping baby in my arms. She glowed a faint color of dawn.

"Let me see! Let me see!" A five year old boy bounced up and down in excitement.

He glowed a faint dusk color. Cal carried the boy onto the bed. He crawled to the middle of it, and looked down at the bundle in my arms.

"Look Czaph, this is your little sister… Intex"