September 19th

Sorry I haven't written in a while….I get so side-tracked…Even though I'm not an ugly, I still play tricks.

Zarifa hasn't snuck out to see me…I wonder, has she forgotten about me?

I-I'm sure she's made new friends….I'm sure she doesn't care about a pretty… (Oh, by the way, I'm trying dictating to my notebook today. You see, the notebooks in New Pretty Town are able to write as you speak. And you see I feel exceptionally lazy today. So, why not dictate? So, I apologize if some info gets screwed up.) I'm sure she's gone off to make new ugly friends in Uglyville.

The older pretties (specifically my new friend Zane) tell me, "Don't worry about the little uglies! They don't need you anymore."

Great, right? Well, maybe Zane's right. But I don't want to believe he's right. Something in my heart says Zarifa could never forget about me. Never. She made a pact with me the night before I left…

It had been a windy day, one of those where your dorm jacket was truly a life-saver. It was her birthday, nearly mine. Zarifa was grinning, I was grimacing. Tomorrow, I'd be off to New Pretty Town. Kicking and screaming.

Could they even do that? Take you by force off to the operation? They were going to tweak me and edit my features.

"You're so totally lucky, Pretty," Zarifa said, referring to me by my ugly nickname.

"You're so totally lucky, Mouse," I whispered, but the whisper got lost in the wind, off to the direction of New Pretty Town.

We called Zarifa "Mouse" because of her height. How small she was.

Could the operation fix that? Her height? I hoped not.

"Why?" She questioned.

"You don't have people lining up to see what a natural pretty looks like. You don't have everyone glued to your hip, trying to be your best friend. And you, Mouse, do not have to be shipped off kicking and screaming to New Pretty Town tomorrow. Totally gonna be my worst birthday ever."

"It's my worst birthday too," I caught her whisper before it was eaten by the wind.

"How so?" I asked.

"My best friend is being shipped off to New Pretty Town tomorrow. Totally bogus."

I caught the word "bogus". Oh how she loved that word. The way it tasted, she said, the way it sounded. The way it felt on your tongue was so odd to me, I never used it.

"Then let's make this night count, dah-ling," I said with a wink, grabbing my hoverboard and jumping out into the cool night air through my window. The way I said "darling" was always making her smile….

Her smile was incredible. It shone through the night air with a sparkle like a diamonds. She'd always had such a pretty-making smile.

As we rode into the night air, arms outstretched, she smiled in my direction, "So, you excited?"

"I'll be going kicking and screaming, Zari, and you know it," I murmured, causing her to laugh.

Her laugh was harmonizing, beautiful, even.

"But you get to live in New Pretty Town! You'll be able to have new, better friends!"

I pulled my board to a screeching stop that nearly threw me off the board.

"I, am not, LUCKY!" I cried, and pulled my board to zoom forward, darting around trees, cutting my way over head of what seemed like millions of uglies.

"I'm sorry Dahlia," she said in a worried whisper.

"No! It's always 'you're so lucky' this, or 'you're so lucky' that! I'm done with it!" I screeched, now grabbing the attention of some uglies with my high speed.

"I'm sorry!" Zarifa cried after me.

I sped off, not caring how angry I was at the girl, not caring that I'd be leaving tomorrow. All I knew was that I was pissed off, wanted to cry, and felt sick to my stomach because of the speed I was traveling at.

Zarifa caught up to me, "Dude, honestly…"

Her voice was lost in the wind, not that I cared.

I growled at her, "Just go away! You only care that tomorrow's my operation! You suck!"

Zarifa laughed kindly at me, "You think I suck? Thank you."

She said it so seriously, so honestly, I wanted to believe she was truly unhurt by my words. But that was Zarifa for you. Always acting happy, smiling, and joyful, when inside she was falling apart.

"Mouse? You okay?" I asked after a moments silence.

"Yeah, I am, Pretty."

"Wish me luck for tomorrow?"


That was our last conversation. Argument to sappy soap opera. Lovely friendship we'd established, right?

I should probably wrap this up, now, shouldn't I? It's getting late, and I want to crash before the parties begin.

A.N: My "h" key is malfunctioning today, so you know. If I'm missing an h somewhere, that's why.

I'm using so many "h"'s right now. XD